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Sun, September 22, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT2k4 Onslaught
Date Added07-05-2004
File Version1.00
File Size9.11 mb
Player Count16 - 32
Map DescriptionUPDATE: Second Editions are out!
Look for ONS-Grit-SE and ONS-Grit-Nights

The Wasteland consumes all who attempt to discover its many secrets... The bases of two warring factions reside in the South-Eastern and South-Western regions of the vast desert. The Oasis in the center of the Wastes has miraculous healing properties. Special runes in the Western and Eastern regions call on the power of the Gods themselves to provide protection against foes. The far Northern temple holds great rewards for those who are worthy.

Installation: Unzip the ONS-Grit.ut2 file into your UT2004/maps/
directory. Unzip the Hazelton-Drax.ogg file into your UT2004/music/

Summary of Major Features
TrickTrap Temple:
Traps and spike pits guard the greatest weapons on the map. (Pedestrian-only area)
Underground people mover:
Get from the bottom of the map to the top of the map faster than any other vehicle (Peds-only area)
Player Controlled Node-Shields:
Buttons at Node 1 and 9. As long as the player stands on the trigger,
the shield will be up - however, the player is completely vulnerable
while standing on the trigger.
Healing Oasis:
Anything within the water's range is healed 10 points per second (Anything==Friendlies, Enemies, Small Vehicles)

Credits: I would like to extend a special thanks to the following people:
Shane Hazelton who allowed me to use his music, "Drax".
Mike "Mr. Roboto" Eng for being the original Beta Tester
Nut_Bag for donating game server time. Props to the }SotD{ clan!
The Map Exploiters (
Cythes, thaliongor, [Roz], and annihlius
From the Atari UT2004 Beta Release Forums:
=UM=TheMaster, Saito, Murphious, BassGsSpDeluxe, Xyx
Review Rating --
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

07-05-2004 10:59 AM EDT
Rating: 7 
Decent map. Fun to play. Music Suuuux. If you don't, I'm going into the editor and changing it. It is so annoying, I just can't play it with it in there.

07-08-2004 05:58 PM EDT
It's not hard to take out the music... just delete it from the music directory and you'll have silence...

Hmm, it seems like you can't post more than one comment here, so here's an edit:
Thanks for the support, everyone. Hopefully you'll put it on your servers.

07-05-2004 03:59 PM EDT
Rating: 10 
WOW!!! WOW!!!
^-^ you have made a absolutely amazing map great layout keep up the good work!! I'd love to see you make jungle ^_^

07-05-2004 06:43 PM EDT
Rating: 9 
Nice work man !!!!

07-08-2004 05:54 PM EDT
Rating: 9 
Nice map. Fun to play.

Kirgon A.K.A Supa_Sniper_Master
07-10-2004 08:05 AM EDT
Rating: 10 
luv it.Super original especially the pyramid puzzle.i really want to gave this map a 10+

07-10-2004 09:16 AM EDT
Rating: 9 
I really like this map, it's huge but there are more than enough nodes (14!) to mean that you are never too far away from the fight. Nice vehicle distribution with more of the smaller faster vehicles available which means that getting around quickly isn't a problem. This also means that the heavy vehicles like the Goliaths are at a premium, which is a good thing on an open map such as this one. One Leviathan is always good as it adds a real incentive to get that node even though it isnt vital to get to the core. The Leviathan can really swing the balance in the outcome of this map, much like it does on Severance.
I've only played it offline but the bots seemed to do ok and know where to go and what to do and not get stuck.
I can definitely see this map getting used in ONS leagues in the future. I think with 2 organised teams the battle would be extremely intense and closely fought as the tactical options on this map are plentiful.
It seems to have been tested well as I can't see any glaring problems, but if I do i'll drop you a line :)

Nice work m8, I look forward to seeing your next map.

Been playing this some more and the extra features that i've discovered mean that this map is just in a league of it's own among the custom maps i've seen. (and i've seen a few)

Excellent work.


07-10-2004 02:17 PM EDT
Rating: 5 
Very average map imo.

- terrain is nothing but little hills all over the place which makes it impossible to really tell where you are except for looking at the radar.
- only 1 terrain texture, no blending at all.
- the little oasis thing sure is little, the water is yelloo.
- invisible walls, no natural boundry, you just crash into the map's ending.
- quite bad fps for such a bland map.
- indoor architecture is really boring as well.
- bland, there isn't any decoration at all.
- horrible music, i just deleted it again.
- no z-axis.
- no ambient sounds.

As a first map it's quite ok, i've seen WAY worse first maps but it's definally not a good map.

This is just my opinion so don't flame me (hides).

07-23-2004 04:10 AM EDT
Rating: 8.5 
Have to disagree with NozzeM. This is Onslaught at it's best. Large-scale and hectic.....

07-23-2004 04:45 PM EDT
Rating: 7.5 
Haven't fully explored the map yet, but I've played it online a few times and really seem to enjoy it, but a long range weapon at each node would really help since they can all be attacked from so far away. I found myself a couple of times without something to reach out and touch guys on the tops of dunes. A mini, shock or sniper added to each of the weapons lockers would go a long way. Also I was pissed off about no warning for the ion blast. So that takes a little bit off the score. I like the speed movers underneath the level and might even like to see some more connecting horizontally across the map.

07-24-2004 12:24 AM EDT
Rating: 7.5 
Pretty good, but IMO there are too many Nodes and some of them have too long a site in which to fire Turrets. Overall though, I think this map is Good.

Recommended Download

08-02-2004 05:41 AM EDT
Rating: 8 
Donīt forget to explore the underground area.

09-09-2004 11:42 PM EDT
i hate this map

must remove this shit ! ------>>>>>Hazelton-Drax.ogg

10-11-2004 10:06 PM EDT
Rating: 9 
Great Map!!
Loved it. Got 555 points once playing with 32 bots. And the score limit was only 3!
Keep up the good work! Please?

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