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Thu, January 27, 2022
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CTF-Base Ick 
Map Info

GametypeUT2k3 Capture The Flag
Date Added12-18-2003
File Version2.00
File Size2.65 mb
Player Count6-16
Map DescriptionThis place hasn't seen a maintenance crew since somebody smuggled in a Redeemer. The old geothermal power plants are a little unstable now and the ventalation is shot, but you're welcome to use it. Sorry about the smell.

Elements unique to this map:
- TeamDeathmatch games spawn players on Team side for better gameplay.
- TriggerJumpPad custom actor.
- The "big effect"; you'll know it if you see it.

A discussion reguarding layout, Bot AI design and cheats/spoilers for this map can be found on UnrealWiki:

Author Note:
This map was designed for gameplay with theme in mind, and not necessarily for looks. However, I really appreciate descriptive comments on any aspect of the map. Thank you.

Review Rating --
User Rating6
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments
12-19-2003 12:25 PM MST
Rating: 6 
This CTF map plays very well, especially with 10 or more players. What at first seems to be a one level, straight path map has some interesting jumps and alternate paths that give many stratagies to try out and defend against, hench many players. I like all the sniping positions in the flag room. Weapon placement is good, with the rocket launcher and DD in the center of the upper room above the "green goo gun" room. Unfortunately, this map totally lacks any attempt at interesting textures and lighting. The bots jump and manuever very well, but sometimes get caught in the flag room around the red/blue dome. NaliCity has other Base Ick maps in all 4 "flavors". Try this one and BR, they are fun, but avoid DM, its pointless.

On behalf of hawkwind, reviewer at

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