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Tue, January 22, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added02-05-2001
File Version1.00
File Size5.15 mb
Player Count8-10
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating6.5
User Rating6.3
Overall Rating6.5
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerVarpuOverall Score: 6.5/10
DateNC2 08-10-2001

This is a fast paced, fun, little CTF map with great gameplay.

The map is a symmetric castle with barricade in between. Taking and keeping domination of this barricade will ensure Your win as there are health, ammo and weapon available up there.

I found playing this map quite fun as the bots were not so predictable. Keeping the grip on the barricade was a tough call even with the lower skill settings. I suspect it is impossible with godlike bots.

The map is almost low poly.
The only place where You meet medium poly count is the middle barricade.
There You can face 250 polygons with 450 nodes.
This may slow down the low end gadgets a little bit but since the map has no dynamic lights
it might not be a problem. Just a slight hiccup loading all that stuff into memory.

The bots navigate the map pretty well although there are some errors in the pathing.
The jump spot setup near the center barricade is wrong. The lift exit connected to the jump spot on the other side of the barricade does not connect as there is a solid obstacle in the way. This leads into bots abusing the available antigravity boots. The fault has a great impact on the game as the jumping over the barricade is strategically important.
There are alternate paths set up but they are all assigned to red team. This makes the bots use them asymmetrically making the bots predictable either on their flag return or attack depending on the team.
The damage amplifier can only be accessed with TL or boots and I didn't see a single bot trying to use it as the thing is located in a blind alley (the bots see it that way) and because the TL start/destination pair was incomplete.
The barricade defense points are configured correctly (sniping true) to make the bots to keep their position once there.
The shortcuts are introduced to the bots quite well and that shows up during play.

The item placement is well thought out. The most powerful weapon being placed on top of the middle barricade making some interesting fights on domination of that thing.
On the other hand, the shock rifles each side of the barricade may be used to swipe off the king of the hill. The bots did this very often as they are very skilled with the secondary fire combo.
There are two damage amplifiers available, one for each base. You need antigravity boots or TL to access it.
There is health everywhere. A little bit too much to my taste.
The location of antigravity boots is well thought out. They can be used to steal the flag and fly away with it. Fun.

Lighting is blue based with warm spots here and there. Lights are well sourced but there are some conflicts between the produced light and the source. Especially the light marble ceilings near the flags have this fault.

Ambient sounds consist of the outside wind and eventual torch flame sounds. Some more would not hurt anyone.
The music is better off. The track itself is OK but it does not fit the theme at all. Just turn it off for best results.
All and all the map looks great but sounds a bit lukewarm.

The download size is lergeish (5.15 MB) but the map is still worth it.
Especially if You have some horsepower on Your gadget.

Map Comments

[--x--]LurkerBot Rating: 5 
discoe piraete ligtingni!!!!!!@@!##!!A111

ayJay Rating: 7.5 
Excuse me LurkerBot? I didn't quite catch that...

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