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Tue, December 5, 2023
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added12-15-2002
File Version1.00
File Size4.32 mb
Player Count2-6
Map DescriptionA small DM map for around 2-6 players. The trap has four switches. The two on the upper deck are sunk into the roof supports and the two on the lower floor are stand-alone control panels. the bots will go out of their way to squash you. This uses the excellent Fallout texture pack available from Ulukai's site and a few of Maud Dib's flares and one of his env maps.
Review Rating6.5
User Rating8
Overall Rating7.5


ReviewerArcadiaVincennesAwe Score: 1.5/3
Date01-21-2005Build Score: 2.5/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 2.5/3
User Point: +1
Overall Score: 7.5/10

DM-BrickDust (UT)

A medium sized DM that has plenty of gameplay for all and a few traps for some. A rather bland map balanced by very good gameplay and a few tricks up its sleeve.

AWE: 1.5

The map comes with custom textures and borrows a music track from Deus Ex. The custom content is welcomed but the custom textures don’t really enhance the bland color palette through the map and the music, although good, kinda fits the map, yet kinda doesn’t at the same time.
The textures are very well trimmed and fairly well-aligned throughout the map. The skybox textures, although decently aligned, looks horrid and certainly shows that the skybox is definitely a box.
The lighting is fairly good throughout the map. There are a few spots that are a little too dark, but, on the other hand, there are no spots that are too bright. The coloring is nice but blends a little too closely with the texture palette. This results in most of the lighting blending in with the textures, which are already a little too blended together. The red highlight/corona light combos are a little too oversaturated for my taste. There is some shadow work around – mostly in relation to doorways and overhanging ramps, but nothing too striking.
The architecture is really quite nice here with ramps and doorways and rooms all flowing into other rooms, doorways, and ramps. The forms are somewhat simplistic but how they all work together really brings the map together well. Some nice fenced over niches give the illusion of the space extending farther back that what one sees in the map.
Overall the map looks quite nice in general. However some stronger shadow work, more varied/interesting texturing lighting, and revamped skybox would really have completed the overall theme.

BUILD: 2.5

The construction here is quite solid. Everything seems assembled fairly well.
The movers work just fine and the ones that are triggered work quite well. The attached sounds are also quite fitting.
On the sound side, there are some locational sounds but nothing to really fill in the spaces between them. So one runs through sounds ‘zones’ with silence between them. A bit more sound layers would have been appreciated.
Well-constructed overall, filling in the aural gaps would have put the build at a 3.

CAST: 2.5

The gameplay here is really quite good. The z-axis aspects are well-executed and multi-layered providing quite a satisfactory DM experience overall.
The bots travel the map, both the tight areas and wider areas and really make use of the whole map. They do trigger the traps to try to get you and I barely escaped from some of them a few times. They’re out to get you in this one.
The weapon/pickup layout was also well-considered when the author placed them and they contribute to the flow nicely.
There were only two downsides to the gameplay. The first being that there are a few dark areas that are a bit too dark. Not being able to see the enemy, nor which way one needs to face, can be a big minus. The other complaint is that the author picked a default playercount that is a little on the high side. The default amount of bots provided quite the spammy match.
On the whole, though, the excellent z-axis and surprising initiative of the bots in terms of the traps give the map some challenging gameplay. Reduce the playercount a bit and you’ve got some good old-fashioned DM fun.

DM-BrickDust visually is kind of bland and uninteresting texturally and in terms of lighting – like brickdust is. But if you blow the dust off the architecture and sprinkle in some great z-axis gameplay, you’ll get a map that’s worth a download. It’s not the height of DM design, but you’ll happily pass some time in this one.

Map Comments

12-17-2002 05:34 PM MST
Rating: 8 
A nice industrial map, with nice touches such and the switches for the belt trap, and the amp, although the amp is a little hard to spot because of the custom texturing on it. Pretty good layout. I wish the outside was done better though, at first I didnt think it could be accessed, but I finally figured out how. Whether it was meant to be accessed or not I don't know, but it is buggy out there. I love maps where the whole thing is playable and not blocked off by invisible barriers, which this almost accomplishes.

02-02-2005 06:29 PM MST
Rating: 7.5 
One of my favourite maps.

I found it more enjoyable on a two or three man team game.

The map is lovely to look at, using the great Fallout texture package.

My only gripe was the inclusion of a trap, which isn't to my tastes. I just feel that when you are good at the game, you won't be sitting around waiting to push a button when some hapless victim wanders into the trap. Nonetheless, great map.

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