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Thu, January 27, 2022
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DM-Base Ick 
Map Info

GametypeUT2k3 Deathmatch
Date Added12-18-2003
File Version2.00
File Size2.66 mb
Player Count6-16
Map DescriptionThis place hasn't seen a maintenance crew since somebody smuggled in a Redeemer. The old geothermal power plants are a little unstable now and the ventalation is shot, but you're welcome to use it. Sorry about the smell.

Elements unique to this map:
- TeamDeathmatch games spawn players on Team side for better gameplay.
- TriggerJumpPad custom actor.
- The "big effect"; you'll know it if you see it.

A discussion reguarding layout, Bot AI design and cheats/spoilers for this map can be found on UnrealWiki:

Author Note:
This map, DM-Base Ick, is primarily a Team Deathmatch map.
This map was designed for gameplay with theme in mind, and not necessarily for looks. However, I really appreciate descriptive comments on any aspect of the map. Thank you.

Review Rating3.5
User Rating4
Overall Rating3.5


ReviewerQualthwarAwe Score: 1.0/3
Date03-11-2004Build Score: 1.0/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 1.5/3
User Point: 0
Overall Score: 3.5/10

Question: Whatís the difference between a newbie-style map and a professional-looking map? Well, there are many differences, but the first time you spawn into a new map, itís the architecture that greets you before anything else does. This map cries out bad architecture in that itís boxy and has little to catch your eye.

As the author suggested, I played this map as a team deathmatch, and the gameplay was okay. It was good in the sense that you have some variety to choose from relative to fighting styles: hallways mostly void of foes, and large, open rooms where the action gets intense. You have z-axis opportunities in quite a few places, too, which usually is a gamplay boost. There are sounds placed around to add to the atmosphere and the lighting is not too bad, for the most part; at least some thought went into this aspect of the map. Itís designed for about 10 people, a simple map thatís fun to play to a little while.

Map Comments

01-06-2004 06:34 PM MST
Rating: 6 
finally tried my hand at puzzel solving on Base-Ick. with a lot of trial and error playing with the power plant control box, got the redeamer out, yeah! if your trigger finger is too tight you might just knock out the power. seems a waste of a good 'deamer, when you could use it to kill some pesky bots and maybe win a round,but you might try it once. if you thought finding hidden stuff was the best part of DOOM, then try to get in the power plant.

05-01-2004 02:04 PM MDT
Thank you for reviewing this map, Qualthwar.

But, I can't help thinking that the Awe elements influenced your Build and Cast scores. I didn't hear any complaints about Build or Cast elements in your review. Was there something wrong you didn't mention?
(Please refer to the Nali City Review Schema, link at bottom of the page)

Edit for Hourences:
I am having a hard time understanding your comments. I don't think you've helped to explain the Build and Cast scores Qualthwar gave.
-"its technical a really simple map, so that explains that score".
I think you're talking about Awe here.
-"it doesnt any of the technical possibilities the engine use to enhance the visuals and to make it unique, special, original or just showing anywhere near exceptional knowledge of the engine".
So the original custom actor that changes TeamDeathmatch play doesn't count here? (Better grouping, no hunting for Teammates, like other TDM maps.) As$uming you're talking about the Build score, why would this have to enhance visuals?
-"nor is the gameplay enhanced by stuff you really say 'wow thats an intersting of doing that gameplay idea' of, like making an up side down ceiling walking area or adding lots of triggers and special events to enhance predictability and strategic play".
So "the big effect" doesn't count as a special event enhancing strategic play? (It cripples the opposing Team by shutting off avenues to ammo stashes, escape routes, Keg o' Health, etc. See link to web page, go to "Cheats/Spoilers".) And you don't think the hidden weapon's access is unique or interesting?
-"several mistakes for gameplay were made".
Like what? Without elaboration, these comments are not reliable or useful.
-"making a low poly map doesnt auto make your map 'hardcore' and 'ment for gameplay'"
No, spending time on layout, flow, botplay and the unique features makes a hardcore map meant for gameplay. I still call this the strongest botplay and gameplay for TeamDeathmatch because of the care spent on those areas and the unique features mentioned above, despite the obvious lack of decoration.

It still sounds like Awe influenced Build and Cast.
It's my belief that Gameplay is often overlooked if the Decoration is lacking.
However, I expected a balanced review according to the stated schema reguardless.
(Send to Insite?): No thanks, I've already recieved descriptive, thoughtful, helpful comments on these maps from other sites. (These were released three months ago; over a thousand d/l's and dozens of comments, generally more positive, on one site alone.) I'm just looking for a clear understanding here.

Edit for Player:
That has to be the funniest (and most truthful) thing I've read online in a long time! Best I was hoping for (according to schema) was a 5-6. Not my first effort, just first for this game. This map is "special" (in the short-bus sense of the word), so I can't be discouraged. Thank you for your comments.

Edit for Admin (Mas$Chaos):
I cannot believe you would edit and remove someone else's comment that wasn't pornographic or vulgar. Player's opinions are valid. Your site loses respectabilty with moves like that.
[Admin: I left his comment intact until he continuously removed my opinion, which is just as valid as his. Therefore, he lost my respect. His comment is still, more or less, the same and mine is the same. Just now he can't remove what I have to say.]
Edit: Fair enough, M.C. Although taking xtra space on my comment seems a bit underhanded.

Edit for Manticore: Thanks for commenting on all the BaseIck maps as a set. Btw, this one is a TDM map.

Edit for Shadowlurker: Sorry, didn't mean to say this map was hardcore; not my words. I do think the reviewer says positives tho. Thanks for your comments.

03-14-2004 10:50 AM MST
Rating: 3 
your argument "do graphics affect the gameplay score" is discussable but in this case i dont believe qual was really affected
pure objectively saw without looking at both the graphics as the gameplay its technical a really simple map, so that explains that score
it doesnt any of the technical possibilities the engine use to enhance the visuals and to make it unique, special, original or just showing anywhere near exceptional knowledge of the engine, nor is the gameplay enhanced by stuff you really say "wow thats an intersting of doing that gameplay idea" of, like making an up side down ceiling walking area or adding lots of triggers and special events to enhance predictability and strategic play
so that explains the technical score
same goes for your gameplay, you had 1.5/3, thats average, 5/10. making a low poly map doesnt auto make your map "hardcore" and "ment for gameplay"
the gameplay that the map does offer is doable but really far from a top notch hardcore top gameplay map
so that explains the 1.5/3, several mistakes for gameplay were made and not enough depth is offered. i even would have given it 1 tho

ape -> how about sending it to insite or up for reviewing and see what they say, or how about mailing every reviewer of nalicity and ask what we all think

player -> please get a tv show

[Admin: Hour, spell ;) ]
[Mass : i didnt review it, i just commented like everyone else, how about implenting a new rule that every comment any person makes has to be 100 percent correct]

03-14-2004 11:37 PM MST
Rating: 3 
The review is about right, maybe even a tad generous. IMO gameplay is the most important thing in a map and looks are secondary. Looks alone does not make a good map and neither does gameplay. On this particular map, gameplay isn't all that bad, but isn't exactly good either and it looks downright ugly.

Quite frankly, based on the screenshots I never would have even downloaded this map. I only did so to see if the gameplay was anywhere near as good as the author thinks it is... IMO it's not.

But don't give up on mapping just because people don't like your first efforts... Learn from it and make better maps.

Typical, comments edited by admins because they can't take the truth. As I stated before part of my post was removed, the schema here means little. Review scores depend more on who you know and who knows you rather than the actual map itself. If you're hourences even your bad maps get high scores, if you're unknown you could make the best looking, best playing map ever and still not get a very good score.

[Admin: Typical, users are blinded and won't look at clear examples that prove them wrong... for example, DM-1on1-Idrus and CTF-Angkorian. Both of these maps are by not-so-well-known authors and clearly show "if you're unknown you could make the best looking, best playing map ever" and get a good score. You can even add the current Featured Map, DM-Ochre, to the list of maps that prove you wrong. ]

03-31-2004 10:49 AM MST
Rating: 3 
Awesome, I love the argument with the admin. Keep it going :D

[Admin: It can't keep going... SuperApe's comment has exceeded the comment length, so he can't add anything to the conversation without removing something. Player can't edit his comment, so its over. :) ]

Claw: lolololol, c'est drŰle! :D

04-07-2004 08:31 AM MDT
Rating: 4 
1. Generally my world was not rocked....

2. There are some interesting textures to look at....

3. The geodesic domes are an interesting feature and are perfect spaces for flagbases or domination points etc.

4. I don't like the way the stairs are; at all.

5. The layout is ok for BR, DOM and CTF, in fact, it's reasonably clever. I appreciate the mapper at least having a matched set. For DM, as I said, my world....

It's all very subjective and my rating is for the maps as a set....

04-14-2004 05:16 PM MDT
Rating: 4 
Superape, there was nothing negitive or postiive about cast and build within the review, therefore think of it as an average.

I, personally, found this map a little more interesting than the average attempt of a gameplay driven map, though it's a bit too gimmicky to call it hardcore and a little bit cliche. To break it up a little, I'd give it some longer hallways with Z-axis rather than just havign central, squarish atriums to battle it out in. It's just a bit too flavoured.

Maybe the looks did hurt my opinion of the level a little, but whats to be expected? It looks worse than your typical ut2004 level and therefore that is going to have a negitive effect subconciously. You cannot blame the reviewer for not fully sticking to the scema. I've reviewed at the site for a while before, it's hard to stay objective.

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