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Sat, March 2, 2024
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SP-DejaVu v2.01 
Map Info

AuthorTeam UnrealSP.Org
GametypeUT Singleplayer
Date Added06-30-2004
File Version2.01
File Size61.71 mb
Player Count1-9
Map Description"Déjà Vu - Gryphon Revisited" is the UnrealSP.Org Anniversary Map Pack. A month before our two-year anniversary, we set out to build a large SP saga in four weeks - and released the much improved v2.0 a year later. The sixteen maps herein represent the successful culmination of the efforts of a team that was composed not only of experienced mappers but mapping novices too, who were still seasoned and valued members of the Unreal community.

"Déjà Vu - Gryphon Revisited" takes you back to the mystical planet of the Nali people. The story sees you crash-land on the planet's surface after a retrieval mission goes wrong. You will face familiar threats with a familiar arsenal in your hands, but the locations and hazards will be unfamiliar to you.

Mappers include Hellscrag, Sarevok, Lightning Hunter, Naveed, Drevlin, Frieza, Rogue, zynthetic, Waffnuffly, MMAN UGITU, Willis, Maekh, Eightball Maniac, Mr. Prophet and Techno JF.

Requires Oldskool Amp'd to play (the mod is included in the zip). Deja Vu now has full Oldskool Coop support.
Review Rating --
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

Sicko Teddy
07-04-2004 02:36 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
THE SP stands for single player??
If so, how do I run it in UT? As a DM with no bots?? Or I need a mode?


I will definitely take a look. (:

It is nice work! I mean it!
I am on the second level now. What had bothered me is the frAmerate that got low especially in the TOWN Section. (Otherwise i'll give 10. some waterpools should of been cut more naturally{not cubic}) It would be good if you make some more deeper secret areas, and some humor touches.(like in serious sam)
But the looks are nice.

07-01-2004 03:40 AM MDT
The mod required is called OldSkool, and it's included in the download.

07-01-2004 06:19 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
its leet
1337% leet

great work to all who made it happen :)
all sp fans, download now :D

07-01-2004 03:25 PM MDT
... is this the patched version?...

EDIT: Ok... BTW, i happen to have a SP review request in my list waiting... not that i'm worthy to review Deja Vu, just to say that, theoretically, a reviewer *can* review SP content (though it's up to him if he can/wants)...

03-01-2005 06:50 PM MST
Yep, Nahand, fully patched to 2.01.

GTD-Carthage - I'm not aware of Nali City having any SP reviewers at present, but there should be a detailed and independent review of the pack at within a couple of weeks.
EDIT: Okay, Nahand, thanx for the tip.


SoH_Ghost3021 wrote:
"you guys should make another! ;)"

Ghost - Deja Vu was just the warmup!

07-01-2004 10:17 AM MDT
Rating: 10 
Someone should request a review for this stuff!

It's the only single-player pack I've seen around ever since ONP.

07-03-2004 01:12 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
There are some very good levels in here. The first half or so is a bit inconsistent and retains a lot of the problems from the first release. After that, the maps range from good to excellent, with the possible exception of the new one with the boss gasbag which I thought could have been left out. I preferred the transition to the (previously nonexistent) Skaarj base in the original. The end map was pretty lame, too, I'm afraid.

07-02-2004 07:46 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
Hm... after a bad start with too many foes and destroyed atomsphere, the SP shows its strong points. Graphics are top notch, as well as the atmosphere, here and there are triggered sequences so that u don't fall asleep. Its a pity that there are some minor flaws here and there.
But still a recommandable download.

EDIT: There is one BIG Mistake in here: If I kill the first Stone Titan, the game kills itself and I am back in Windows again...

07-01-2004 06:32 PM MDT
My map still runs like crap; don't expect it to be much better than it was before. Also, by popular demand, the creature count was reduced somewhat. Though some people still whine about the combat... o_O Oh well, dont worry people, I promise I won't make the same mistakes twice in future SP maps :P

07-01-2004 09:53 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
Much more solid and fun overall.
Graphics still lack some consistency although the latest aditions are nice.
Still shows the game is on and some people refuse to let it go :) Gladly.

Techno JF
07-02-2004 05:08 AM MDT
Well, when you have 15 mappers who have worked here and there among 18 total map files, there's bound to be somebody whose work doesn't blend well with somebody else's. Believe me, version 1 was a very cooperative effort last year, and version 2 was even more so this year. On the other hand, everyone whose name appears in the credits deserves to have it there. (Yes, even Team-UnrealSP-knows-who contributed with a bit of input and advice.)

And FINALLY, I managed to get at least two cents of my own into this project...unlike last year's attempt!

07-02-2004 04:32 PM MDT
Cool to see everyone is liking it :)

John DiFool
07-02-2004 11:25 PM MDT
I played this for about an hour...basically spent it
running around and shooting Krall and Skarrj. But
all of a sudden the game (when I exited to the main
menu page) became all weird psychedelic colors. Now
it looks like I'll have to do a clean reinstall of UT.

07-03-2004 08:03 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
Quite a change from version 1.1

Overall this is a decent mappack. I haven't tried single player yet, since I'm a co-op nut :O)

Most levels you know exactly where to go. That's the impression I get. Some are a bit confusing (thinking about that temple level with the enormous ammount of translator messages).
Map 15 surprised me the most. What lightning_hunter did to that map, is truly beyondunreal ;-) so to speaK.
Seriously, he brought that map to live. It oozes atmosphere, it's fun to play.
Watch the skies!

Waffnuffly's level well... it's looks stunning. But it's still too busy.
About the ammount of enemies: reducing them was a good idea, because there's so much in your view it's hard to spot them sometimes.
Not sure about the titan. It's ok, but maybe you should've placed him a bit further. Maybe near the end of (you know what).

I've ran this in glide a couple of times, and on some of the earlier levels (one temple-ruins level and a base level) my ut/pc completely froze.
On the other maps all was fine.

One map dissapointed me however. The end map is, I hate to say this, boring. Despite the excellent visuals, despite the fact that it's quite atmospheric.
The gameplay is just plain stale. It's a shame mister prophet didn't optimise this map for co-op gameplay. There's still 1 scubagear, and the long swim to the final room makes you lose to much health when you confront...

Terrible shame.

On the other hand, Deja Vu 2.1 is worth the download.
Once again, if you love playing unreal this is a must have.
It's old unreal, mixed with new unreal(elements, feel)
Nostalgia, but mixed with uptodate unreal feel.
(Does this make sense? Just the impression I get heh)

Nice work!

Team UnrealSP
07-04-2004 05:32 AM MDT
Team UnrealSP would like to thank everyone here for playing the pack and leaving their feedback. Any further comments would be welcome.

Keep an eye on the Team UnrealSP site for news on our Unreal sequel project, "Battle for Na Pali".

07-08-2004 08:53 PM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
I found this sp great and very funny to play, keep up the good work.

07-11-2004 10:38 AM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
It was great fun playing this thing and I hope to see more of it, didn't find any flaws what so ever.

07-19-2004 05:55 AM MDT
Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment. It's nice to see such a positive turnout for something we've put a lot of effort into.
I have to admint, in terms of coop play the lst map does present some issues.
John DiFool: I have strong doubts this was directly caused by playing DV. There are know OpenGL issues on Win98 but nothing that causes any kind of corruption.
Sicko Teddy: I guess you haven't found any of my "secrets" yet ;)

08-09-2004 10:40 PM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
ok whos next!? yeeeehaw this SP map is awesome!!!:)

08-10-2004 03:22 AM MDT
Rating: 8.5 

i think Dejavu speaks for itself, so...

02-28-2005 10:40 PM MST
Rating: 9 
nice stuff you got here! i only saw a few bsp holes to whole time i played, and they were in more complicated bsp areas anyway....kept me pre occupied for about as long as ONP did, just about an hour short of that....i'm going to have to play this again on an easier skill level (Unreal on first try! :D) so i can admire the geometry a little bit
you guys should make another! ;)

03-01-2005 02:27 AM MST
One map dissapointed me however. The end map is, I hate to say this, boring. Despite the excellent visuals, despite the fact that it's quite atmospheric.
The gameplay is just plain stale. It's a shame mister prophet didn't optimise this map for co-op gameplay. There's still 1 scubagear, and the long swim to the final room makes you lose to much health when you confront...

I agree about my map. I wasn't totally happy with it in the original and regret that I didn't have any spare time during the course of v2. to really broaden the map. Also, my sp gameplay in ANY other SP map I've made is far more interesting. This is the only SP map I've released where I was not in charge or co-founding the project, and as such I really didn't have the drive to alter my mistakes due to other projects taking up my time.

Play the SP campaign 7 Bullets to see my better stuff, search Nali City for the link or simply click my name and look under associated authors.

And my own misgivings about my map aside, I thought everyone else did a fantastic job:-)

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