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Thu, January 17, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT2k4 Assault
Date Added05-29-2004
File Version1.00
File Size1.75 mb
Player Count10-20
Map DescriptionSo you think that you are a fast driver? realy fast? even faster than death well then prove it :)

The map is up and running on cadAver's server ip
Review Rating --
User Rating5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

05-31-2004 05:48 AM EDT
Rating: 6 
Well, I'm truely sick of those Scorpion/Hellbender races so its nice to see a change like this with a level with a lot more landscape. The lighting looked strange in places and the skybox was too small because the stars looked too close but overall yeah I liked it. Could've done with just a little bot support but I guess it will only really get played online anyways, thankyou for making it & good effort.

Added - Don't worry about the ones who diss it mate, they're giving constructive criticism but just saying it aint an assault map is bollucks really, there's lots of different forms.

05-30-2004 08:30 AM EDT
Rating: 10 
yo! enother cool AS map!! I like map's like AS-Junkyard, with cars, so this map realy cool! Nice work bin!

05-31-2004 03:44 AM EDT
Rating: 3 
I was hoping this was going to be an Assault Map, but it isn't. I suppose technically it might be, but driving up to a poorly Defending Point doesn't qualify IMO. Basically this Map is a Stunt or Racing Map with some Jumps and tricky spots added in for variety. Not bad in that sense, but not possible against Bots which do nothing more than Enter/Exit the Vehicles.

Another Con is the Terrain Texturing which is rather repetitive. Not excessively tiled, but all the same. Could use some variety there.

06-15-2004 11:06 PM EDT
Rating: 5 
Bot pathes exist?

06-22-2004 07:36 AM EDT
Rating: 4 
A good concept, but unfortunately, it's poorly executed. Firstly, the bots don't seem to do anything ... Looking at in in UE, you have placed bot and road paths, but the bots don't seem to follow them. I did hear the bots starting up the scorpions after I'd left, but none following me. None of the bots on the enemy team even left the starting point, let alone finish the first objective.

The terrain could do with a bit more variation. It got fairly dull to look at after a while, with not much other than the odd tree or building here and there. I don't know if it was just me, but I also noticed the ground would occasionally flicker in and out of view. All of it. I'd be driving in mid-air over lava. I've noticed in other maps that I'd occasionally get brushes and textures vanishing out of the blue, but this was just bizare. Once again, that might have just been me.

Had the bots actually done something, this would have been worth looking at, but unfortunately, that really killed the map's playability. A good concept nevertheless, though.

Kirgon A.K.A Supa_Sniper_Master
07-08-2004 02:03 AM EDT
Rating: 4.5 
neh don't like it.Doesn't totally sucks but it is a very boring map.

09-05-2004 04:00 AM EDT
Rating: 4 

Something Different. Faster-than-Death is an objective-based race map, with attackers attempting to clear checkpoints while the defenders try to stop them. The concept isn't bad by any means; unfortunately...


An Underdone Affair. ...nothing about the map is particularly impressive, neither from an aesthetic nor technical standpoint. Architecture comes across as half-finished, while the environment - texturing included - is simply repetitious, with nothing indicating any particular UEd prowess. Lighting is similarly plain, while the objective setup is rudimentary at best. No effort has been made to put together even a basic briefing.

Bot Support. No offline play on this one. Bots steadfastly refuse to have anything do with the Scorpions, making it impossible for the attackers to progress.


Not much joy here. Those looking for another venue for online vehicle stunting will undoubtedly get their kicks out of this one, but as an actual Assault map, it falls well short of the mark.

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