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Map Info

GametypeUT2k4 Deathmatch
Date Added04-05-2004
File Version1.00
File Size41.15 mb
Player Count2
Map DescriptionDM-1on1-Alpu3 by Paul "Tonnberry" Fahss
DM-1on1-Argel by Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong
DM-1on1-Idrus by "E.T"
DM-1on1-Obsidian by Florian 'Strogg' Oswald
DM-1on1-Sae by Sjoerd "Hourences" De Jong
DM-1on1-Tangora by Florian 'Strogg' Oswald

More info :

Review Rating8.5
User Rating9
Overall Rating8.5


ReviewerLord HeisherAwe Score: 2.5/3
Date04-28-2004Build Score: 3.0/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 3.0/3
User Point: 0
Overall Score: 8.5/10

This is a joint review by myself and Desperado #2. We're going to review each map seperately, the final score being an average of the ratings. We've taken a slightly different reviewing style, we hope you enjoy the good cop - bad cop routine :) Enough of the rambling, let's get down to business:


DM-1on1-Alpu3 by Paul 'Tonnberry' Fahss
reviewed by Lord Heisher

Alpu2 was one of the most popular 1on1 maps for 2k3, and rightly so. Alpu3's map description says it all: "never change a winning layout." And what a fantastic layout it is, really providing for some intense 1on1 battles. A slight change of the geometry in places, removal of pillars in a few areas for example, alongside tweaked pickup locations, really help to improve the gameplay just that bit further. Having said this, there are a few locations where players can get snagged on decorations along walls and bounding around resulted in clipping the roof and getting caught briefly; the ensuing rocket in the breaches not often appreciated. It's a shame that little things like this grate against the otherwise great playability of the level.

Tonnberry has addressed Alpu2's weakest area, it's look, with the new design and overall it's far more polished. The new texturing goes a long way to make this an industrial facility with a spark of originality. Nicer textures, great skins on some of the meshes, all in all, this is a map that can now stand on
it's own two legs as a looker as well as a player.

Overall a joy to play, as it's always been, and great to see the thematic execution rising to meet the gameplay.

Rating: 8.5

(Build: 3.0; Cast: 3.0; Awe: 2.5)


DM-1on1-Argel by Sjoerd 'Hourences' De Jong
reviewed by Desperado#2

Awe 3

DM-1on1-Argel has a plethora of visuals, this is a bad and only a bad thing for people with low end computers. I have enjoyed Hourences maps because of the natural nature of his disorder in the maps. Like in many of Hourences maps it has a lot of the ware and tare feel. All his themes feel like old abandon areas. What stands out here is the use emitter to make it seem like stagnant fog that clusters in specific areas or is seen because of the light sources near it. I can see he took great care in those emitters and corona placement in this map. Texture choices are simple but well thought of especially for the lighting used on the textures placed. Lighting is good over all, but it has some spots that it is just a bit plain. The areas that are plain are some hallways that have big static meshes on the walls and ceiling so the lighting would not end up being all that great even if you tried, it just has the vertex lit look. This is were I start to nit pick a little, I like Hourences style and shapes he uses but the lack of actually giving these staticmesh pieces skins makes for some ugly vertex lighting. When instead with a real skin you could have just one skin per object and have better looking lighting on them because it was done on the skin. I think he has great eye for design and placement in all aspects, but that is the one thing he needs to get into is making specific skins for those pieces because at times vertex lighting takes away from the cool shapes he has taken so much time doing. If it was not for his good skills in lighting, the map could look pretty bad. Cool visuals and good use of emitters. For people with a lower end pcs you can drastically improve your fps by using low world detail. This improved for me but still it was not enough to be satisfactory for me. In a few spots even with low world detail it had 25-30 fps without bots in the most demanding area.

Build 2

Build quality is solid. Some minor things are a bit odd when you reduce the world detail to low. Some wood planks that are no longer in world detail low still have shadows. If I would have done that for those wood planks which are not a lot I would have you, I would have made it so it would not cast a shadow at all so when you put low world detail those kinds of things would not have been seen. But that is just a nitpick lol. Solid build the map looks sound and well, perhaps better fps would have been cool but that’s life.

Cast 2.5

This map is meant for 1on1 playing, which once I look at it and look at it again… It seems pretty boring for 1 on 1 IMO. The map is too big that you can easily take a while to find your opponent. Game-play wise you have a decent amount of z-axis points and places to predict your opponent, but something about this map still feels kind of room hall room though. The z-axis points are usually only good for one way shooting which is from the high point. The map has a lot of blocking volumes to stop you from snagging on places, but at the same time sometimes just because of this you feel more cramped. Some areas have too much blocking volumes. Though I know why those are used and well Hourences found no other way to block off walls with loads of statics and make it smooth for player. Now back to the fact that this is meant for a 1 on 1 map… I really do not find this map to be a 1 on 1 map myself. I think this map fits better for 3-5 matches.
This map is big enough to accommodate those amounts and have enough freedom to do good battles. Well what is my verdict? This map is high quality with great visuals but the game-play is a little on the hmm side of things. Granted the game-play is better than many maps out in the user community or on the retail product it self. But this map does not give me a rush for some reasons and I think it has to do with the feeling of being cramped and the level controlling my movement entirely. As part of pack with many hardcore and great playing maps this is the visual map to sell the pack and the rest will be the ones you play more.

Rating: 7.5

(Build: 2.0; Cast: 2.5; Awe: 3.0)


DM-1on1-Idrus-due by Etienne 'E.T' Morasse
reviewed by Lord Heisher

Indrus was map of the week recently, and for good reason. It's a damn solid map. Sure, it might not do anything original visually, but gorgeous girls arn't always the most fun to play with, eh? From the texturing to the lighting, E.T. has stayed conservative, sticking to tried and tested methods. The classic orange/blue lighting scheme is put to good effect, although I'm not a big fan of the overly contrasted lensflares that appear in places. The brick and metal texturing is reminiscent of the RichRig set for UT with the customary pipework and scattered debris around the level providing a nice attempt at making the facility feel used and rundown. It's all nicely done but never inspirational. As mentioned in the full length review, a bit more of plantlife could really add depth to the level's atmosphere, helping to move the level one step away from the rest of the industrial crowd.

The layout itself is great fun to play; good flow and intelligent item placement alongside capable bots make this an enjoyable map online or by yourself. Grates in the floor and audio clues help to keep an eye on your opponent as you bound about the level mainly snag free - E.T.'s put a lot of effort into this side of the level.

This map's byword is 'solid'. From the gameplay to looks to audio, you can see E.T.'s put in a lot of polish to make this map what it is. Definitely one to keep in the server rotation.

Rating: 8.0

(Build: 3.0; Cast: 2.5; Awe: 2.5)


DM-1on1-Obsidian Florian 'Strogg' Oswald
reviewed by Desperado#2

Awe 2

DM-1on1-Obsidian has the same care with the visuals as DM-1on1-Tangora with the exception that some clear texture misalignments on pillars and grooves on them. I am not to fond of the color choices for this map lighting wise. Lighting is not bad but the colors just seem like it has been done a billion times. Either way the lighting placement is good and has good use of contrast. The map is an old castleish feel to it. Theme wise it is not pronounced a lot and well it just feels like a DM arena like most of the maps in this mappack. Like Tangora this map has very precise just right amount of details. Also the fps is fine in this map for me. I enjoyed the feel of this map but something lacked. Sometimes I just can not put my finger on it and say that it lacks this and that, sometimes it is just a feeling sorry about it.

Build 3

Build quality is solid with the exception of those misalign textures. Trims are done methodically and everything is well laid out and the bsp shell is nice and sturdy. Bots work correctly and do what needs to be done to thrash my gibs all over this map.

Cast 3

DM-1on1-Obsidian is a map with good z-axis and it goes with true and well known design of the central court yard and everything else around are passage ways to different heights of the same court yard, works great for raining death from above. As with all maps in the mappack this map has great opportunities to counter your opponent in the middle of a fire fight. The layout has more variation in style of play than Tangora. This map contains some straight hallways and smaller rooms around. So while having a nice central court yard that hallways are going to be brutal fights to the death. You either have to confront your opponent head on or be insane at avoiding all kinds of wrath. This map has a lot of double dodge opportunities to cross paths, dodge off walls, or jumping down to lower areas of the central room while shooting like mad. Weapon placements I think is well done and like Tangora the places were the most powerful weapons reside are hard to get. As you see somehow Tangora has made me fall in love… I guess I just like the flow. Either way DM-1on1-Obsidian is a great map and plays very smooth as well, it is just not my cup of tea in regards to this mappack. What I like about this mappack is that all the maps have a unique style of play.

Rating: 8.0

(Build: 3.0; Cast: 3.0; Awe: 2.0)


DM-1on1-Sae by Sjoerd 'Hourences' De Jong
reviewed by Lord Heisher

Whilst most of the maps in the pack lean towards the gameplay category, Sae certainly pulls off the visual aspect with aplomb. As Mr Prophet's full length review says, Hourences' manages to create a level oozing atmosphere (as we've come to expect from Hourences).

Sae bridges the well defined divide between hardcore maps, often lacking visual finesse, and the gimmicky school of design which often exhibit great looks and novel settings at the expense of killer layouts. Whilst the gameplay may not be up to the standards of the other maps in the pack - a very high standard I might add - Sae manages to maintain a realistic cavern setting whilst providing decent gameplay; some of the most fun I've yet to encounter in a cave level. The water pool with the 50+ shield is brilliant balanced, as you plunge into the pool you feel the very real risk of being caught naked and unaware.

As the level loads, the atmosphere that Hourences' has created really grips you. Scattered flares and spotlights lend contrast to the lighting, important in such a monotonously textured setting. The plantlife helps to add depth to the colour palette, as do the fireflies drifting lazily about the cavern. Lots of little touches such as these really help to make the level feel very polished.

So overall, whilst Sae may not the best playing map in the pack, it's certainly one of the more complete offerings. Well thought out thematic execution, damn funky atmosphere and fun games make Sae a keeper.

Rating: 8.5

(Build: 3.0; Cast: 2.5; Awe: 3.0)


DM-1on1-Tangora by Florian 'Strogg' Oswald
reviewed by Desperado#2

Awe 3

DM-1on1-Tangora has a style reminiscent of UT and the most famous German made maps. Is this bad? I truly do not think it is. I think this style is clean and precise for the smoother game-play maps ever made. The details in this map are not wasted but each object is thought out with a strict mentality. This map is not about the visuals, although the visuals are clean and well done for the simplicity of it all. That is what I think this map stands out the most is that the visuals are all precise and thought out. Nothing is overdone here it just seems just right. A few nitpicks consist of misaligned wood plank textures and the fire in the barrels. The Emitter made for the fire is pretty standard looking. It does not seem chaotic enough for a flame. It actually looks like the old fire barrel in UT, and well the plank misalignment is an obvious one. The visuals would take a little plunge to 2.5 just because this pack has other maps that look so much better in all regards, but I have decided ill give it a 3 because this map for some reason feels right. But this map has solid visuals. Nothing to wow about, but it is well laid out and like I said it is precise.

Build 3

This map is precise. I know you guys are going to get tired of that but it is. It is just well laid out and the build quality is great. Fps holds up great on my machine all over the map. Trims are well… Well they are religiously added to all places. Like I said in awe it has a few misalignments and the fire nitpicks. Bot paths work correctly and they kick my ass.

Cast 3

What this map has a lot of and it is the main reasons I like it so much is that almost every single hallway, ramp, or area has a way to counter your opponent. I love the use of double dodge in this map as well. It almost seems that if you do not use it you will get owned. Z-axis in this map is just right. Because in many spots even the lower guy has the opportunity to do splash damage on the higher ground opponent because of well placed walls and objects. The rocket launcher, flak, and Shock rifle are in perfect spots. Those spots are the hardest to get those weapons from and in those specific spots the weapon you get is pretty much useless. So you grab lets say the Flak cannon and on the other side you see your opponent so you backpedal and try and get away, this is when it gets neat because the guy trying to kill you can counter your backpedal either way and own you if he has the skill and know how of this maps layout. This map has a lot of these opportunities to take deliberate advantage of. If the only thing I think would have helped on this map is some blocking volumes in some minor spots and taking away the collision off the fancy lamps on the walls, but that is too much nitpicking… Even with that the map runs unhitched.

I am being a little selfish with this map :) giving it a 9 because all other maps have high scores… like 8.5 etc… So I wanted this map to stand out from the rest with a 9. Because I think this is the best playing map of the pack.

Rating: 9.0

(Build: 3.0; Cast: 3.0; Awe: 3.0)


Start of a rant :)

I just have to add a little comment on a thing that Cliff happened to say about these maps on the Atari forums. My response to that is that these maps are Ownage quality. Game-play wise these maps are a lot more smooth than many of the maps in current Ownage website. Some are pretty nifty but these destroy most of the maps in that page. I hope I do not see these kinds of slight injustices done in the future because I did think that was wrong to not include these in Owange because these deserve it more than other maps IMO. Granted some of these maps are no longer Owange quality visuals wise because of the lack of inspiration in locals, but sometimes, and I hope most of the time maps should be rewarded more based on pure fun factor than visuals. And Visuals should not be looked down upon because they have low amounts of detail. I think some maps have taken the high poly road too far and have developed over crowded pieces of a mess which people call Owange maps. I put myself to blame starting that massive detail whorish map called DM-Nirvana][ and perhaps this map gave a horrible impression on people in the community and forced them to do more visual appealing maps, But it could have created more problems because people all of sudden started making huge poly count maps. Standards can be high but when quality like this comes onto your hands I would suggest not avoiding them.

I know it is a opinion but I know that by a map getting the Ownage recognition it is a good note for people in the industry to look at them. Perhaps it is time for the community to make a regulated form of quality maps. Maps that are looked at by 6 level designers in the community and receive the award in this manner. This will make things far more valid instead of having it everything fall back onto the hand of only one person. Who knows…

Rant over :)


So when we take the scores of the six levels we get an average of 8.25 which we've decided to round up to 8.5 because pound for pound, the 1on1pack is one of the best offerings we've encountered.

8.5 DM-Alpu3
7.5 DM-Argel
8.0 DM-Indrus-due
8.0 DM-Obsidien
8.5 DM-Sae
9.0 DM-Tangora

Often mappacks showcase some truely great levels alongside some sub par levels that stand out against their more developed brothers, the 1on1pack has none of this. We've got a bit of variation in scoring sure, but each of these maps is strong enough to stand on it's own two feet and shine whichever way you look at it. A fantastic collection of great levels, any forthcoming mappacks are going to have to be really something special to out gun the 1on1pack.

Map Comments

04-06-2004 12:25 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
pretty l33t all round. alpu is looking a lot better now too.

04-06-2004 10:34 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
I'll just reiterate what I said in the forums.

Really, really great map pack overall with some spectacular work from your favorite Unreal map designers. But, there are a handful of things that, while minor, did detract from my opinion.

Alpu seems like it's missing BlockingVolumes along several of its walls. What that means is that if the player strafes or walks against the wall, the view "stutters" instead of remaining smooth. Some simple BlockingVolume work would have alleviated that quite nicely - so simple that I wonder if this was just an oversight.

Hourences' two big maps are detailed and gorgeous, but I suspect they might be a little choppy on some machines. I know on mine, looking at the statue in DM-Sae caused a notable, though acceptable, framerate drop. But I have a very powerful rig, so I wonder what others with less comparable machines will witness.

I love the "throwaway details" that are present in all these maps, like in a Miyazaki animation. Even if you like the 1-on-1, try walking through them solo and appreciate all of the tiny details you miss while fighting.

Of all the maps, I actually liked Tangora the most. The eerie green lighting, rain, and dilapidated feel of the map really struck a chord for some reason. :)

Great work!

04-06-2004 04:50 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
allrrighty then.

Good map pack with nice levels

04-06-2004 04:21 AM MDT
Rating: 10 
Best custom maps for 2k4 yet! No doubt I'll give it a 10!

04-06-2004 07:36 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
pure 0wnage

04-06-2004 01:04 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Well, I never doubted that this would be pure ownage really :)
All the maps have absolute top gameplay, alpu stands out as being very weak on atmosphere nowadays, especially compared to the other maps in the pack, and there are a few areas in idrus which look a bit bare, but overall it's easilly above retail quaility.
And damn, I'm gonna have to start to learn to use these rather small dodge ramps :p
Of course no map is worth a 10/10 but this is just about as close as I've seen anything get :)

And ya, some of the maps can lag on max details even on an absolute top rig (mainly argel) so be prepared to turn world detail down a notch (maps will still look better than anything else out there O_o)

lol cliffy says it isn't ownage quality because there are 2 places you can get stuck and that they didn't use weapon bases (when they did)

04-06-2004 02:16 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
And if there were no weapon bases I'd like it even more. Those things are ridiculous. (yeah, yeah, I know, they let you know where a weapon will be. blah)

04-06-2004 03:52 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Well done 1on1 maps....good gameplay, excellent optical layout.

04-06-2004 11:19 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
great maps

04-07-2004 04:31 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
Whoa. Extreme quality. Just the oldschool action we need.

Mad Irish Mapper
04-16-2004 02:41 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
Brilliant pack overall.

Although, now that I've played a lot of them, I think that Tandora is too small overall. Very often when I was playing I basically spawn camped my opponent or was myself spawn camped.

"lol cliffy says it isn't ownage quality because there are 2 places you can get stuck and that they didn't use weapon bases (when they did)"

Actually he is right, some of the maps don't have weapon bases (Sae, Argel and Obsidian for example) or health bases. This might not seem a problem at first, but it can be for people just learning the map and it can make it confusing in a heated game to find where a weapon is. So that does knock the quality of the pack down. A re-release of those maps in question with weapon/health bases would be a REAL improvement IMO.

The gameplay is still very good however.

04-11-2004 05:35 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Not ownage quality? And half of the crap on his site is? A couple of palces where you can get stuck? No weapon bases? Goddamn, he's just pissed that the guys released it for free and not for the game :)

It's the pinnicle of pure map making for 1on1, I cannot praise it more than that.
I actually think the gameplay is boring, simply because it combines the best gameplay you can achieve using the same tricks and features people have used for the last few years. That doesn't really take anything from the maps itself. It's top notch all round.

For all those idiots who proclaim their maps own, dispite the map being their first made, or being a cube full of static meshes, play this.

04-15-2004 03:05 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Where did Cliff say that these maps aren't ownage quality? He's insane; these maps are all incredible. I just got UT2004, and so not being totally familiar with it yet, I can't really make any detailed comments that go beyond what's already been said by others, but this is among the best work I've seen. Download it now!

04-15-2004 07:29 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
Finest kind..........

04-15-2004 08:45 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Great map pack, nothing mediocre, everything ran mostly smoothly. IMO, Sae and Alpu3 are great, and runs well too. Idrus look standard, but it plays great, just like the entire pack.

Prometheus NGI
04-16-2004 11:50 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
Mapping quality of this pack is awesome.
I admire especially 1on1-Sae, but every map in this pack is really good.

However, even if I'm not a duel player, I don't like power-up placement.
A good duel map needs at least two power ups, usually a 50 armor and a 100 armor.
Most of these maps have only one power up.

Look at DE-Ironic, wich is imho one of the best 1on1 maps ever made.

04-28-2004 02:34 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
wow!, all in all great!, pretty cool design with awesome gameplay, a must download ;)

04-28-2004 04:35 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
Personally, I think Tangora is too dark and Alpu 3 too lame(bad choice of music, no touchable progress from Alpu 2). Apart from that, a very very nice map pack.

04-28-2004 04:54 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Pardon me if i'm wrong, but haven't you made a big mistake with Obsidian? You've awarded it a 3, 2 and 2 which equals 7. THEN you've rated it at 8. THEN you've said in your summing up that its worth a 9 :D

Anyways, I very much agree with the sentiments of the review. This is probably one of the greatest mappacks i've ever had the good fortune to download. Every map in this pack is of a professional quality, and I'd have to say that everyone should download it!

04-28-2004 08:39 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Probably the best collaboration of maps yet arranged for the new engine. They aren't perfect maps and the themes aren't original in anyway. But they got personality baby, and personality goes a long way. The Gameplay is just as hot as the visual eye sex, but that is what I would expect seeing who made these maps.

I for one am quite pleased that none of these maps got the "Ownage" award. Why? Cus it would be insulting to put any of these maps next to most of those (I say most, a few of them are wicked). Cliffy obviously wants more ONS or newer UT2K4 themed maps on his site because he is promoting his game, and it is understandable why he would knowingly overlook these. It's just a matter of timing.

04-29-2004 10:26 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
Professional quality map pack, but HARDLY suited for 1on1 or TDM play. Argel is the only thing that's good for anything other than a FFA.

Still, it's a keeper.

EDIT: Excuse me, Idrus is a keeper too. :)

04-30-2004 11:24 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
I wish to each the brains of the mappers responsible for this mappack with the hope that I may inherit their superlative talent.

05-08-2004 05:52 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
I waited a while and considered the score I was going to give this pack. Really, I don't think I could ask for better. I wouldn't even consider not downloading each map in it's own right. The first map/map pack/mod/anything I've given a 10.

Originally posted by kupoartist
Pardon me if i'm wrong, but haven't you made a big mistake with Obsidian? You've awarded it a 3, 2 and 2 which equals 7. THEN you've rated it at 8. THEN you've said in your summing up that its worth a 9 :D

NaliCity's rating system is seriously flawed and lends for a very unfair rating. They rounded up a bunch and a half to compensate for this. Be glad there's a discrepency. =)

[Admin: Actually its not NC's rating system, its the reviewer's mistake.]

[Edit for this anonymous admin: So are you saying that this map indeed deserves a 7? Look at other maps on NC that are 7's. Or just contemplate what a 7/10 really means as applied to anything; this map deserves more IMHO.]

[Admin: If its the reviewer's mistake, how would I know whether the reviewer intended it to be a 7 or 8 or 9? This refers to Idrus. ]

[Edit for this anonymous admin: I figured you were the reviewer because you edited my post anonymously rather than just posting below it.]

05-03-2004 05:26 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
excellent map pack with alot of these maps regulars already on public servers.

a must download so you can play on your own and not just multiplayer

05-04-2004 11:50 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Wiz ziss pack zer auzours are zpoiling uz!

05-07-2004 07:59 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
be honest...those map looks great!

05-08-2004 01:41 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
Absolutely wonderful pack. The maps all have such great aura and excellent gameplay. My favorite must be by far "Sae". The UT2K4 Soria model looks asolutely at home in that map.

05-08-2004 10:01 PM MDT
just out of curiosity why do none of these maps contain teleports.. and for that matter why do very few "1on1" maps not have them?

Lord Heisher
05-12-2004 02:16 PM MDT
GRAF1K and Kupoartist: I've fixed the scores now, Desp and I made a hash of that.

Freddie: I think it's because most people consider teleports to disrupt a level's flow :). Besides, most 1on1s are small enough to not need them.

06-18-2004 09:47 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
wow Alpu3 RUUUUUUUUUUULES! its my fave from the pack. oh yeh and the other maps are good too :P

06-18-2004 06:41 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Maps really don't come much better than this and wot, no ownage?! Shame on you Mr B!

06-19-2004 01:15 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
Obsidian would have to be my favorite out of the bunch. The others are also very well done but Things get a bit too repetative. Too much walkways and ramps for me. Need more originality. More atmosphere and themes needed.

11-05-2004 10:03 PM MST
Rating: 9 
In one word; Superb!!!

Wesley "Boreas" van Dijk
11-06-2005 04:48 PM MST
Rating: 9.5 

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