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CTF-Steven Mountian base 
Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added08-09-2004
File Version2.00
File Size2.7 mb
Player Count2-16
Map DescriptionVer 2 with better music
and maybe the only map where you get points for knocking someone into a large hole in the center ha ha ha!
Ver 2 Ready! to downlaoded
---Postive comments----
---and Making mod----
----Help Needed----
Steven mountian base Inside Steven Moutnian on planet known as "weson" the newest place for the Battles of the iron guard... This Place was under heavy sidge from "The reds" fight off the "The Dust Raiders" (blue) they had asked you to join the attackers (red) or the denfenders (blue) to take the whole mountian base for themselfs and finnaly destory the other team and lock up the whole thing to all to them

----Version history time-----
V 1.00 bad music blue base button to secert area not working

V 2.00 Better music
button working
Review Rating --
User Rating1
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

08-08-2004 08:15 PM MDT
learn to map, and then get back at submitting maps,
i am not even going to give a rating becouse this map totally represents a noob map.

so for other mappers: if your map looks like this, or only a bit better.. dont think you will get a good grade.

edit: NTwar r

deadkennedy (±2 years old)
grizzle (even older)

and in a few weeks my 2k4 map might be done, il lgive you a link as well.
You might know all the tutorials, but once you can use your knowledge practically, thats when your knowledge turns into wisdom :)

oh, and hydra:

Specifications for submitted files:
Map cannot be an alpha, beta, or other unfinished version.
Zip must be a valid ZIP archive.
Zip must have a valid filename containing only alphanumeric characters, dashes(-), underscores(_), and a .zip extension.
Zip must contain a valid unreal map.
Zip must contain a readme (.txt file preferred).
Zip must not contain files other than valid unreal packages*, a txt file, or a jpg picture.
* Unreal packages are .unr, .utx, .umx, .uax, .u, .int, .ut2, .usx, .ogg, .ukx, .un2


no zippprog saves your file with the name 'beta' in it.
if so, ill save winzip on a floppy and eat it.

Cursed out!
now beam me up scotty.

08-05-2004 12:55 PM MDT
you people do know that there is a forum for testing maps right? Stop posting your crap maps.

08-23-2004 04:22 PM MDT

Net Warrrior was Here.

Edit2: FYI: (Check Mate) that's the blue sniper Area and I was specator, i kinda Fell off the brigde that you across Evenyone started to shoot at me and don't try it even try it you don't get any points for taking any flags (blue was the better base see if you can find my secerts in that level if you want to keep playing like i siad new versions of this map will have better music and Cd music will be enabled to this level
And it's not a jeep


Edit of 8/9/04: ver 2 uploaded today not beta changed filename and still Ctf-underground.unr but with new music from Deus ex... but it's bigger file size becasue it contains both music Use unreal editor to switch music files

Edit of 8/10/04: Ctf-underground is the namen becasue i didn't think "underground bases" was good title for this map so it's Ctf-underground or Aka Steven mountian base... well you are under ground right? try looking to the left of the flak ammo or right whatever there sould be the flak cannon there. Ntwarr end of edit.... more later

Edit2: FYI TIME: (RJ) Ctf-steven moutn base is a
(umx) music file get xmplay or something Ctf-underground is the map (unr) and That other music file is from deus ex (umx) and one text file (txt) wow this is one long comment "End of FYI TIME"

Edit3: Hey shadow did you play the map? there's a map from L4U thats more CRAMED INTO EVERYTHING then this map name one more map that lets you get a point for knocking someone off the level or into a hole that gets you a point?

Edit4: FYI TIME AGAIN!: (cursed soul1) i don't play UNREAL TOURNAMENT 2004 or ut2k4 thanks so i cna't play that Level you spoke of sorry not 2003 either just UT
clear see my link above About where i got the tuts for bluiding maps end of message (Ntwarr aslo plays deus ex single player version only.)

new Message of 08/11/2004: FYI: it so you don't make it you go slapt on the base where the flag area and i have more later

Edit2: cough i'm where underwater base (deusex)
----Map Idea----
use the deus_ex textures on a whole new level
Ntwarr will try harder at this map (the idea one)
and maybe it will 5 times better
----vote? now----
that would be cool
12 comments how do you find out how any downloads
this map has????

Edit3: FYI: those morons aren't putting me down at all
But i missing a package called 'sgtech1' and i don't want to download the bouns pack 4 for 36mb :(gasp!)
More Later

Edit4: yeah I went downtown today it was boring

Today Friday of 8/13/2004: yuk stamp ink ok so it was 14.2 mb i got it anyway i hope Current Project: DEATH MATCH IN-- TOWERS IN SPACE with cameras that let you spy on the other players when you find where there the secert area is of course hahahaha

Today Monday 8/??/04 oh yeah it's 16th... @@ whoa was i out or what... Current projects: DEATHMATCH SEE ABOVE and A Ctf-version of DM-BAthroomSE for unreal tournament?? from unreal... it could be done...

Today:Tue see above Thanks alot RJ you made me fell bad :(WHINE!) that's becasue i didn't know where to place one... unless... :(grrr)

Hey: Quillion (oops if spelled your name wrong) maybe I'll think you should make the sencond one of this map i checked your pages and your maps were good and i thought you would have a challage at rebluiding this map but the file name is CTF-UNDERGROUND2 and the map title is STEVEN MOUNTIAN BASE 2 you can put any music In as you wish That's if you want to of course (Ntwarr)

ONE MORE THING: RJ-- you must not have this song then becasue i didn't rename it When i did what you did by coping all deus_ex music into Unrealtournament it siad do you want to overwrite this file... nice try thought

Plus: Quillion: I want to place the weapons and the pickups

NEW: KEson mountian base Has been uploaded today check it out
maybe not... i try again...

08-07-2004 06:13 AM MDT
Rating: 1 
Dude!!!! We all know you can do five times better than that!!!!!

Firstly, your maps in Beta form. Perhaps you didn't read the Screenshot Code of Conduct yet? That Code is NaliCity's rulebook on mapping! Follow it or your map may unexpectedly disappear! You should have visited the Beta Testing Forum first before you published your map!

Secondly, now about your map's specs:
Texturing- You got it all wrong! Your (selection) mixture of textures simply don't look good! They really look like a n00b's work! Choose your textures wisely first!
Layout- What's this? A straight-way 1-zig-zag map? BAAD! You have to fix your layout! Don't make those rooms THAT big! But if you really wanted that size, you could've at least put some more details to it. Add trims, pillars and subtractions or additions!
Architecture- Way to simple dude! Like what I said, "Add trims, pillars and subtractions or additions!". Remove those oversized hanging lights and replace them with fancy hi-poly stuff! Put decorations everywhere in the map!

Well that's it... phew! Another comment, another essay!

SCREENSHOT CODE OF CONDUCT!!! READ IT!!! READ!!! *speaking in zombie-style*

08-07-2004 04:22 AM MDT
Rating: 0 
HOOOOLLY CRAAAP i downloaded that in like a second.
I wonder how much stuff you got in your map.
Square room with weapon in the center?

O yea and what is that a screen shot of i dont even know if i see a map in it. Looks like your in a jeep in first person view on the right seat.

08-24-2004 12:01 AM MDT
Rating: 0 
sigh ..

plz don't make a version 3

Edit:oh, and hydra:

Specifications for submitted files:
Map cannot be an alpha, beta, or other unfinished version.
Zip must be a valid ZIP archive.
Zip must have a valid filename containing only alphanumeric characters, dashes(-), underscores(_), and a .zip extension.
Zip must contain a valid unreal map.
Zip must contain a readme (.txt file preferred).
Zip must not contain files other than valid unreal packages*, a txt file, or a jpg picture.
* Unreal packages are .unr, .utx, .umx, .uax, .u, .int, .ut2, .usx, .ogg, .ukx, .un2

yes .. i know =D

08-08-2004 10:26 PM MDT
Is this unreal 1's OUTPOST 3J?

08-10-2004 01:47 PM MDT
Rating: 1.5 
It's a start
He had a different version earlier RJ

08-23-2004 05:59 PM MDT
Rating: 0 
11 comments, but only 6 downloads, helps to actually play the map before you rate it morons

NTWARR, please dont rename .umx files, it uses up filespace of people who already have these files, also, considering the ammount of ammo there is, there could be a few more weapons, eg, 3 flak ammo but no flak cannon to be seen, but the cannon near the ammo, or oposite it :)

Why is the map on here called CTF-Steven Mountian base but the .unr (map) file is called CTF-underground

Keep mapping, and dont let morons put you down

EDIT: Yes i played Deus Ex Singleplayer (good game) and i put all the .umx files from Deus Ex into UT folder, and as i had to put this new one in, it means you have renamed it, it would of been better to leave it as it was... NO YOU RENAMED IT DONT GET SMART WITH ME...LOOK AT THE FILE NAME ITS OBVIOUS ITS BEEN RENAMED!!!

With the names, i was trying to say why call it one name in the .zip file, but call it a different name on Nali City ?

EDIT AGAIN: NTWARR, Nalicity is not for you diary, go get a weblog or somet :@

08-11-2004 02:24 AM MDT
Rating: 3 
I thought this map was was bad, but it was still somewhat playable. Though the item placement and the teleporter under the blue flag are really dumb.

08-11-2004 06:06 PM MDT
errr ntwarr, since when was BP4 36MB?

08-11-2004 06:40 PM MDT
Rating: 0.5 
Please don't upload maps like these, but learn how to map first. Learn to a certain degree to use the editor.

This "map" almost gave me a headache. Not the lay-out, which is over simplistic, but the looks are plain horrible. Maybe I'm a bit blunt here, but I feel like being honest. And the truth hurts sometimes, doesn't it.

I wonder why all the unreal stuff is included.
And why the weapons and stuff are scattered around the map...what's the point in doing that.
There's no gameplay to this map.

This felt like an experiment.
Nothing more.

Better luck next time, don't give up mapping though.
You can learn, grow and develop skills.
It takes time learning something, but in the end it might pay off.

And no, this sure as hell isn't "outpost 3j"... 0_0

08-11-2004 07:38 PM MDT
Rating: 1 
Oh Yeah!, THIS MAP ROCKS!, GREAT!, yeehawwhah!

08-23-2004 02:15 PM MDT
pffft, I am just obsessed with this mapname now, just like the satellite song ;)
so bad, it's good :p

10-10-2004 08:26 AM MDT
Rating: 0.5 
Maps this bad do not deserve such long posts :p

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