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Map Info

GametypeUT2k4 Onslaught
Date Added05-18-2004
File Version1.00
File Size4.82 mb
Player Count10-24
Map DescriptionThis is my first map with the new Unreal Engine. I hope you guys like it. Its a big island with six powernodes, six link setups, full bot support, etc. All the bells and whistles everyone likes, and it is still playable on low end machines.
Review Rating --
User Rating9
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

05-18-2004 10:52 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
Found 1 invisible wall in the centrall area(inside open cave by missile launcher), but it's a great map!

Recommended download.

05-19-2004 05:58 AM MDT
Rating: 9 

Prometheus NGI
05-19-2004 09:38 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
Nice theme, good node layout, some good ideas, good weapon and vehicle balance.
Some problems here and there however, like nodes that can be destroyed by base turrets.
A recommended download nonetheless.

05-19-2004 11:13 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
great looking map,, the island theme is really convincing.. gameplay is quite good, not exceptional though

o it also runs really smooth!! ^_^

05-19-2004 05:28 PM MDT
thanks for the comments guys!
yes, there are a couple of issues. the collision in the center of the caves is one; you have to hop over a barrier by one of the avril platforms to get to the rock by it. another is one that i have no control over; do not enter an underwater vehicle. i have faith that epic will fix vehicle interaction with watervolumes, so i did not choose to block off the ocean with invisible walls.
the turrets at each main base can attack the most adjacent node, but i did this on purpose, since the powercores fall quite quickly once enemies can spawn at that node. this helps the powercores out on some link setups more than others, but never overwhelmingly.

05-20-2004 06:42 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
it's a good map, not very good, but not average too, just good.

recommend download

Johannes Rexx
05-20-2004 11:25 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
This map owns because:
(1) It is very open, I hate fighting inside enclosed spaces.
(2) It is very pretty, nice use of color and texture, water, sun, sky. It's so darned nice looking I made a screen shot and made it desktop wallpaper.
(3) It plays FAST even with all the eye candy turned on. At 1600x1024.
(4) IT HAS NO FZCKING FOG to obscure the mappage, rather it tastefully uses fog to blend the water and sky at the horizon. No way the skybox shows its seams, as some other amateurish mappage does.
(5) You can fly way out over the water and get the whole view in.

The map will get a 10 should the author add additional foliage and bit more variety to the ocean beach. A bit of wind action in the sand, some pebbles. Maybe a little critter. For an UnReal map, this is one of the more Realistic ones I've seen.

'nuff said!
- Johannes Rexx

05-21-2004 04:50 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
This is one of my new favored onslaught maps. Exeptional visuals. Would rate it a 10, but the gameplay (Selection of vehicles) makes me lower it to 9, at least :)

05-23-2004 04:50 AM MDT
Rating: 10 
I dunno wtf you guys are talking about this is one of the most pimp maps I have ever seen. its for sure a 10. Guys come on you must know a good map when you see it.

05-28-2004 06:58 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
This map is bomb. d/l it immedietly. play flows well and the map looks so sweet.

06-11-2004 04:02 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
Great ons map! Reminds me the BF1942 Japaneese theme :)
Balanced and interesting gp without huge distances.
Nice sky and water.

08-08-2004 03:30 PM MDT
Rating: 9.5 
Very good map!!!! Agree with mr. Rexx over me, it shall be big, open places to fight in. Lokks REAL nice too. -0,5 points due to not perfect gameplay...

08-28-2004 12:38 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
Can't find any faults in the map... Perfert gameplay plus outstanding visuals make this map 100% spot on!

g_crew .aka. KAMEKAZI
10-23-2004 06:28 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
Hey....Its TropicTropic. *fades*
*fades* Plus It Has Caves To ambush.
*now fades*

Evil Snack
10-23-2004 07:15 PM MDT
pppppwwwwweeeeetttttttyyyyyyyy! Me like!
(pokes the screen) Hey!!!!! MY HAND WONT GO THROUGH!!!!!!!
(pokes again, this time harder) AGGGGGGGGGGGG
(smashes with hammer and electrocutes self) HEY I...AGGGGGGGG EEEEEEEEEEEEEE (slumps on the floor chared to a crisp)

02-06-2005 04:18 AM MST
Rating: 9.5 
Great map! A few more meshes though, like scattered plants or obstacles, or putting something more on the beaches and you will get a perfect ten.

02-06-2005 10:28 AM MST
Rating: 9.5 
THIS is the standard for ONS mapping, heck, it is the standard for just about any kind of mapping :).
9.5, i agree some more meshes would have been the perfect touch. keep up the GREAT work! no cliche intended :p.

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