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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added02-23-2003
File Version1.00
File Size1.34 mb
Player Count10-16
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating6.5
User Rating9.5
Overall Rating7.5


ReviewerArcadiaVincennesAwe Score: 2.0/3
Date05-13-2005Build Score: 2.5/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 2.0/3
User Point: +1
Overall Score: 7.5/10

CTF-Hydro32 (UT99)

A tribute, if you will, to the classic Hydro16 from the retail UT99. In general the author attempted to capture the look and gameplay of the original but in a new map. Almost like a remix, perhaps. Considering the theme, architecture, texturing, and lighting is not entirely the author's creation, I will attempt to score the AWE portion as how successful the author was in 'recreating' the Hydro ambience rather than scoring a completely original work.

AWE: 2.0

The texturing is fairly good with minimal misalignments. Consisting of the same stained stone and metal palette as the original, the author recreates the look and feel of the original fairly accurately in texturing alone. The same rusted metal, lava/molten metal, toxic goo, and crusty concrete is present and used appropriately. In general, if you recognize the original based on texture alone - you'll recognize the inspiration for this map.
The lighting is also quite similar to the original but there are some problems the original didn't have. The same lightpoles cast the same 'pools' of light on the bridge, and the same interior lighting is present. However, the upper walkway of the toxic waste area is shrouded in darkness making navigation of exterior to interior a bit of a guessing game sometimes with the only saving factor being that the interior areas you're trying to find are clearly visible contrasted against the darkness of the exterior walkway. Another problem is a curved hallway in both bases that is well overlit compared to the rest of the map. Granted, there are many light strips running down the hallway, it's still overbright in contrast to the remainder of the map. As I recall per the many many games I played on this map back in the day, this map is much dimmer than the original. However, I won't dock too many points for this because I have no idea what my brightness settings were 5 years ago when I was playing this. However, I am sure that the overall brightnesses were a little higher that what is presented in this map.
As for architecture, the map stays fairly true to the original, especially in terms of the bridge/slime area and the interior area with the raised 'platforms' with the lava/molten metal beneath them. The remainder seems somewhat true to the original architecture in general with one obvious, IMO, dramatic change being the overbright curving hallway. Other than that the forms and shapes are quite recognizable with perhaps some of the more complicated ceiling work missing for the interior areas.
Put together, yes, theme and ambience are very reminiscent of the original Hydro16. Some improvements in lighting, a little more attention to detail for texturing, and a little more complication in the ceilings and a rework of the curved hallway and this map would be an exact thematic copy of the original.

BUILD: 2.5

The BSP is well constructed and shaped. No apparent HOMs and everything fits together very nicely. The lifts worked fine and their sound was adequate. I really don't have anything build-related to complain about except for the sound. The ambient sound here is a step above most maps in terms of variety and placement. The map harbors several different ambient sounds from place to place which is commendable. However, very few of them seem to actually represent the location accurately. In other words, a room that was fairly basic indoors seemed to have a wind sound in it. In another room, the sound was of pumping machinery but I saw no indication of such machinery existing. This was the problem with approximately 90% of the map.
Despite the competent Editor use, the ambient sound was quite disappointing. A good effort but bad execution.

CAST: 2.0

The gameplay in the original was dominated by the highly risky middle area with the wide open bridges, long straight-aways, and sniper nests. This is echoed here as well with the bridge and sniper nests still present in the map’s center. However, rather than traversing two bridges and a choice between a left and right path, the middle area was switched around a bit. Now there is only a single bridge and single path across it. There are two alternate paths along the ‘balconies’ on either side of the bridge area that connect the two bases near the ‘ceiling’ of the map. The sniper nests are also present however, now they are directly opposite each other with no central structure separating the view between them. In my opinion this was a bad choice because now the snipers are also threatened by each other instead of just fire from below or sneaking up from behind them. I’ve never found sniper nests exposed to each other very helpful in terms of gameplay. Perhaps that’s just me.
The remainder of the map very much echoes the original with its series of room to room interior areas. However, a large difference is the reduction of z-axis in this map. The exterior z-axis walkways from the sniper nests out to the bordering walls have been replaced by the aforementioned high paths surrounding the center area. Not only are these walkways missing, but most of the inside z-axis is missing as well. The four large blocks of something sitting over the lava/molten metal remain, a platform holding an armour is present, and a beam in/near the flag room, is all that remains of interior z-axis. Also the flag room has been greatly constricted and although the original had a flag area that was difficult to make a snatch and grab in, the constraints in this one are more limiting.
The bots function well throughout the map. They will still ambush you from up high on a beam in the flag room, they will still xloc up on top of the things over the lava/molten metal to grab the rocket launcher, in other words, they still do their job.
The big downside to the this map in comparison to the one it was modeled after is the darkness that does affect gameplay. Particularly around the entrance/exits to the bases from the high ‘balconies’ around the center area the challenge of finding your way is too great not to mention.
In general, the map plays similarly to the original with some significant changes to the center layout and reduction of interior z-axis. However, a decent flow still exits, the bots will challenge you, but you may get frustrated by the darkness and sniper nests sometimes.

Taking the theme and general forms of the original, this map shapes Hydro16 into something new. The ambience doesn’t live up to the original nor does the gameplay. But in its own right, it is not a bad ‘remix’. The map holds a decent ctf map in its green toxic pool but it’s not as good as the original.

Map Comments

05-22-2005 04:44 AM MDT
Fair review :) Apart from the lack of Z-axis (I think there was the same... if not more? Only thing it's missing is the "platforms" outside the sniper building, but then it has Z-axis in the middle area where Hydro16 didn't...) and the part about the snipers being exposed to each other - they were exposed in Hydro16 aswell... closer to each other, in fact ;)

I'm about 50% done on a UT2004 map that closely resembles this layout, but much improved. I look to release that in a couple of months with luck... and less time spent at work!

03-22-2008 01:35 PM MDT
Rating: 9.5 
very good :) es una chimbita jugarla

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