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Sat, July 13, 2024
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added07-28-2003
File Version1.00
File Size9.12 mb
Player CountUnknown
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating5
User Rating7
Overall Rating6.0


ReviewerShadowlurkerAwe Score: 1.5/3
Date07-30-2003Build Score: 2.0/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 1.5/3
User Point: +1
Overall Score: 6.0/10

In Short: A not so great playing 1on1 map with a decent enough graphical presentation.
Archetecture isn't amazing either.

Dm-1on1-RadStorm has me thinking, you know. The quality of maps has come a long way now, in these days of UT and UT2003. Nearly every map submitted for UT is a solid, playable map with a rating that could possibly range from 4-7... shame UT2003 maps arn't like that.

The map has a generic theme... one that lies in the industrial genre. There arn't many details to show you this though... the texture use alone.
Which brings up a point. I was pretty astonished to see a file download so large for a 1on1 map - I found out why. It includes multiple texture packs from various maps and mappacks. While the use of custom content is a good thing, using three new sets in a small map is a bad thing. it looks mismatched and you can tell that there are different packs being used. Not a good thing.
Lighting is nice, though a little overdone in places. Oranges, blues - but mostly whites.
The ambience factor is quite high... rumbling sounds and a decayed look give this place a nice feel - not often something you seen in 1on1 maps.

Gameplay is the weakest point... the map flows though it hasn't got the great gameplay of the Alpu's and Amon's of the mapping scene. It's not bad but didn't blow me away and struck me as the map's weakest point as soon as I played through it a few times. It's rather flat and consists of too many cramped passages. Not quite R-C-R but almost.

The map has custom music - a plus. Bot pathing is pretty good too. The map's built without too many flaws - always a good thing. Item placement is a little suspect.... a sniper rifle in a 1on1?

Apart from these little problems it is a decent enough map... though it lacks the killer gameplay a 1on1 has to have to achieve a good score. It also has the feel of a layout full of cool ideas, ones that unfortunately havn't been been dwelled upon. If the author stuck to one texture pack the map might have got a larger awe score. Netherless the map is pretty cool, and you should at least check it out if you like 1on1 maps.

Map Comments

07-29-2003 03:05 PM MDT
Rating: 5 
It is a nice map but... the overall theme of it seemed to me a little... disperse. Other than that, it's your common UT-styled deathmatch map...

07-29-2003 03:37 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
great gameplay!, the textures are good chosen, music is ok, and great layout.

07-30-2003 12:43 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
Kami is one of my favorite mappers, his maps are awesome. . .this one is no exception! As always the lighting is all pretty-like, lotsa color, architecture is fantastic so much attention to detail. . .love it. I still think last crusader is your best. . .ooooh i could kiss tat map! But yeh great map!

07-30-2003 02:13 PM MDT
thx for the coments and the review.
Hehe paranoid,i like a lot the OMR pack textures like u :).
Sorry for the map size

07-30-2003 02:50 PM MDT
Rating: 6 
5.5 but I gave it teh 6. That's because I'm upgrading my PC tomorrow. yay o/
I was disapointed with this map. I thought you had done it with LastCrusader and would do l337 stuff from now on but I was mistaken. Okay, you manage to make some curvy stuff and coloured lighting but you missed the mapping THING. Eventually, you'll understand feeling and gain sense of more important stuff.
Rock On.

07-31-2003 10:40 AM MDT
Rating: 5 
I disagree with your remark abut UT vs UT2k3 maps. there are still tons of bad UT maps (they just arent being released, for once) and plenty of good UT2k3 maps (but they arent being posted on this site =| )

10-01-2003 11:32 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
Cooooool textures used in Silent makes this map very very good. This map looks like map from UT2k3. Cool!

11-12-2003 07:42 PM MST
Rating: 7 
Why is it that KaMi's maps so often excel in beautiful sadness? I love it. This map, though, has some minor flaws, IMHO: The out-of-place sniper rifle, some of the ambient sounds that seem rather randomly chosen and without a corresponding environment, and the respawns facing the goo (especially that). Otherwise: Lovingly detailed.

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