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Tue, December 5, 2023
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Map Info

GametypeUT2k3 Deathmatch
Date Added09-20-2003
File Version1.00
File Size6.42 mb
Player CountUnknown
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating8
User Rating7.5
Overall Rating8


ReviewerLord HeisherAwe Score: 2.5/3
Date03-26-2004Build Score: 2.5/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 3.0/3
User Point: 0
Overall Score: 8/10

DM-1on1-AugustNoon has certainly not been shy of public interest, with an appearence in the popular CBP Pack alongside a most impressive 1st place in phase 1 of the Make Something Unreal Competition, NeoDuck's set to become a rather prominant figure in the mapping community if he keeps the pace up.


So Epic and Nvidia judge 'AugustNoon' to be the best playing map available to the community do they? Well we took this little puppy for a spin, and we weren't far off that conclusion. The competition for best level may have left a lot to be desired, but AugustNoon sure shows us how to do 1on1. The size of the level is middling to small for a 1on1, with your enemy always just a room away you're very much aware of the tense atmosphere when dueling. The layout is a good convoluted layout spread over two levels will lots of paths available to outrun pursuers. Good use of block volumes help to keep snags to a minimum, nothing more frustrating than getting caught and suffering the consequences.

Featured is every weapon barring the Link and Lightning guns; the number of weapons an placement is just right to keep players continually searching for the next gun without becoming complacent. Health is sparse, even for such a small level, with perhaps 80 available in total meaning the victor from the last firefight is often scarpering into the dark corners licking his wounds, allowing the freshly spawned to try and exact some revenge. I'm a fan in this respect; too often 1on1 don't lend enough of a handicap for the fragged, making it hard to respawn and get a decent gun whilst the other chap is stocking up on health and helping himself to the armour and pickups whilst dominating the key points in the map.

Only the 50+ shield is available - no DAmp or 100+ shield - which may provide a grumble for some of the more stoic 1on1 fans although having one item provides a focal point for the map with fighting inevitably returning to the shield room in an attempt to control the 50+.


The theme is one that may cause more than a few dejected sighs, run-down industrial facilities seem to be de regieur for all iterations of Unreal, and 2k3 is no exception. AugustNoon manages to inject a bit of originality into the precedings however; a humming and vibrating motor, oil dripping from the roof into a shallow pool and a flowing river viewable through windows in the superstructure go some way to lending a believable atmosphere. Use of Tonnberry's industrial meshes is well thought out, although an overall idea of where the map was heading thematically seems to have been vague and perhaps developed as the map progressed; the visuals are well made but nothing to really excite (as is so hard with the industrial theme). Overall though, the look and feel of the level is well done, consistant and realistic with plenty of unique touches showing a lot of effort on NeoDuck's part.

Lighting is well done; good use of well defined shadows from the sun overheard lend contrast to the level with cold blues and warmer orange hues offsetting each other nicely.


Whilst playing it online in UT2004, at least two collision bugs were noticed, the supports below the 50+ shield has no collision enabling players to jump right through it. This bug isn't apparent in UT2003, so it seems the Epic code monkeys aren't as brilliant as they first believed, the collision code update not being be all good news, especially for our old chum NeoDuck. Having said this, the Community Bonus Pack is being prepared for a re-release to the UT2004 community with many bug fixes being addressed, so it looks like we'll be able to play 'AugustNoon' with 2k4 just as NeoDuck intended.

Sound is all done nicely although EAX sound effects are not present. Dot the i's and cross the t's folks. An assortment of background noises to lend realism to the location has been dealt with by NeoDuck as well as the inclusion of fitting custom music to help create a unique feel for the level.


Good gameplay, good item placement as well as a convincing industrial theme sum up AugustNoon. Whilst it may not break any boundaries in terms of gameplay or looks, every aspect of its construction has been laboured over with love and affection and the well constructed end result shows.

Most definitely worth the download, you certainly won't be dissapointed.

Map Comments

09-20-2003 09:18 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
Tight map. I enjoy playing this map a lot. The layout and visuals are well executed. I hope to see more maps from this author in future. In the readme the author states " This map is perfect for 1 on 1 fights." I agree. Great job Nick.

09-20-2003 11:48 PM MDT
Rating: 6 
Really solid. the visuals are excellent, and the gameplay is tight, but with enough room for some z-axis.
the lighting makes it a little hard to see your opponent sometimes, but it works.

09-21-2003 10:21 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
very nice map indeed! looks like alpu2,, which still is my fav custom map for 2k3.. Great lighting, great flow,, but one extra bigger room would make this 8 a 9 ;)

09-21-2003 01:36 PM MDT
Rating: 6 
Very alpu-like.
But not as good as tonberry's little jewel.

12-29-2003 10:54 AM MST
Rating: 7 
Good Alpu2 clone, but too small and cramped IMO.

01-05-2004 06:12 PM MST
Rating: 8 
Played this online on a number of occasions with 2 - 3 players, and it owns. Any more than 3 players is just silly, though.

03-26-2004 09:48 PM MST
Rating: 9 
*me likes*
This map is perfectly sized for a 1on1 of my tastes, predicatbility is great, and though the theme is worn out all the little touches that were added make me give it a big thumbs up :)

06-06-2004 05:21 PM MDT
Rating: 10 

This map rules!

06-07-2004 01:59 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
It was a good map, it still is. In my opinion it's not worth ten.....

08-09-2004 01:40 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
Not an standard industry map. I like the water under it and that shaking thing in the middle is nice too

Lay-out is good with some good z axis

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