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Tue, December 5, 2023
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added02-12-2004
File Version1.00
File Size2.86 mb
Player Count2-8
Map DescriptionWell, This map has been made a couple of weeks ago, but I had to update it again and again... Finally I released this apocalyptic map for 2 to 8 players here at Nalicity.
And there are some Thanks:
- Revelation for helping me (he is the 2nd Author of the map)
- Doc (for the statue, 3rd Author of the map)
- Rorshach for his great Textures ;)

Anyway, have fun!
Review Rating6.5
User Rating7.5
Overall Rating7.5


ReviewerNahandAwe Score: 2.0/3
Date02-22-2004Build Score: 2.0/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 2.5/3
User Point: +1
Overall Score: 7.5/10

Were for "another" recent DM map, and i would think mappers replaced Richrig by the cool Rorshach's textures as a standard tech package to use from now on.

AWE: 2
Just like that other map i won't mention (that is DM-Ochre, ;p), said texture pack is put to great use (though it also uses Richrig o_0). But don't think VSys is a mere copy/paste of that... other.
VSys stands on its own, immediatly because of the different layout and architecture.
While the *other* would feel a little 'enclosed'(kinda...), VSys let's you wander
outside of what appears to be some converted mining (?) station/outpost, but the playing area is smaller and less vertical than on Ochre. The place is, now,
an obvious tournament arena, but you still have some hard time breading while running through some wicked dust that denses the air and thickens your desire
to insidiously... ahem, ok i'm diverging. Back to the review ;).

Architecture is nice. One could argue that more could have been done, but for this setting, i believe it's alright, letting textures do part of the build
(and considering the use of fog, /methinks it was a wise decision of the author NOT to include 'extras' in such an open map).
Rest assured though, there's enough eye-candy. You'll find the usuall tech apparatus: computers, smoke shafts, treatment areas, pinacles (eh?), fans, tubes - both vertical and horizontal below the floor - and even a yellow miner truck - complete with Amp'D ;) - that any would-be mapper can use (there's two extra .unr files within this download. More info on README, that's what it serves for :p). Another nice little touch is the "Tournament in progress" sign
(though not exclusive), and the "King-Of-Extremely-BadAss-Fragging"-looking statue, brought to you by use of a dynamic actor. One curiosity i noted is that Xan MkII player model is not displayed there. Just me?

Lighting is ok. The mood given to the map (also by the kewl skybox and respective lighting) is great. I can't imagine how this could possibly be improved and therefor i have nothing to complain. Despite the reddish look, it uses effectively other colors in lights so that your precious eyes don't get a frameburn (or your head makes you puke)(yukky comment xp).

As mentioned, brush-work is not exceedingly superb, but its there and in good shape.
It's effective and clean. Sounds are abound.(!!!) Without repeating myself, i'll just say the map has everything in the right place, for what you would expect in a tech-theme - hisses, clumps...
Music is UT default, but appropriate. I noticed one BSP hole in a ceiling, but a minor one that doesn't interfere with the game and is almost undetectable if you're not paying attention.

CAST: 2.5
The other strong aspect of VSys is gameplay and flow. The map features 2-3 levels of combat (if you count the top), usually well connected by ramps and elevators perfectly blended with the surroundings. The lower level features some close encounter corridors and passages, that immediatly switch to bigger areas where more people can be slain.
This "dynamic" in combat is always nice, and well accompanied by item placement. The upper part feels more open and it's not unusuall to use your z-axis fighting capabilities frequently. In any situation, there's usually 2 or 3 different ways to go, in case things start getting messy.

Item placement is good, for the most part, but 1 or 2 things seemed placed too far near some wall. Then again, this makes you take a de-tour of your defined path and thus expose yourself to incoming fire from higher ground. :)
BOTs do their job, and offer some pretty hard challenge - you'll be constantly switching between 1rst and 2nd places (or lower if you're lousy :p).
Framerates can get choppy at places (i assume because of some fog), but it's NEVER something that hinders gameplay.

All in all, a good map.
Get it now!

Map Comments

02-12-2004 02:26 PM MST
Rating: 7 
Nice map, good architecture by current standards and fun to play in with 2-5 people. I liked the theme, it had a good atmosphere and the "Employee of the Day" statue was neat. Only problem I can think of is the lack of player actor blocking in the outer areas, when playing against human opponents people tend to impact jump up there and camp. Overall, nice effort. I'm keeping this map

02-14-2004 01:46 PM MST
Rating: 7 
At first, I thought "Oh man, a red map," thinking that my eyes would hurt after playing in it and then switching to another map. To the author's credit, this was not the case and the result is that VSys is a pretty good map.

One thing that immediately struck me about VSys is its great sense of place. From the busted computer terminals, to the inanimate details like door locks and scuffed metal, the feel and look of the level is very post-apocalyptic. While not as visually intricate as KaMi's maps, the thoughtful details are there where it counts.

The gameplay is pretty good as well, comprised of two levels of action. Bots play decently and there's enough rocket launchers for everyone.

I would recommend this map.

06-26-2005 02:16 PM MDT
THX for teh Review Nahand ;) But you missed a small thing :P Near the Pulse Gun you'll find a locked door ingame, but try to fly through in spectator mode!
In my opinion you have to count the top, because the shieldbelt is lying there...
EDIT @ Rev: Hehe... da bekommt man direkt rote Ohren...
Therefor, you did MORE than 5%, I can remember you giving me advice about the truck and some details, of which you made quite a few.

02-22-2004 12:33 PM MST
Rating: 7 
Heh... i noticed that "door". But i thought it was just "fake deco". That inside is one of my very favorites, so kudos to the homage ;D

I talked about the upper floor in that way mainly because of some comments, but maybe i shouldn't had...

Oh well... glad we all happy! ;)

Fuzzy Logic
02-22-2004 03:52 PM MST
Rating: 8 
Nice map, very fast paced. While the emphasis may be on gameplay the map looks good too. Notsure about the colour, it's a bit distracting. Plenty of detail though.

One to keep.

03-02-2004 07:19 AM MST
Rating: 8 
Although I've done a really small part of this map (only few things about lighting), I think I can rate it without twinges of remorse^^ For sure, 95% of the map IS built by Swanky!
Can only say I really like this one, the textures (which I'd never seen before!) are put in place very well, if you'd ask me, better than in Ochre!
Also nice gameplay, the map is really what it's meant to be: Fine Deathmatch, in my opinion one of Swanky's best maps, if not THE best.

The Twiggman
03-14-2004 03:13 PM MST
Rating: 8 
I'd say its a great map all around, the architecture was all flowing and provides an excellence space for a low gravity instagib match. Great job!

03-16-2004 07:55 AM MST
Rating: 8 
Gameplay is ok..... Excellant visuals.

03-19-2004 11:56 AM MST
Rating: 7 
I tried as wel to fly over, Evilswanky XD
There's a fun piece detail in this thing
The graphics and texture are quiet decent
There must be a lot of work in it

I think this map is not as original to stand above..

(I hope you can understand my english:) )

07-11-2005 03:04 AM MDT
Rating: 3.5 
Now this has potential, and could become usable on sniper servers - if only it wasn't so buggy! There's more invisible walls in this than in a fairground! Certainly an improvement on other maps you've done, and you're slowly getting somewhere, but please try and iron out major faults like this before releasing maps.
Again, weapons and ammo placement is rather poor, imo, but as a whole it plays passably well, once one gets used to the invisible walls - which you can go round and then get stuck trying to run back to the centre again lol.

edit2 - My rating wasn't based on the map's suitability for sniping, that was just part of my comments for anyone passing who was considering this map for sniping themselves. My scoring was based on the facts that it is buggy, my feeling that placement was lacking, and the fact that it hasn't got anything new to my mind that hasn't been seen or done before. So - an average map getting an average score.

edit3 - redfist - i was too embarrased to mention the fps in case it was just my computer as noone else had mentioned it, but now i see it is a genuine problem with the map. The invisible walls are around the very top levels where you might hammer or trans yourself for sniping.

06-27-2005 12:29 AM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
Swanky, alot of people that i know and ofcourse including my self, liked the map. Very nice and original theme. Fun game play, nice textures. I'll say fun game play one more time, because we've tested this level with 8 people 4v4 and it was pretty hardcore. Very interesting architecture, perfectly fits the map. Lighting is very well done. What can I say! :) Good work.

06-27-2005 11:25 AM MDT
haha lauching out loud :P
nice 1 nix ;)

06-27-2005 10:16 PM MDT
Rating: 6.5 
I dunno know about the invisible wall thingy problems,cause there aint none,map runs more sluggish than it should,and the color not to cool,but ok.

Gameplay is very nice,but damaged by the fps

And dont anyone gimmie any crap about how the FPS is,I been around a long time,and play heavier dutyer maps than this,as well as basing it on how other levels run.

Also it is because this is a one room map,zoning it not going to help either.
And just so i dont get lametard responses 386 ,32meg RAM oaktron 256 color vidcard. 3.1 dos 5.0
and a earphone soldered in for sounds.

Well if you can get up there then that is a serious mapping error.(unless he wanted it to be like that)

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