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Thu, January 17, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Singleplayer
Date Added08-30-2003
File Version1.00
File Size29.61 mb
Player Count1
Map DescriptionYes, laugh all you want, Prophet made a conversion. Based of the original SKyTown map from the very sexual, the very tight...Jeremy War.

Includes Custom code and stuff but you also need the Epic bonus packs and the latest patch. YOU NEED THE LATEST VERSION OF OLDSKOOL!!!
Review Rating7.5
User Rating8
Overall Rating7.5
No level screenshot available.

ReviewerHourencesAwe Score: 2.0/3
Date09-15-2003Build Score: 3.0/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 2.5/3
User Point: 0
Overall Score: 7.5/10

Omg a singleplay map ! That happens about once a year.

A single map SP map for UT1 by Mr.Prophet, that also contains an extromap, and bonusgames.
The map is a conversion of the Unreal1 map Skytown. Mr.Prophet added some new areas, such as a new skaarj base, and modified the other areas, different gameplay, different story etc.

The story goes that you play as Jones, a survivor from the Xidia Incident, and your being send to the planet Na Pali to turn off a forcefield. The forcefield controls are in a town, build on a rock, floating high above the clouds, Skytown. After the force field is turned off the marines (USM) will be able to land on the planet surface and retrieve a data template from the wrecked inuit ship, the ISV-Kran.

The map offers strong gameplay, where numerous of events, both small and large, happen. There are enough events such as blowing walls, monsters that pop out of nowhere, and ingame cutscenes to keep the game interesting. Too many people who map singleplay always end up placing around 50 monsters throughout a map, that are doing nothing at all, and just standing there in the middle of a corridor waiting for you. That's horrible, events like in this map keep your attention nailed to the game. Next to the events, there are also a couple of bigger battles with a whole group of skaarjs, a leader, or snipers for example. All these variations keep it interesting and contrasting enough.
Though it still could have been a little better at spots. A few real big events, multiple stage ones, and who affect gameplay more, would have been nice. It would have also contributed to the wow feeling a lot, something that's sometimes a little missing in this map.
Also I noticed that some skaarjs, especially the spawned in group ones, are standing still after their spawn, waiting for the player to do the first move. That's not really smooth.
Difficulty and itemplacement was fine, maybe a tiny bit on the hard side but surely not impossible.
Layout was cool as well, I didn't got stuck and it used all tricks you can do in a sp floorplan of running back, previewing an area, etc.

The graphics in this map are fine but far from mind blowing. One of the problems is that the map was build on top of the original Skytown, a map that's about 5 years old or something, and while it looked fine back then, it all looks a little low poly these days. The new parts have more interesting architecture, but the lighting in there is too washed out at a lot of places to my liking, lacking some contrast. This goes for several parts in the old area as well.
I think the map could have been taken a little further, a few steps up from the original. With a few simple things it could have looked a lot more original and cooler. I'm thinking of having redone the skybox, making it morning or something like I did with the skybox in ONP's Skytown maps. And by having 1 clear lightsource in the sky, casting clear shadows and highlights on the town instead of the current "omg I cant find the direction the light is coming from" type of light. In such a big map like this it's ofcourse normal that not every single room and corridor looks mind blowing, but a few cooler areas wouldn't been bad. But in general it certainly doesn't look bad either. The combination of the skaarj base + the nali styled town, gives a nice variation of environment to fight in. There were some other nice touches as well, such as the rain/dripping water particle thing
Map also has a couple of custom music files, which were all nice and added up to the game except the final battle song, which didn't exactly fit the unreal style IMO.
And lastly sounds were fine as well, just a little silent or standard at times, and damnit I missed my cracking wood and splashing water sounds :)

A solid singleplay experience that has good gameplay but is lacking a little in the graphical department.

Map Comments

09-01-2003 04:19 AM EDT
Rating: 8 
i wish people would make more sp maps these days :) sp is my fave, and it ownz!

08-31-2003 04:16 PM EDT
Rating: 8 
A great "Redux" of the single player map "Na Pali Haven" from Unreal. Prophet provides tough gameplay and a few very cool shocks, surprises and cinematics. Worth the asking price of 30MB if you have Broadband.

You can check out my full review (8/10) at UnrealSP.Org

09-18-2003 07:24 AM EDT
Rating: 8 
This Map Rocks MAN!


09-20-2003 05:09 PM EDT
I made this one partially as an example, as a way to back up my well-known knocks of the conversion maps. The map is a conversion, but handled in a way that makes it different and fresh. The original visage of Jeremy's map remains intact, though it has been evolved a bit, visually and with a completely different gameplay pattern and atmosphere.

For the most part, this was made for someone, a friend of mine who requested I do it. I didn't take this map as entirely serious, nowhere near as serious as my first SP project. But my next sp project will continue the "plot" set forth in this one, and that upcoming project will be much better, and longer.

Hourie got all the flaws down pretty good, it certainly has problems, and a few people still insist that the map is a bit hard. Well it is just one map, couldn't make it too easy;)

09-25-2003 12:46 PM EDT
Rating: 6 
Giving a 0 whilst you wait to play something is stupid.

09-25-2003 06:26 PM EDT
Rating: 9 
Great Job Man. And YES you have some dom stupid guy's here.

10-20-2003 08:38 AM EDT
Rating: 9 

Edit: I don't give it a ten cuz, your download 29 mb, My god

Sicko Teddy
01-26-2004 09:50 PM EST
Rating: 10 
HEHE! 29 mb isn't that bad!
take a look at a size of DM-FromHell!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look how big it is, then you will say "Sorry!"

03-08-2005 04:37 AM EST

Holy s***, man! So this is what happens to Na Pali Heaven after several years! Quite sad really.

03-25-2005 12:55 AM EST
ahh...i see...
i should have played this before downloading sevenbullets. :(
looks fun i'll give it a spin.... ;)

05-09-2006 02:48 PM EDT
Sorry for not putting a comment. How do i get SP or is it already made with the game?

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