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Thu, January 17, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT2k4 Deathmatch
Date Added08-15-2004
File Version1.00
File Size9.6 mb
Player Count6-10
Map DescriptionThe Tournament Biohealography Center -- nicknamed by Tournament competitors as 'The HealPod' due to the large healing receptacle that can be found at the epicenter of its architecture. Construction of this facility started in 2285 and was completed in the year 2291. Its purpose has remained the same to this day -- to provide the competitors with the ability to self-administer aid as quickly as possible to their injuries during the short time allotted between matches. There have been many regulations instated by the Tournament Commission to prohibit the discharging of weapons within the facility but Tournament competitors rarely follow this rule. This is a UT2004 remake of the classic UT1 map, DM-HealPod][ by Cliff Bleszinski / Alan Willard.
Review Rating --
User Rating7.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

08-15-2004 03:25 PM EDT
Rating: 3.5 
Only not the same HealPod from Unreal1
I don't like arena style maps and this remake is in my opinion only a port from original. Nothin special.

08-15-2004 03:36 PM EDT
oh yeah? then check Eternal cave2K4( ctf ) , Face2k3 ( ctf ) and some other remake from UT1 , oh and also go to check the UT map pack remake for Ut2k3 . ;) it won't fail you ;)

08-15-2004 06:36 PM EDT
Rating: 7 
Thanks for the great remakes...........

08-15-2004 08:10 PM EDT
Rating: 6 
I liked the map. It rocks the original as Teddie's remakes usually do but this just feels...unfinished. The scaling is slightly over what I'd call okay for 2004 and the architechture is often times bare. The shaders, though well made, only accentuate this bareness. The walls need to be broken (not literally, design-wise). Last thing, the healpod did not impress me very much for the graphics engine it's on. I was hoping for a final objective on AS-RobotFactory type emitter whore+light show.
Fantastic remake though. Keep at it Teddie.

08-17-2004 11:22 PM EDT
Rating: 9.5 
Perfect use of meshes not to much but a perfect amount.
(glad you didn't screw it up with over meshing it too and the so called plain walls,hell,there walls!!)
The little steam-smoke puffs on the healpod after triggered ,nice practical effect.
I never really went for this map,but on ut04 your version it's alot nicer to play.
Only thing that I would have done a tad different would be to keep the top area dark.And I'm not sure about the size ,it seemed about right to me.
Totaly way better than your "peak" map
The FOV on the peak map got fouled up some how,or z heighth,but not on this one,it looks right.
And how did you get the invisable thing in there? I thought it was removed since those pills were added.

And the only other map that could do much better if redone,a total face lift,mabye add ground (only fall off if your way up there,is DM-Crane,of wich I don't like the way it is now for ut.but with new engine an outside area will pan out much better.Mabye make it a floating on water crane level for an easier build(a shoreline,no edge of map to reach) or on an island, would work perfectly.
Great job !!..better dm action,better looking.

Bagh..,just because there isn't a mesh every .1 micron doesn't mean it has bare walls.
And remakes are fun to do.

08-16-2004 01:34 PM EDT
Rating: 6 
good remake;but...

08-16-2004 08:23 PM EDT
Rating: 8.5 
very nice remake! i have two suggestions: 1, make the lighting a little less bright. have more shadows. and 2, use some better textures. most here were too bland.
excellent job :)

08-19-2004 04:34 AM EDT
Rating: 9.5 
This map rules! Bots are very intelligent and it's a hell of a lot of fun. A little bit generic in places but amazing otherwise. The heal pod itself is a great idea, and as I never tried the original, it's a great change from the norm.

09-26-2004 05:41 PM EDT
Rating: 8.5 
An excellent remake of probably the best Unreal(retail) DM Maps. It's Healpod and more, completely updated to fit into UT2k4 and with extra parts to give some originality.


10-31-2004 08:43 PM EST
Rating: 7.5 
Better than other Remake , because This one looks awesome!

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