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Mon, June 27, 2022
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Map Info

File Namectf-glacier][.zip
GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added04-05-2001
File Version1.00
File Size1.42 mb
Player Count6-10
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating9
User Rating7.5
Overall Rating9
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerTHE ]V[ATTerminatorOverall Score: 9/10
DateNC2 04-09-2001

Level Size: Medium

Recommended Player Load: 10 Players

Every once in a while, as a reviewer, I come across a level that is something special. (My last was CTF-TheCrossing if you're interested). CTF-Glacier][ is going to be a classic.

This level is laid out in much the same format as CTF-Gazpacho, having a base at either end of a bridge over a bottomless pit. There are two bridges, each offering it's own distinct advantages and disadvantages. The top bridge for example is much more direct, but is prone to sniping. The architecture and texturing is absolutely superb. Each and every part of the level has a quality touch, making it easily better than most of the Epic made levels. One part that stuck in my mind was the ramp to one of the sniping pillboxes. It's made of a couple of planks. Sure, it doesn't sound too exciting, but once you see it in the level, you'll agree that it's evidence of a superb attention to detail on Some's part. Ambient sounds are in there, adding further depth to an already excellent level. Sounds range from the sweeping wind outside, to mechanical sounds inside. The chosen music track fits the level perfectly. The lighting, like the rest of the level is superb. Every part of the level has been lit well, again showing attention to detail, and great care.

The bots play perfectly. They defend well, attack well (using all routes), and also snipe well, making good use of the sniping pillboxes. Item placement has also been done well. The better weapons and items have been spread about the map well, encouraging players away from the more direct routes, opening up a wider range of strategic opportunities. This makes defending much harder, as the sniper pillboxes only cover the top bridge. Gameplay on this level is superb. The variety of different routes, and the advantages and disadvantages they offer mean that players must make a conscious decision about how to proceed. There are plenty of Z-Axis opportunities in there, most notably inside the bases around the flags. As sniping can't totally protect the bases, I found that the only effective way of defending was to defend deeply - as in staying less than 15 ft from the flag. The main tactic on this level is attacking, with defending being this difficult.

Overall, I have one word that describes this level - masterpiece. Every single part of the level has been done very well, and I don't think Mr Bleszinski could have done a better job himself.

CTF Glacier][ is;

  • Easily the best level I've played for a long time.

  • A level with big things ahead of it.

  • Staying in my collection of maps permanently.

    CTF Glacier][ isn't;

  • A map that you shouldn't of already started to download.

  • Going to be faulted (by me anyway).

  • A level anyone should be without.

    Teaching points for author:

  • None.

    Map Comments

    Shock6822 Rating: 7.5 
    ....................Pretty good, but no more than 7.5

    Platinum[STS] Rating: 7 
    skybox is very ugly. good gameplay though. still worth a d/l

    [--x--]LurkerBot Rating: 7.5 
    yet another overrated matterminator review. this map is good, dont get me wrong, but it's most definitely not a "9." i agree with shock (for once), 7.5.

    Mike3894 Rating: 7.5 

    Varpu Rating: 7.5 
    The map was very good and fun to play. No major flow problems etc... ****************** BUT *************** It is not a niner, since - the lighting was not even near superb. On upper level entries, the bright light washed colors away and effectively was hiding some texture alignment problem (BSP cuts in there). - The upper bridge is not detailed. Why ? There would have been plenty of space in poly means. Also, the sides of the bridge have texture misalignments. - The bases are symmetrical in all four directions. Otherwise the architecture was OK. This is a good map but I don't think it is worth the 9 merely a 7.5. Mainly just because of the lighting. IMHO it is not superb, more like average.

    Metago Rating: 7 
    You consider 7.5 to be average? 7 from me

    Seeker Rating: 7.5 
    7.5 seems about right. I find this level to be ridiculously easy against bots. No need to take the bottom route at all. I think the level looks damn good though, I'm not super nit picky about minor texture misalignments when Im playing the friggin level... never noticed any anyways. Too busy playing it.

    Rummy Rating: 9.5 
    I'm not a mapper yet but I've played all of my 220 UT maps in my "other maps" folder and numerous Half-life maps so I think I have a sense of what makes a map FUN. This map is fun and challenging. It is fun with the bots. It was fun with 4 players at our last LAN party. I couldn't tell you how it plays online because I only have a 56K connection so I don't bother. As for mapping errors, I couldn't tell you. Being a non-mapper and just a player I notice the following: - many routes - many FUN sniping posts that are at the same time vulnerable - long vulnerable stretches that must be traversed to achieve objectives - places to sidestep behind when things get nuts in a firefight - not too much ammo - weapon balance is perfect

    Tod Rating: 7.5 
    It doesn't seem too much different from the first version. I found it too easy even on God-like and it just didn't do it for me. If I was a reviewer I'd give it an 8 in an attempt to be objective. It does have good flow, textures, sound, etc.. I just didn't find it very challenging or fun, so I give it a 7 subjectively, and average it out to a 7.5. It didn't suck or anything, but there are a few dozen maps out there I'd rather play.

    Calatine Rating: 7 
    This is a decent map for playing, but its rather spartan and dull, and the textures make the map seem a little darker than it should be. The redeemer is also too easy to get :P

    Blooddog_sweden Rating: 8.5 
    Some have done some good maps for a while now.

    Lophead Rating: 6.5 
    This map is solid, but nothing exceptional, i rate average maps at 6, this ones only a tad better.

    Scourge Rating: 8 
    I like the way the bots behave - they are far more agressive than in other CTF maps. They can't really defend though. I agree that the redeemer is too easy to makes it very easy (for a human player) to defend the base, but the bots on the other team never used it against me (not even on inhuman diff). I noticed the bsp errors too, but they don't really disturb the gameplay.

    Luggage Rating: 8 
    Great map. Lots of tactical opportunities. Bots are freaks.

    [VS]Smokey Rating: 8 
    It's the best custum CTF map I played in a loooong time;) Download now!!!!

    ChickenLiver Rating: 8 
    Ya know, when I first looked at the screenshot, I thought it looked bland and boring, but even without striking colors and a crazily unique theme, this map rocks. However, the bots NEED to use the sniper perches if they're gonna play with me; I didn't have any qualms about sniping them. While the sniper/minigun perches were fun, giving an incredible horizontal sweep, the high point was dodging amongst the columns, sniper rifle in hand, Flak raining down from above, trying to get a bead on that forehead... 8.25

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