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Tue, December 5, 2023
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Map Info

GametypeUT2k3 Capture The Flag
Date Added03-23-2004
File Version1.00
File Size9.38 mb
Player Count4-6
Map DescriptionA small 2on2 or 3on3 CTF map for fast and frantic gameplay. It's quite easy to grab the flag, but staying alive on your way out is a totally different matter.

From the map description:
"The only way out is through. On this derelict outpost set deep in the Elorean Seas, there is no escape for the struggling... except through victory."

This map is part of the Community Bonus Pack 2003.
Get the whole pack:

Credits go to Radeon285 for his help and a fair share of the meshwork :)
Review Rating8
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating8


ReviewerTwrecksAwe Score: 2.5/3
Date04-01-2004Build Score: 3.0/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 2.5/3
User Point: 0
Overall Score: 8/10

This map speaks in volumes, Ued volumes...

This is a great map for some 2 on 2 action. Concentrate has a compact industrial-tech cresent design with a central bottleneck under glass arches, all beneth some sort of communications tower/light house. Both bases are three tiered out-rigging platforms over looking the flag pad. A flag pad suspended above a spiked pit I should add. The middle ground also over looks the flags so the fastest way is to make the leap, getting out will be the hard part. Two ramps on either side of the pit expand into over-under routes blending back together in the middle crunch. A third leg of this outpost juts out over the sea which I discuss later.

The color green prevails everywhere, primarily due to the sky box. And what a wonderful sky box it is. The Elorean Sea blends to the horizon with a trick bit of fluid surface actors, distance view fog and shaders complete with alpha masks, water volumes, a cube map and a pair of SunLight actors. The result is a very convincing environment that is at the same time very alien to our own. About the only gripe I would have is the color seperation amongst the clouds, probably due to the DXT compression of the custom textures. All this scenery is backed up with the appropriate ambient sounds, hearing is also believing in the map makers handbook. Lighting is well sourced, the color chosen for the ramp grill leading to the red base the only question.

The Island is a piece of simple two tone 64 x 64 Terrain mapping. Strange that the flat edges weren't hidden along with the parts the BSP intersects with the map. Not enough polys to bother about I guess. A few of the nicer features are the chromed decorations and two sided glass roofing, both via more custom texture jobs. Most of the mesh work you see is also custom stuff, minus the obvious Humanoid Hardware items like the Atenna array and caged light. My favorite custom mesh would be the space fighter on the inaccessable dock, again backing the theme, adding eye-candy and "the other way" on and off this rock. The more decorative meshes being the various hoses drapped about and the most important two being the railings keeping players on deck.

What makes this map play fast isn't it's small size. A few well placed Anti-portals kick up the FPS. The only two zones other than the humorously labelled "Somewhere Else" don't in themselves contain many polys, but every little bit helps. Bot pathing gets some AI scripting, giving the Bots a pause in key spots and that tactical advantage you or I would take. Too bad attaking Bots were rather predictable and easy to knock off into the spike pit with a well placed Shock Combo after they leaped head first for the flag. Yet if you missed, the walk way did provide some manuvering width for an up-hill escape. JumpSpots by the weapon bases on either side could have mixed up the approach. For the offense, I recommend T-porting for the Flak Cannon if you wen't lucky enough to spawn in front of it. As far as power ups, only the gratitous central Super Shield is present, which is becoming increasingly common in high traffic areas. This map is a must for small player load CTF servers. Concentrate being the perfect name to a very condensed map that punishes any lapse of judgement.

Map Comments

03-23-2004 10:57 AM MST
Rating: 8 
Good map, the skybox is amazing...perhaps the map is too small but...Your meshs are great...gj

03-23-2004 12:20 PM MST
Rating: 10 
very good gameplay

03-23-2004 02:37 PM MST
Rating: 10 
awsome level! fresh concept, and unbelievabally smooth. I've got this level on the bonus pack and it surely belongs in my hard drive! :)

btw i love the spike pits! :P

04-02-2004 04:34 PM MST
Rating: 7 
Didn't rock me visually. In fact, I found it rather bleak and average looking. But I had a good game in here. Luggage has tons of potential, I can't wait to see this guy reach his peak! 6.5, or 7 if you will.

04-05-2004 08:34 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
Great CTF gameplay......

Wesley "Boreas" van Dijk
09-10-2005 08:39 AM MDT
Rating: 9.5 
Love it :D

10-20-2005 09:59 AM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
great map.
i escpecially like the skybox. the colors may not be everyone's taste but they sure create a certain atmosphere.
the only things i'm missing are jumppads near the flags. somehow it just seems like they HAVE to be there but are not... and even though i know they were pretty useless in this place (round lights, way up to team bases) everytime i come there i get this feeling...
anyway, i like this map a lot :D

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