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Tue, December 5, 2023
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Map Info

GametypeUT2k4 Deathmatch
Date Added06-04-2004
File Version1.00
File Size6.01 mb
Player CountUnknown
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating8.5
User Rating8
Overall Rating8.5


ReviewerShadowlurkerAwe Score: 2.5/3
Date07-09-2004Build Score: 3.0/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 3.0/3
User Point: 0
Overall Score: 8.5/10

In Short: You'll be hard pressed to find a more moody, atmospheric map than this. But whats this? It plays pretty damn well too!

Lehmi always struck me as a really thoughtful, arty mapper back in the days of UT. I remember playing a few of his maps and seem to remember him getting involved with DavidM. His professionaly crafted levels always seemed to flow really nicely, implemented z-axis fighting and having real focus. However, the theme in his creations always seemed to let it down a little. I feel this is the case here - but dont get me wrong, this maps is really, really nice.

I'll start with the superlatives - the map looks amazing, stylish, excellant... At first glance this map really looks the business. It has 100% custom meshes and it looks like nothing you've seen before. Set in some obscure kind of alarm incubation ship, it features weird little creatures stuffed inside glass containers, bubbling and rather frozen-looking. The cold, harsh metal that dominates the map's feel shines spectacularly as you move around, admiring the grand and incredably detailed enviroment.
It strikes you at this point that the map's look is very repetative. The same incubation pods are scattered throughout the map at points where the wall stretches, and is used as a space filler - a very nice one at that. The foreboding gleam and of the map is everywhere, the floor, the walls, the ceiling. After the initial wow, you realise that there isn't actually that much to the map.
Lighting is dark, but very moody and atmospheric. But this doesn't help the repetitiveness.
It left me wishing that there was more variation and detail. If lehmi can achieve this much detail and eye candy, you'd think that he'd be able to make a map that features more than just a single focal point.
While the visuals are very impressive, repetitive or not, theres not much more to the atmosphere. Theres a rumble and the bubbling pods sound like they are, well, bubbling. But you just wish that there was a eerie, scary scream from one of the pods, something spooky to make you jump. The musis fits the map though, which is nice.

I won't dwell on the gameplay - I'll only say that it's very nice. It's just right for 1on1 - pretty open, flows really nice. None of the amazing scenery interfers with gameplay - something lehmi will have picked up from his work on rockecteer.
I have no problems with the gameplay, and can only say that it's top notch.

Bots plays well, the lift was well done. Emitters were used without problem. The custom meshes have been textured very well and shaders applied with great success.

Brief? Maybe. But the map is simply very good.

Map Comments

06-04-2004 07:06 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
Very well put together map, nice flow although there are some dead ends. It's kinda big too. I know the theme is supposed to be an abandoned space craft, but it needs to be more lit up, it was kinda hard to find the other guy

06-04-2004 07:17 PM MDT
Rating: 5 
In my opinion Deathmatch isn't dead, particularly when you get a map like this which has a reasonable flow of gameplay.

That being said the map has visual problems, it's incredibly overcrowded with meshes and generally over-complicated. The lighting needs to be tweaked too.

Overall the visuals detract from the reasonable Deathmatch play.

06-05-2004 11:14 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
change is everything! nice map ;)
***edit: just had a 1on1 - really great gameplay! 8 points now!

06-08-2004 07:05 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
Nothing wrong with this little map imo: fun, nice, original theme, polished, solid fps ...
A great 1on1 map.

06-05-2004 05:35 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
what you'd expect from a lehmi map i guess, interesting meshes, good gameplay, very blue/red lighting but the darkness of the textures makes everything very hard to see here. i guess its supposed to look alien, but id rather be able to see where im going ;)

06-05-2004 07:48 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
Nice enough map and obviously quite a bit of effort gone into it but not enough variation for me.

06-05-2004 11:23 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
Neat! This map definately has style. Good choice of music, too.
Plays well, flows well, and it's just simply beautiful. Bravo :)

06-05-2004 06:20 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
Very nice work. Looks great, though seems a little too large for 1on1(IMO). In a couple spots it pushes over 100k SMesh triangles affecting performance, but for the most part the triangles are low enough for smooth play.

Recommended Download

07-09-2004 06:41 PM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
Very nice work, definitely worth downloading and keeping.

07-10-2004 04:58 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
Very solid map, but lacks variation and contrast and the flow isn't that good for meh :P

07-12-2004 03:31 PM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
Very good gameplay + Amazing AVA = This map. Visuals are slightly monotonous, with several areas looking a bit too similar. Originality and custom meshes make up for that. ;)

07-11-2004 10:30 AM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
Why not...?

07-12-2004 06:45 AM MDT
That's an unusually high review score. Screenshots didn't strike me as special, so I have to see it for myself.

Fuzzy Logic
07-17-2004 05:56 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
Unique visuals give this map a different feel to most. Way to big for 1-on-1 though, unless you like running around a lot ;P

Pack the bots in and this is as exciting a map as you can get.

07-17-2004 11:16 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
This is a very fun map to play, it looks quite attractive and although it doesn't have a very original layout, visually it looks unique, but I did however feel that it was overmeshed.

08-02-2004 11:37 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
I give it a 9 ,the framrate for what i was seeing
didn't add up,it looks like it should run much slower,
Excelent job dude!!the dm action is right on,alot of maps i allways say look "meshed to death" well this one is,however,it didnt feel or look like that at all, the meshes here blend in so well.
and the ONLY reason i didnt give it a 10 is
I wish the walkways were a different texture so to see "the floor" as a separate texture from the walk ways (not gray) and this map would be even another 100% better.
And the brightness mabye bump up all the lights by 1
Well I lowered rating by 1 It NEEDS the texture change ALL GRAY,I can't quite see well enough.
WELL, des and the other one below ,only if your looking for meshses,but it's still a rockin map,and yes it does need more visuals to break up look a tad.

08-02-2004 02:52 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
I really did not like this map sure it has new meshes and the layout is pretty good but all that is lost with the busy look here and the same amount of objects all over the map. This guy can make better maps I know that :) Theme is new and cool but perhaps more land marking would have helped.

08-02-2004 12:45 PM MDT
Rating: 5 
I didn't like this one. Awkward layout and repetitive graphics.

08-05-2004 10:09 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
I dont really know what to write down this time.
ive played the map, and the layout isnt that bad, it looked quite nice, though a bit repetative.
Mapper is doing a good job.

08-05-2004 03:16 PM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
way better that DM-Squader/Roughinery...

08-07-2004 02:07 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
its a 9 but a ownage?

08-12-2004 01:30 AM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
Lighting sucked. Still better than most. :/

08-28-2004 07:00 PM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
This map has a very nice layout but i dont like the visuals, the textures are too dark for me and it really need some more variations, everywhere the same meshes and the same lighting.

09-07-2004 01:24 PM MDT
Rating: 8 

Lighting. Incuvasion is darkness done right; despite the varying levels of light throughout the map, there's always just enough illumination to take in your surroundings, a vital feature most "darkmaps" inevitably omit.

Design and Atmosphere. The minimal light levels and baroque techno-industrial design, complete with empty incubation pods - a missed opportunity for extra visual flourishes if ever there was one - give Incuvasion an appropriately sinister cast. If it's a distinctive deathmatch map you're in the market for, this one fits the bill nicely.


Where Are You Going? Attractive as they are, the monotony of Incuvasion's visuals is a serious impediment to navigating the map; expect a steeper-than-average learning curve as you try to get to grips with it.

Nothing New. Incuvasion follows the same sector-based template as most of the retail 1-on-1 maps; those looking for radical innovations to the 1-on-1 model are only setting themselves up for disappointment with this one.


Good-looking, playable 1-on-1 deathmatch map that treads little new ground, but covers the ground it does exceptionally.

09-07-2004 07:03 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
duh , this map is for 1on1

09-13-2004 09:21 AM MDT
This map is the sum of Roughinery and Squader...

when I designed squader I wanted it to be a bit narrower than Roughinery. At the end it was a bit too crowded with meshes, people then played roughinery more often.
When I created Roughinery I wanted it to be really open - a complicated layout that allows you to get from almost every point to another through variations of 4 or more routes. The map was well received.

So my Idea for Incuvasion was to mix the best parts of both (Squader could've been a better map with more space to move) and mix them together to design Incuvasion.

Themewise I wanted something more outstanding than a stupid castle or an industrial setting.
All the visual elements don't distract from the gameplay... the lighting and textures create the best contrast for enemy players (->brightskins).

Well at the end the map turned out to be what I wanted to have... something rather good looking (not just detail on every second wall... though it's true that it get repetitive... but I don't have time to model 100 different meshes and in the very end that's how it would've been built in the real world... anyone seen a bridge with 10 types of different pillars... just because it looks not as repetitive ;) I must admit that it lacks in term of a real Eye catcher... some sort of a alienmother like thingy... anyway I'm pretty confident with this one and glad that it's so well received in the leagues - it's pretty hard to get maps played online anyway. :)

11-03-2004 03:54 AM MST
Rating: 8.5 
I really liked this map.
Pretty new meshes, matrix esque style, level's not too big with the ability to get from one point to another quite easely.
Lots of Z axis fighting - I actually really like the layout.
(really love those faces-in-a-bowl meshes :)
The dead ends are well balanced by pickup's (ie only valubale pick-ups at dead ends).
The flow is pretty good, even tough sometimes it feels like you fight in one of the four main sections of the map.
Another gripe I have, is that everything tends to look a bit 'samey' (same textures and similar meshes), so you can often get confused as to where you are in the level.

All in all well worth a download.

11-24-2004 04:41 PM MST
Rating: 8.5 
map looks really nice dude! reminds quite a bit of the alien movies ;)
the floorplan also rocks - i must admit it was kinda confusing at first glance but didn't take me long to remember how to get around the map.
but some of the staticmeshes looked a little too... well let's say flat.
but anyway, this map's really cool!

12-22-2004 05:01 PM MST
This map is supurb! One thing only... perhaps break up the tiling of your static meshes a little bit, i felt like i ran by the same door 50x...

12-22-2004 06:26 PM MST
Rating: 8.5 
this map won't get better....nono I mean this map is already awesome!

02-21-2005 03:52 PM MST
Rating: 8.5 
I liked:
- Strange and dark visual theme, really interesting.
- Awesome Framerates for a good looking map.
- Great layout with tons of z-axis and posibilities of dodgejumping from one platform to other.
- Item & health placement is OK.
- The bot played quite well.
I did not like:
- In my opinion, it is too big for 1on1. If I time the big sheld, all the battles take place around it.
- Some halls and walkways are a bit narrow (e.g: flak corridor).
- I miss a little more variation on the floor.
- That posibility of making a liftjump is nice, but this jump is so difficult to do... I think the liftspeed is too low. I also am used to press 'forward' when I jump, if I do it here, my head hits the walkway where I am trying to jump onto...
- I don't like that shield floating.
- After being a lot of time alive, I started to miss some biorifle ammo, but I did not find any pickup for it.
- I feel the action too classic sometimes. I think with some more lifts and jumpads, it would have been even funnier.
A must have.

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