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Thu, January 17, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added06-25-2000
File Version1.00
File Size1.29 mb
Player Count4-16
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating7
User Rating8
Overall Rating7
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerTHE ]V[ATTerminatorOverall Score: 7/10
DateNC2 08-02-2000

Level Size: Medium

Recommended Player Load: 4-5 Players Per Team

When I first saw the name of this level, I thought it was going to be a couple of cheap additions to CTF-Face, like another level that I've reviewed. This is almost a new level. I say almost, because a lot of the level is from CTF-Face.

The layout of this level is no surprise. It's two towers, joined by a rocky walkway. No change there. The insides of the towers are almost totally different to CTF-Face. Whilst the towers do have the same floors, (flag level, sniper window, top) there is an extra bell floor, which is a nice addition. There's also an air vent, which allows quick access directly to the flag. Another notable difference is the setting itself. CTF-Face was high in orbit of Earth; this level is based in a CTF-LavaGiantesque lava flow. Architecture is pretty good. The towers look really special from the outside, but are slightly less appealing from the interior. As I've already said, the bell floor looks great, but it's not seen unless you're falling past it, or are lucky enough to start next to it. The rocky walkway has been well made. The rock platforms that the towers are situated on are newly made, as is the walkway. The major downpoint about the architecture is the air vent. It looks very messy. Texturing is good. I particularly like the exteriors of the towers. But then again, most of that is from CTF-Face. The inside of the towers also look good. Ambient sounds have been well incorporated into this level. I like the bell sounds especially. There is a music track, but it doesn't really match the overall atmosphere. I think Colossus.umx would have been a better choice. Just personal taste really. Lighting is good, but nothing special. Once again, the lighting looks the best against the tower's exterior.

The bots perform exceptionally well. They snipe well, as they do in CTF-Face. They also defend well from a couple of very well chosen places. Item placement is also good. The weapons are well spread out, and as a result, they make sure that no one area is over-used. But, I think the shield belt shouldn't have been placed in the air vent, as it encourages players and bots to use the low-risk routes, instead of the high risk ones. Gameplay here is the *major* problem. In a typical outdoor view, you can expect to have 300+ polys, with 400+ nodes. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll translate that to English - Very slow gamespeed. Sure, it will run on fast PCs, but anything less than a PIII-700 (3D card permitting), and you're going to have problems. And that's without a team-brawl going on, or viewing from the sniper areas. Apart from that, this is a really enjoyable level. It does share one of CTF-Face's major flaws. Over-sniping.

In conclusion, this is a great adaptation of everyone's favourite; CTF-Face. Only problem is the speed. If your PC can stomach that, then go for it. Hit that download link!

CTF Face 3 is;

  • An adaptation of CTF-Face. And a good one at that

  • A sniper's paradise

  • Enjoyable

    CTF Face 3 isn't;

  • Playable on anything less than a PIII-700 (3D card permitting)

  • Perfect by any means

  • For people who hated CTF-Face first time around

    Teaching points for author:

  • When doing an "adaptation" of a level, have faith with your own mapping abilities. You'll get more credit having tried yourself, rather than copying someone else's work. The indoor areas are great.

  • Try to "break new ground". I.e., have an underground route. Just anything that'll set your level apart from the other CTF-Face clones.

  • Watch the poly and node counts. You may have the fastest computer know to man, but a lot of Unreal Tournament players out there play it with pre PIII processors. Most of the levels that come with UT kept the poly count under 150. I know this is extremely hard to keep to, but it means that your level will get to be played by a much wider range of UT players. The best way to keep this down is to playtest regularly. This way, you'll be able to see what additions are heavily adding to the poly and nodes counts. There are a few tricks that you can use to keep the poly count down. Poke around a few UT editing sites for more info on that.

    Map Comments

    Gladiator Rating: 8 
    Face1 one and Face2 are very popular maps. I think the fans will like Face3 too.

    The Killer[NL]
    02-08-2003 12:35 PM EST
    Rating: 8 
    I Like This Map!

    02-28-2003 04:16 AM EST
    Rating: 8 
    Cool map, a little large but forces you to use team work. Overall a good map :)

    03-16-2003 05:05 PM EST
    Rating: 7 
    Great map! a little big but still great!

    03-16-2003 11:12 PM EST
    Rating: 8 
    cool map i like it
    but i think mr reviewer dude whose name i cant remember is giving a mixd message

    03-17-2003 12:22 AM EST
    Rating: 5 
    This is more of a 'clone' than a 'remake, but enough of the map is unique to rate it as something that the mapper made. The bots play well, and it is fun, but not moreso than the original facing worlds. At least this mapper does more with things than a certain "ghetto edition" map. Thankfully, theres nothing "ghetto" about this one folks, this one is actually decently made, but its average. if you havent already played it too much, youll have just as much fun with the old one. It's average.

    03-17-2003 05:53 AM EST
    Rating: 8 
    Very nice map, I loved it. Clearly inspired by Face and may look alot like it, but it's quite different actually.

    03-17-2003 02:20 PM EST
    Rating: 8 
    como q son ya muchos mapas d CTF-FACE, pero este esta le perdona q no sea del monton

    {Linkin Park}Master
    05-31-2003 09:04 PM EDT
    Rating: 10 
    I recommend you get this one now it rules!

    06-26-2003 03:09 PM EDT
    Rating: 7 
    not bad. But MY PC Lag

    11-30-2003 05:21 PM EST
    Rating: 8 
    Its OK but i've spotted a few flaws. Its a little big but ah.Its an ok map i play it now and then but no too often.If somone makes a face 4 PLZ make it like face not face2(face2 stinks horribly)

    12-01-2003 11:42 AM EST
    Rating: 7 
    some fun

    12-13-2003 04:20 PM EST
    Rating: 6 
    uh oh.. this map has one major bug for me, the bots grabbed my flag and took it to thier own base but never capped it..they kept running out and going back to my base and fighting as if nothingever i am expectine to loose and the enemy is not capturing the flag..WHY OH WHY!!!

    they never made a single cap, yet they grabbed and took my flag to thier base like 5 times and ran strait pas thier own doesnt make gonna be generous and subtract my score only by 2.

    04-19-2004 10:39 AM EDT
    Rating: 9 
    great map with sum perfect places for sniping

    10-14-2004 09:57 PM EDT
    Rating: 8 
    face 3 is a good level and has been remade from UT2004, as i myself have ut04. the remake of face has been done really well and is virtually the exact same as the ut04 version of Face3. well done!! :)

    11-26-2005 10:35 PM EST
    I LOVE Face one AND Face][ so this will be a welcome addition to the server ^.^. ::goes and downloads::

    ::realizes he can't download due to his sucky FTP:: >.<
    ::smashes FTP::

    To Caution: Pretty sik??? how the hell can you say that when you cant dl it???

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