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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added08-10-2004
File Version1.00
File Size236 kb
Player Count2-4
Map DescriptionGreat map for all those people who love FlakCannon and RocketLauncher, and who love dynamic deathmatch. Taste and enjoy:)

WARNING: Map uses SGTech1 (BonusPack4) texture set.
Review Rating --
User Rating3.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

08-03-2005 03:01 PM MDT
Hello:) It's my first map released at Nali. I love deathmatch on simple, nice and compact maps - and I hope that DM-Hermes is just like that. If you are Flak-maniac you must have this map:) Enjoy:)

Well, thx quillion. As I wrote before, it's a compact map, you know, arena-typed - so yes, it has only one main room as I planned at start. Bigger map is in the way...

Has anybody noticed new stuff (called 'Armor Shard') in this map? If yes - thx:)

EDIT: Thanks a lot for all comments, especially to Redfist, who put on his note a piece of heart;) ...but I have few questions. This is small map, small-tourney, 1on1, arena, describe as you prefer. So... is this a sin that it's made as only one zone? Is this very wrong it has no SkyZone? I think that maps don't have to have a skybox if it doesn't fit to the map... But I may be wrong... Is that very bad that map has no lifts? A lot of people hate lifts, me too. I promise - my next map will be bigger a bit;), it will have a skybox, more expansive (or less passive) layout, coloured lights, but it won't have any lifts. It can have a little poorer visuals (all we'll see)... huh, almost all what DM-Hermes doesn't have.

EDIT2: Fluffydumbasshole, listen to me kid, I wrote to you that we do not need you here. Get lost, pain in ass. Where are your maps? UEd too hard to run for you?

08-10-2004 05:15 AM MDT
Rating: 3.5 
its an ok DM map but this could be so much more.

you've stopped at just the one room, shame.
it looks good and plays well, but gets boring quickly for me, very good 1st effort tho.
will check out your next work.

08-10-2004 08:43 AM MDT
... by the screenshots it looks good for a first map: texturing and trim... sourced lighting. Like Quillion said (and most of us wanted), you could/should have gone for a more expansive layout. Still, a decent first map ;) ...

08-11-2004 06:57 AM MDT
Rating: 4 
Nice looking rocket arena............

08-11-2004 01:27 PM MDT
is pretty alike with some maps i see.....i forgot the name , can someone remind me?

08-12-2004 12:29 AM MDT
Rating: 5.5 
I guess it's called Hermes because it's almost as if there are wings on your feet. I could've done without the low gravity. The architecture is nice, but there's too much sgtech in my opinion. And some colored lighting would've been nice too. All-in-all, Hermes makes for some fun flak flying DM.

08-31-2004 12:31 PM MDT
Rating: 4 
Well I had to look now,Nice 1on1 level,clean brushwork too.It's a one zone map,botpathing would be a breeze.
I will definitly give you credit on the new mesh modles in there.Lighting is ok but kinda uniform.I wish you would of used a different floor texture though,that texture is so old,but it makes it look like other maps too much.It has coranas.I don't think you want add brushes "outside" the map.
Map has no movers,no triggers,no skyzone.
The zonetube map has 35 zones with different zone velocities and grav settings to make you flow through the tubes,it has many things that this map does'nt so I don't rate maps on looks too much and, I do rate them more on strange concepts(unlike ut04 there all just rooms with meshes no cool workings traps (not all)etc etc)
and good gameplay.This map gets an 7 for gameplay 3 for looks, 0 for botpathing difficulty,and a .5 for no traps,only one zone,I'd say about a 4 is about right.
When you start adding thing to a level youl see how things get the two I uploaded last.
And being as that you only need to adjust one zone here you could use the "level info" and leave out the zone actor to set grav to 700 for the whole map.

Actualy if i were you and really wanted to get a handle on alot of stuff,make an assult map.

No,one zone is fine,but quilion gave each map mine-yours the same points,doesnt mean not fair,mine has more crap in it,yours is built better.My point is,once you start adding and adding more to the levels they start fighting you in the editor,and being that you have good solid brushwork,your maps will not fight back as bad.Every map I make has a new or wierd thing in it to see what gives,probably more than making a good DM match and or looks.

06-26-2005 05:43 AM MDT
Rating: 0 
a really boring unimaginative piece of junk.
why did you even bother wasting your time and ours having to download this crap

08-03-2005 08:30 PM MDT
Rating: 4.5 
Im going to rate this map a 4.5 as architectualry i quite like it and i find the xtortion texture pack a refreshing one as its new, and used alot less than others.

What i dont like is fluffymike's comment.
mike: if you dont like the map, say WHY. dont just shit on it like you just done.
being like that wont get you anywhere and will most likely result in people being that way with you when/if you upload your own maps.

dont make the community hate you. it sucks when that happens.
Just be nice and treat others how you would like to be treated.

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