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Sat, September 18, 2021
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Map Info

AuthorMark 'Oz' Austin
GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added08-28-2001
File Version1.00
File Size793 kb
Player Count8-16
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating5
User Rating7.5
Overall Rating6.0
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerShock6822Awe Score: 1.0/3
Date01-18-2003Build Score: 2.0/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 2.0/3
User Point: +1
Overall Score: 6.0/10

CTF-Eagles is a map from the widely known author Mark Oz Austin. Its a straightforward CTF map, a big one, with a sort of twist - rideable cablecars. Visually, the map was good looking for its time, but now the terrain looks blocky and most of the map looks simple even for UT standards. The map is outdoor during the daytime, so lighting is fine, although the skybox is pretty plain. The indoor/building parts are fairly square as well.

Technically, the map is fine. The main obvious glitch would be the cablecars, but they work very well, moving as soon as you step into them so as not to waste any time. The only problematic part can be when both cars are on one side of the map, but thats not really the mapper's fault. The music fits the map very well because it makes it seem more intense in my mind, although it is a standard UT track (Cannonade). Bots work well and will utilize pretty much all parts of the map, including the various buildings, long ground path and the cable cars. However, one drawback I saw was that the defenders always seem to be in the same place, especially on the blue side.

Fun factor is the maps strong point. The map is slightly harder for red in my mind, since blue can escape on the ground. The blue base is really high up, so youd better hope you have a teammate to help you en route to the cablecars. Besides, who would want to use the groundpaths? :P The map is fairly linear, as theres pretty much only one way to the flags. Items are placed in sort of stockpiles - clumped together in either the warehouses or in the bases. I wish the health had been spread about a bit more though. The map ran fine for me, but since UT is an older engine, it all depends on your card.

Pros: Fun to play, can be a challenge, cablecars rock :P

Cons: Visually blah specially for a mapper of Oz's caliber, linear

Bottom line: This really comes down to tastes. I think the map is more suited for casual gamers, since hardcore gamers will hate the layout and linearity. Regardless, Ive had this map for awhile, and I always find it fun whenever I play it :)

Map Comments

01-02-2003 07:22 AM MST
Rating: 10 
Amazing, this level has the sweet Gondola and it's in the mountains. Even though i have UT2k3, i still play this!!!

01-03-2003 01:38 AM MST
Rating: 7 
This is a pretty good level; I love those cable cars. :)

01-18-2003 09:41 PM MST
Rating: 10 
I have fix a couple of thing's in the map. But for me that map is a 10 all the way.

01-19-2003 02:37 PM MST
Rating: 5 
Good concept, tough to play, though

01-19-2003 05:15 PM MST
Rating: 5 
Nice concept and fun to play, but suffers from visual glitches. Sniping from the blue team's ledge shows quite a few flickering textures. I don't like maps that flicker.

01-20-2003 06:35 AM MST
Rating: 8 
One of my favorite maps for UT! If I had a server, this map would be in my rotation!!!

01-20-2003 04:44 PM MST
Rating: 10 
It's Cool!?!?!?! Specially..................
I like it!?!?!?!?!

01-21-2003 12:34 AM MST
Rating: 8 
este mapa esta chido!...vale la pena tenerlo

01-21-2003 06:03 PM MST
Rating: 5 
Some of the best user ratings on the NC3 so far. Well done guys, you made my day :p

01-21-2003 07:57 PM MST
Rating: 6 
I played this map a lot in SLV2 (Strangelove). It really fits that mod very, very well, thus the above average rating.

Mr Wizard
01-23-2003 12:16 PM MST
Rating: 9 
This map is a must download for all you who like playing good, fun CTF without thinking 'tsk, tsk, that wall shouldnt look like that'
A very fun map, even though i believe Blue team have a 'slight' advantage :p Just dont do what i did and try to walk the cables.....if u fall off it hurts......a lot. :p

01-25-2003 12:44 PM MST
Rating: 9 
I Love this map, I keep playing it over and over again. Though I personally think the red base is a little easier to play!!!

The Killer[NL]
02-14-2003 09:01 AM MST
Rating: 10 
Very Good Map I Want More Of This!
Download This Map!

02-14-2003 08:07 PM MST
Rating: 5 
i want more of this alpine theme. still, a flawed map :|

02-15-2003 12:45 PM MST
Rating: 8 
Great Map overall.. maybe a little too spread out, but the cable cars and DM-MountainMan type set-up make it a map that has a great playability factor...

12-30-2004 05:29 AM MST
Rating: 8 
Probably my favourite map so far, with the possible exception of annihalation.

Sergeant Todd
12-30-2004 08:24 AM MST
Rating: 8 
Yes, for those who like wide-open CTF, this is a fun map. Strangelove and low-grav plays well here, if you're quick enough to get to some does have an advantage due to flag placement and the fact that the bots won't provide cover for you on the tram so caps are tougher...shame that....overall a great map against human opponents, good against bots. Download it!

Todd out

John DiFool
12-30-2004 12:31 PM MST
Rating: 5.5 
Not to be confused with CTF-Where Eagles Dare (which has
_nothing_ in common with this map other than in name...).

Definitely original and unique. Probably a little too
sniper-happy (tho I like sniping). I'm of two minds as
to the asymmetrical bases: Blue can walk to Red if they
want to, Red needs to take either an elevator or cable
car. But Red can get the jump boots and survive the fall
from Blue's flag platform (always an out when dealing
with bases on high elevations), and can also jump onto
the platform from the right-hand cable car.

The bots have the usual problem when they are waiting
for a mover to start moving: some of them wander off
right before it leaves, and you have to make your run

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