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Sun, June 26, 2022
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Map Info

AuthorNicole Dion
GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added05-28-2000
File Version1.00
File Size2.54 mb
Player Count4-16
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating6
User Rating5
Overall Rating6
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerTwrecksOverall Score: 6/10
DateNC2 12-13-2000

Simply beautiful

Simple yes, stunning no. A "Two Castles" style map, with twisted gorges, winding lakes and a handy mesa top for treking a flag run. The sceenary is probably the best part of this map. A custom texture file and an interesting sound file accompanies the map.

Bots do fairly well, favoring the blue team with better architecture and item placement. To be competitive, 10+ players are required to fill the level. Transparent T-port windows and cool art give extra points to a solid theme. Even the combination of foliage with the humble nali-fruit takes the visuals a step past the norm. All this does come at a price of frames per second, and the luscious water-falls don't really enhance gameplay. Again, nice to look at from a distance. Closer inspection shows poor brush work. Scale and realism suffer in a few places, but there is usually one or two pieces of eye-candy near by to distract you.

Map Comments

Akuma Rating: 3 
Playing this is like taking horrible drugs (er, so I would imagine :P), the violent shades of purple and green light are straight out of a Timothy Leary nightmare. It's a nice idea for a map but christ, that light...

[--x--]LurkerBot Rating: 2.5 
my eyes! my eyes! dear god my eyes!

Ryan Smith Rating: 0 
Sucks. email me at

RiDdLeR Rating: 6.5 
Gee, what's stuck up your @$$ smithie?? I think a lot of maps look the same and get boring quick. This map is a step in the right direction for making more impressive vistas. Colored lighting is overdone and the level needs further refinement, but I think its fun and looks good. Let's push this new hardware capability!

C.H.U.D. Rating: 5 
C'mon guys, a girl made this map. A 10/10 will get you a personal e-mail from the author! Tee hee!

Shock6822 Rating: 7 
good theme, I thought scale was okay, but yeah the brushes do stink and its way too easy

BangOut_[EH] Rating: 3 

Blooddog_sweden Rating: 6 
A girl=+1 point!!!!!!!! C'mon,more girl mappers. I have only seen two girlmappers.

stranger666 Rating: 9.5 
cool map, fix the lights though..

ChickenLiver Rating: 7 
This map is fun! The colors are cool. Don't knock 'em just to compensate for your deviant sexuality, and certainly don't scapegoat 'em because this "girl" made as good, if not better, a map than most of the maps extant.

05-19-2006 04:00 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
This level is quite good. Better than the levels I am working on. Like the idea of something in the sky watching me. Gave a 7.

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