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Thu, January 17, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added03-09-2003
File Version1.00
File Size1.73 mb
Player Count10-14
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating5.5
User Rating7
Overall Rating6.5


ReviewerTwrecksAwe Score: 2.0/3
Date03-09-2003Build Score: 1.5/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 2.0/3
User Point: +1
Overall Score: 6.5/10

I wonder whats in all these crates?...
Ack, the brushes are gone! It does save file size and whatever you need to find out in Ued is still there, cept the wire frame views (so what). Malicious has a very easy learning curve dispite its name. If you cant find something, its not where youre looking, look somewhere else. Malicious is not a big map so the search wont take long, and keep in mind the two bases ARE identicle cept some textures. and NO, you cant get on the main roofs and the bunk house is just a visual distraction for those "realism" fans (no toilets , minus 1 point).

The setting appears to be some sort of cargo dock complete with "Workers Quarters" and boom crane. The two symmetric buildings to either side of the dockyard are the Red and Blue bases with a connecting service bridge for the high road. Inside the bases are more containers in a large room, followed by a canal, a foyer and finally the flag room. Malicious Intent is for all purposes a two warehouse CTF map with a touch of factory around the flags. The main route will typically be dockside, the workers quarters and bridge seeing little bot traffic. The bases are easily defended with a well placed sniper balcony and weapons handy when respawning. Against bots, attack the flag room from the sides, I found the flak hall with the lifts the best approach, placing me behind the defenders, then making the getaway over the top and across the bridge (the shield belt is here). BTW, stay out of the water, it isnt safe and whatever toxic wastes are being produced/dumped locally are very harmfull to your health. (hmm... thats the toilet, add 1 point)

What it is:
Fun: A tight game with bursts of mob action or lone suicide runs. Timing where the enemy is will be the challenge since all routes are close at hand.
Playability: Very system friendly, hovering around old Epic poly limits boosts the frames and will make this map good for internet games.
Bots: Some higher AI like defense points and Distance view triggers (remember the sniper balcony), yet they are predicable and often retreat even when the adavatage is gained, but thats UT, not the map.
Flow: The variety of routes will keep entertainded those with short attention spans, as they are all close at hand and a decision will not leave you commited. Ya, and the vending machines dont have Dr Pepper so no one goes there.
Items: Okay, the basic weapon groups feed players nicely, but the power ups, yeesh. Each side gets a Redeemer and Kegger, and the U-Damage pulls traffic while the Invisibility might as well not be there.
Theme: Other than the sewage, the maps name has little bearing on a physical location. Again, the more modern break room with ping pong table feels out of place and what evil lies in a Pizza box?
Architecture: Strong and convincing. Aside from the over abundance of crates to support the theme, well trimmed, bases panelled with team blazons, and details set forth clean. I will complain about the low head room and unsupported spans of brick, done.
Lighting: This map may be dark to some. I liked the tube lights recessed in the walls and that the lense flare scale held to acceptable levels.
Textures: A bunch of custom stuff in the MyLevel package, mostly lifted from other sets and compiled into the map to save players download time.
Sound: No music might leave you with the UT menu tune if you exit the game and re-enter. Lots of appropriate ambients reinforce the scenary.

Malicious is not a big map, it is a short run from flag to flag. The author has made it a very hazardous run, and provided diversions to take players off. What I liked best was that the map was not a "2 forts" layout with defined path(s) to carry the flag. With 12 player starts per side, spawning was always fresh and backs up the recommended number of 10-14 players. 10 felt great to me. Less... there wasnt enough of a fight, over 14 and the defensive battles stalemated any scoring, gibs are fun, but thats what Deathmatch is for. Best played without translocators, forcing jump boot rationing. The two main buildings become roofed playgrounds with space between for a brief recess.

NOTE: This is a repost of a Nali Pirate Review first seen on NC2 on 1/25/2002. The scores have been adjusted per the new schema. Screen shots are enlarged versions of their original 231x173 size

Map Comments

03-10-2003 11:01 PM EST
Rating: 7 
I like that map alot. I have played it so oftend. The only thing that was bodering me. Was the bots not taking the uper route. But I have fix that, and I think that it is very well done. Apart of bots don't go for all the item's, it is a very fun map.Good job.

Yes I no but I prefer coment on the bots. Cause it is the most difficult thing to do in a map. Since it always the same thing. the other way arond. The texture is not ok , the light's should be more like that. Bla, bla, bla, ayways the same damn thing. So I leave that part to you. I prefer they hardest part. And pathing is my force.

It is ok: nighty, sory me to. a was a bit rude. But for me if a map, is not perfect whit the pathing, and when I say pathing. It go's much futher then that. I will email you and explaine.

03-10-2003 12:46 PM EST
Rating: 8 
just one thing louise can you say anything else about maps other than the bot pathing?? thats all you ever say on comments
ok i see ya point:) btw i wasnt being rude:)) just wondering..send me all ya know on pathing as i hate it lol

03-10-2003 11:59 PM EST
Rating: 7 
Good map I've been playing on a fav server for a while. a bit hard to make it across the map without taking the top route. The top route just seems cheap to me and when taken is too much of an auto-cap because you can't pursue in a such a direct path (even trans-ing) to catch up on the ground.

03-12-2003 10:28 PM EST
Just a so-so map all around. Glad it's played.

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