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Map Info

GametypeUT2k3 Deathmatch
Date Added07-14-2003
File Version1.00
File Size11.32 mb
Player Count4-8
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating9
User Rating9
Overall Rating9


ReviewerMister_ProphetAwe Score: 3.0/3
Date07-16-2003Build Score: 3.0/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 3.0/3
User Point: 0
Overall Score: 9/10

If ever there was a map worthy of your hard drive, this is the one.

I heard from several reliable sources that this map was the real deal so I checked it out and sure enough, my balls were launched into a new level of rockage. Where Nirvana 2 set a new standard for ut2k3 maps, Aristocracy blows every other map available out of the ballpark. This map kicks Epic’s ***.

Aristocracy is set in an ancient village of some sort, but a village like no other. Instead of basing a theme around a standard gaming layout, Taz created a map where the location itself sucks the game into its atmosphere. This map has more presence than any other map I’ve laid eyes upon, take away the guns and power-ups and you still have a full functional town. The sky rushes by with an onslaught of dark clouds, chimneys from various buildings get carried away in the push as the clock tower looms overhead like a distant giant. The windows from the houses cast panning glares over the outside grass, rocks and pebbles make up the trim around the porches and walkways. Pulleys hang overhead with iron hooks resting after a long day hauling supplies from the wooden harbor depot by the water. This place is alive, and we are along for the ride.

Visually superior to anything else I’ve played for UT2K3, and hands down the most convincing theme to yet be made. Other maps have came close. Addien gave us a haunting plantation overrun by rust, leaves, and moonlight, but the map itself could not shake the “serving as filler for a classic CTF setup”. Victoria showed us just how much farther the factory theme could go with a convincing olden power plant. Nirvana 2 presented us with a place of worship that far exceeded anyone’s expectations. But, Aristocracy outdoes them all. Taz, in an almost humble way, shows us that you can make a real environment that, for once, engulfs the gameplay rather than the other way around. This is where Angelheart repeatedly fails, he tries too hard to make a location and forgets that there are people playing this game. Angelheart should look for a clue with this map, THIS is how you grab players by the balls.

And let the stars shine upon me as I dance with glee, this map actually plays as awesome as it looks. The layout is so unique to the map’s structure, it’s amazing that he pulled it off. The map contains all the elements that make a great Deathmatch: Speed, flow, playability, easy access, high and low points, risk locations, escape spots, alternate escape spots, fantastic pathing, easy to learn navigation, satisfying sense of original location, and most of all Fun Factor. This raises the bar in all aspects equally and it surpasses its predecessors.

This map waxes my carrot for me.

The Prophet’s Verdict: You have no excuse not to play this. Simply the best for what is currently available. There is simply nothing worth *****ing about. The only thing I can gripe about is the music track, a map like this deserves some truly specific music. The sky could be better but it serves its purpose. Taz strays away from our conventional way of going about mappage and hits us hard with a new concept of what is “Fun, yet equally stunning”. Good for him, he did a hell of a job. This map makes 90% of Cliffy’s “Ownage” maps look and feel like retired waste of time, all over again.

Map Comments

07-14-2003 09:03 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
It is magnificent...

07-14-2003 09:51 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
I love these themes.
This map has a great atmosphere and it's playable.
this map should at least get a cliffy ownage.

anyway, great map.

07-14-2003 10:28 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
see score ^^^
only boring grey sky bothered me

08-07-2003 02:05 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Best all round map to date. Looks great, good framerates and gameplay is ok too.

Edit: Played the map many times on LAN over the last 4 days... I don't think the gameplay is ok any more... Now I think the gameplay is very good and I rate it 9.5 instead of only 9. ;)

To those complaining about the gameplay... The gameplay is good, you probably just need to learn how move better!! This map rocks, great visuals without killing the framerates and good gameplay too. Learn to dodgejump and boostdodge well and you'll find there's a whole lot more to it than just "running around in circles".

The Dopefish
07-14-2003 01:13 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
I personally won't be afraid to give this one a 10 (I'd give it a 9.5 if I could) because it is a very, very good map. The pulse/mini/rocket section tends to be the deadliest one. :)

Fuzzy Logic
07-14-2003 01:48 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Yeeeehaw!!! What an incredible map. This is the best yet :)

07-17-2003 03:49 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
Visually, this map is really cool. the gameplay is nice, but i think making some houses accessible, especially the balconys, would add some healthy z axis fighting. that is its weak point...
Submit it to CliffyB's ownage site, im sure he will like it ;-).

[edit] i dont know of one of you played as-coup for old ut, if you like this theme, you will like Coup too...
Oh and its a good map, but Nirvana still owns :-P

07-14-2003 04:07 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
I really love that map ! And yes, it would have been pleasant to enter some house, for the gameplay and the eyecandy..

07-14-2003 08:35 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
SOLD.... to the man in the pink hat!

07-14-2003 10:35 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
Yup. I am owned. The author managed to make a DM suitable for quite a large player load, while still having great gameplay, flow and awesome visuals. The author also mentions it's his first map on the ut2k3 engine and first experience using an external modeling program? wtf he must have such a huuuuge doodle! I've never given a perfect score but I have to think to myself: what deserves a perfect 10? I can't think of anything better, so...

07-14-2003 10:46 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
beautiful map

07-15-2003 01:21 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
The map construction is supreb, very very nice ambriance. Will get a full score from me.
Though the gameplay is a little weak. It's a average floorplan that flows well. Have some Zs, architectures doesn't get in the way. It is "teh theme" map, a stronger gameplay would really help.

07-15-2003 07:44 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
WOW, this map owns. Simple as that. Finally a map comes along to knock alpu off the top spot (for me anyways, mainly because I am sick to death of playing 1on1 on the same map against bots O_o)
Well, the layout obviously isn't as good as alpu, they can't really be compared because they are so different. This is classic old skool UT style layout and it rocks!
To be honist, there are only 4 possible things I can actually think of to improve the map.
1) The sky needs to have a slight navy blue tint (grey looks out of place and boring)
2) there are some rocky "steps" with health vials on that are a bit sticky when you try to go up them. A simple ramp shaped blocking volume over the top of them would fix that
3) Slightly too much ammo. I was playing with 3 opponents and I always had just about max ammo for the rocket launcher and the flak.
4) The music is...erm...imo completly wrong for the map. Would possibly be better if you converted Enigma.umx from UT to an ogg, or some custom music track. Although it's too late for the contest they were allowing you to use content from Unreal1/UT so that would have been acceptable :

Overall it's one of those maps with oldsk00l flow where you can just dive in and play it straight away.

Edit: btw, you know a map is complete ownage when Hourences gives it a 9 :p

07-15-2003 09:23 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
Yup, the map ownz me (8.5). I had some problems with flow, but anyway, the map is just excellent.

07-15-2003 09:59 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
It is a good looking map. Dark but not dreary, pretty good with the light sources. With all those beautiful roofs and ledges maybe they should have been highly accessible to help with Z action?

07-15-2003 05:55 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Well I can't add to anything anyone else has said so well done, ace map!

07-15-2003 11:36 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
Simply Stunning and the gameplay was excellent. I had to take a point off for that sky though.

07-16-2003 12:29 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
This map looks great and plays very nice.
Design and gameplay is better that most of the "ownage" maps.

07-16-2003 12:19 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
Boring sky, too much ammo. Looks alot like the medieval/haunted town thing, but after play it just loses that feel, starts to feel like it might as well be the same layout in the old factory scene, not that the layout wasn't good. Maybe if there were some wagons in the street, balconies, more signs for stores. Buildings look great, but the little details that aren't there would've kicked the theme right into my face. And it would hurt in a very good way.

Great map, download it now.

07-16-2003 12:42 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Detail is astounding, cant wait to see this reviewed. Downloading this and Ulukai's DM-Bloom at the same time was a gift. If only Ut2k3 came with such maps. Cant wait to see what the author comes up with next.

07-16-2003 01:04 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Sweet. Some weird item placement tho', which is my only feeble complaint.

The question on everyone's lips, though....What does Hayden 'OMG I own myself' Heightmap think? ;)


07-16-2003 02:10 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
great work, taz... but you already know that :)

07-16-2003 05:08 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
i have to say this map reaffirms my recently lagging faith in a word sweetness! :D

07-16-2003 10:52 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
Amazing, simply amazing.

07-16-2003 11:41 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
I've not seen many maps of this theme by ol' TAZ. Yeah, the skybox does look a tad warped, but really, the map as a whole is awesome! The theme and everything is good. I'm surprised this didn't get 0wnage yet. Oh well, it gets 0wnage from ME! Great map!

07-17-2003 02:43 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
nice map only thing is its a bit big and there are some low fps.

07-17-2003 06:35 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
I don't have UT2K3, but I will have it
just to get this map...
score is only for screens...

what I'm mising in the review is proph's "teh prophet is owned"-pic :p

07-17-2003 08:28 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
I said 1 thing
It's just BEAUTIFUL!

Very good work ;)

07-17-2003 10:26 AM MDT
Rating: 10 
Own3d! Best 2k3 DM i've ever played. For once great gameplay comes with the great visuals. No deathmatcher should be without this (I'm not a deathmatcher, but I had to try it after seeing what T3h Prophet had to say ;)

07-17-2003 10:36 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
It's like the UT2k3 version of DM-Cryptic][... with better flow :p
Although it has been said before, I would just have loved to enter some of the buildings.
Unlike Nirvana][ and Victoria, this map has cubemapped water!
So.. nearly perfect.

07-17-2003 12:24 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
oh yeah!

TAZ this rules, I love everything about this map, this is my favorite new map and even the light sources are perfect! Nice Job!

07-17-2003 03:31 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
This is the worst map I have ever played in my life.


07-18-2003 12:05 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
Wow (no words) ..!!

07-18-2003 01:59 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
I suppose I'd normally have given it an 8, but someone has to give a low score.

Maybe its because I don't have any passion for this game anymore, but this map did nothing special for me. It is good, I'd agree, but not renew-my-interest-in-mapping good. That's when you know something deserves a 9 or better, is when it inspires you to create and better it. This map does not do that.

07-18-2003 08:34 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
This map makes me just want to give up and delete UnrealEd3 from my system. The bar has been raised again, and it is almost too high for the rest of us mere mortals.


07-19-2003 09:12 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Wow, this theme has been done before but never as well as this, the textures are perfect and all the houses look excellent and have clearly been inspired more from fantasy books than real medieval villages giving this map an escapist feeling which really is what games like ut are all about. Atmosphere is perfect. And little things like the clock tower in the distance and the smoke rising from the chimneys are what clench it for me. Gameplay wise-Flow is perfect with more z-axis than you can shake a pointy stick and ideal weapon placement. Bots perform amazingly and I have as of yet failed to beat them on godlike. In short: L33t.

07-20-2003 06:23 AM MDT
Rating: 9 

07-20-2003 10:20 AM MDT
Rating: 10 
outstanding, combines the elements of mapmaking perfectly, as complete and fun as ive seen from any map

07-21-2003 02:03 AM MDT
Rating: 10 
it runs smooth
it looks awesome
it plays great

chrysaor this map may not make you want to map unreal anymore (infact this map makes me want to curl up in a fetal position and cry because I can't make anything that could possibly be in the same league as this), but this map threw me back into UT2003 addiction. I want to play UT2k3 because of aristocracy.

as for not being able to go inside houses, i wouldn't give a ****. The outdoors does it for me just fine.

07-21-2003 10:21 AM MDT
Rating: 9 

07-22-2003 09:34 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
After playing Taz's CTF maps some... oh... 3 years ago... I expected a wild, newfangled approach at deathmatch given that people who actually know something about mapping were giving it 9's.

It's nothing new or crazy, but to give it any less than a 9 is only knocking something for originality. It is good where it counts and it is a painfully outstanding deathmatch map.

P.S. If you're going to have doors at all, let people go through them ;)

07-22-2003 10:41 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Outstanding... I've said it before, and I'll say it again; it's maps like these that make this game worth playing.

07-23-2003 08:55 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Wanna give it an 8.5, but yeah, this is definitely one of the top 5 maps in 2K3 easy.

07-24-2003 11:59 AM MDT
Rating: 10 
Made me play UT2003 again!
Huge progress!
Awaiting more from Taz in the future. Huge progress!
Thats a map in the league of HyperBoreal.

{Linkin Park}Master
07-24-2003 03:18 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
HURRY MAKE THIS A UNREAL TOURNAMENT MAP BEFORE I HIT MY FACE WITH A CHAINSAW! AHHHHHHHHHHH well i wanna see it in UT format that would be awsome and do a favor for people who don't have UT2003 you can just put the pulse gun where the link gun would be and so on ok :D o and make sure you enter this map into the Make Something Unreal Contest! ;)

07-25-2003 06:49 AM MDT
Rating: 6 
Well so hum, another eye candy boring map.

Looks OK, but i've seen much better, and if your after gameplay, give it a miss, it's obvious people like fancy looks and not the actual gameplay UT2K3 is great for. This map does not represent good gameplay. Seems to be just a run around in a circle type map with a little Z-Axis, nothing too great. Won't be on keep list.

It is well designed and the layout is a good feel, but you need both looks and gameplay to make me give a high score, sorry dude, work on your bot AI to make better gameplay, or is this map for online only.

If you like looking at fancy coloured meshes and shit, yes grab it, but it's too boring for me.

If anyone says anything to me, i'll change my rating to a FAT 0.

One Armed Scissor
07-26-2003 10:49 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Morphias you're the biggest loser in the whole wide world

07-28-2003 05:27 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
I honestly don't understand what exactly some people find "boring" about this map's gameplay, but I guess some people have their own tastes:)

This map continues to own me in both looks and gameplay, the map looks solid and plays smooth and fun. Big circle? What map are you playing?

07-29-2003 05:23 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
Boring gameplay?

This map is the best all round map released.
I'd be interested to know what kind of maps you enjoy, morphias.

I really find it hard to call the gameplay in the map boring or bad. No, it's not the best, but it's pretty damn good. TOO TIGHT? It's more open than maps like compressed and ironic O_o

(oh, I think changing your score to 0 would warrant a comment deletion. How childish.

07-28-2003 07:14 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
Lo and behold!
A wonder made of gold!

07-28-2003 08:22 PM MDT
Rating: 6 
Very nicely made.

I have to agree with Morphias though, the gameplay really is pretty blah. Way too cramped in way too many places.

I really prefer simple, to the point maps like Compressed, Grendlekeep, Ironic...UT2003 has people making works of art instead of fun maps.

Stiroch Rehp
07-29-2003 03:04 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
I usually don't play DM, however, i do love Invasion games. I decided to play a match on this map. WOW. I was amazed. It was insane. There were enemies swarming about the area, and the small size of the level made it even harder.

If you haven't played Invasion on this map, DO IT NOW.

07-30-2003 08:38 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
I love it.. the whole mood is captured brilliantly ..but I have to admit that you feel you want to open some of the doors just to find out what is hiding in there! Congratultions TAZ on a fine piece of work.

07-30-2003 10:46 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
Very good looking map. The more I play it though it seems it gets more boring each time and I rarely play this. Morphias does make a good point though. Everything seems to be art based with UT2003. UT I could download maps that didn't have all the small details they should have but they still kicked ass.

08-01-2003 10:07 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
Occasionaly a map comes along that has virtually everything, great visuals and great gameplay and flow. This map has all these qualities in abundance. Absolutely love this map and I'd say its the best DM/ TDM map out there bar none (including any that shipped with the game)

I've given it a 9 cos well, a 10 means perfect and nothing is perfect :P

08-02-2003 12:44 AM MDT
Rating: 10 
WOW nice map!

I get perfect framerates even with the gorgeous visuals! Nice job! :)

heehee I would have liked to snipe from the windows...
oh well it's still perfect in my opinion!

08-06-2003 12:55 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
I agree with Morphias, this map is just barely a 9, quite shy of being a 10. I give it an 8.5 for it's pretty good looks. But it is hardly fantastic looks. The newest UT engine could do so much more. The maps are coming along nicely, but they're not quite here yet. Good looking map, but the slightly boring repetitive gameplay hurt the score just a bit. (i.e. I don't like running in the same circular pattern every session)

08-07-2003 05:40 AM MDT
Rating: 10 
this guy should rate clify's maps and not the other way around
"good job" :-)

08-07-2003 08:39 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
gameplay 7/13
visuals 6/7
=> 7

nice map :)

08-18-2003 01:43 PM MDT
Rating: 5 
I really don't know what you people see in this map the textures are awesome but gameplay sucks!!

08-19-2003 12:17 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
Excellent job.Keep up the good work.

08-19-2003 03:14 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
who ever made this knows what their doing.

08-20-2003 07:04 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
The benchmark rises once again.

Congratulations on an exceptional map Taz.

08-24-2003 10:26 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
couldnt agree with the revirew more, the map is outstanding

08-25-2003 01:46 AM MDT
Rating: 10 

08-25-2003 01:18 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Yep, this is definitely a good one :)

08-29-2003 01:20 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Another awesome map with atmosphere. I would have really liked it if you could actually go into some of the buildings, but this map is just fine the way it is. The look and feel of this map is just perfect. We need more mappers who can produce this kind of quality in the community. At lot of new UT2K3 maps that have come out look like old Quake 1 maps, eeeewwww! Diamonds in the rough like this one are rare nowadays. Lets hope we see more from this mapper.

09-03-2003 04:47 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Great map with fantastic look. If this kind of map would be larger it was a 10.

09-06-2003 02:08 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
Of course, awesome visuals/theme, but gameplay ain't that good. What happened to three levels being standard for good gameplay? This map has only two levels and two (maybe three depending on how you look at it) big, open, flat areas. Definitely could've been better.

09-09-2003 07:39 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
If there`s map that`s worth an ownage, this is the one.
me really loves ancient styled maps, excellent job taz

09-09-2003 05:12 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
yes this map is good but its not great i like it though it made my thing run slow in some areas

10-01-2003 02:05 AM MDT
Rating: 10 
I kept coming back and thinking about downloading this map. Now that I have I'm not disappointed. Beautifully themed. The lighting is impressive. Plays well through every axis. It's fragadelic!

10-13-2003 02:57 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
this is one of the best maps to ut 2003 it is very very beautyful.

10-22-2003 03:22 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
hmm... looks 9/10, gameplay 5-6/10

so 7 for me, presuming you score gameplay and graphics evenly

Fodder McFly
10-28-2003 12:56 AM MST
Rating: 9 
This maps most definitely owns me. The running total follows - DM-Aristocracy owns 25% of me, Unreal Tournament owns 50% of me and, well crap, I only own 25% of myself

Great map! Best UT 2003 map yet! (Unreal Tournament is still better.)

(P.S. People who think that the gameplay isn't good should try to build a map of this quality. Good luck with that, even though all you hypocrites will fail!)

11-20-2003 07:46 AM MST
Rating: 10 
why the fuck does isn't this map in the communnitybonuspack.

12-29-2003 10:31 AM MST
Rating: 10 
Hmm. I can`t find anything bad in here, beautiful visuals, good gameplay and good performance.
Congrats for first place, you really deserved it man.

01-21-2004 01:49 PM MST
Rating: 10 
Best visuals i ever played and almost perfect frames and game play.......i play this map sooo much....10

02-25-2004 07:26 AM MST
Rating: 9 
Although I continue to believe that classic UT is still a better game, this has to be one of the best maps I've ever played for 2k3.

03-02-2004 12:38 PM MST
Rating: 9 
Totally Ownage! :)

03-23-2004 03:21 AM MST
Rating: 10 
This is the best looking map I have ever seen.
Mostly when a map is goodlooking it sucks.
But this one has also a hell of a gameplay.
CTF-Skorbut is also a very very goodlooking map.
But it is not a avaible on this site, maby that's why that map never played on servers.

06-14-2004 04:43 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
This comment brings the total number of comments here to 84 which should bring the map to the first place on the most commented Maps list :)

07-27-2004 12:07 AM MDT
Rating: 10 
musta took years to make :|

07-27-2004 12:44 PM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
This map is not a 2 or a 5 by far...

08-11-2004 07:28 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Awesome! keep it up!!

see the score? is almost 10^^

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw best UT2k3 and 2k4 maps 4Ever!!^^

Evil Snack
10-02-2004 09:17 AM MDT
Rating: 10 
I dont even have UT2K3 and i think this map is GREAT!

08-27-2004 03:16 AM MDT
Don'tcha luv that score hehe,does evil snak have ut03?

10-31-2004 05:21 PM MST
Rating: 8.5 

03-26-2005 08:21 PM MST
Rating: 10 
Patati et Patata se promenent dans la rue Patati dis a Patata qu'il est devenue gai Patata sors un revolver et lui tire une balle dans la tete il vient de tuer son amie NON car il était rendu gai la moral de cette histoire mes amis NE JAMAIS DEVENIR GAI JAMAIS JE DIS BIEN JAMAIS bandes de lopettes !!!

03-26-2005 11:03 PM MST
Rating: 10 
All was already said before!

xado xado
04-02-2005 01:05 PM MST
Rating: 10 

10-09-2005 05:10 PM MDT
For the 93th comment. Very nice job.

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