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Sat, March 2, 2024
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Map Info

AuthorHeiko Dreyer
GametypeUT Domination
Date Added05-28-2000
File Version1.00
File Size1.55 mb
Player Count6-12
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating8
User Rating8
Overall Rating8
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerNacherOverall Score: 8/10
DateNC2 12-08-2000

Original Review by Nacher, pre-Schema. Imported into the DB at a later date. Scores adjusted to reflect original rating. User-rate as you please.

First impressions when starting this map were like "Whoa, this map looks cool!", but it didn't take long to discover that this kind of map needs a lot to run. Don't bother to try this map out if you haven't got at LEAST athlon/p3 with 128mb ram and a decent display adapter. Enough of this subject anyway. Well how does it play then?

I honestly couldn't get a grip to the flow due to the huge hardware requirements. This map is also a very dark one. Gothic maps need shadows and such but this goes over the limit. I had to max the brightness from UT and monitor to find my way around in this one. The map is based on a theme, where a large castle and cathedral are facing each other in a canyon. Control points are in both buildings, and the third one is in a "tower" beetween them. The huge distances slow down the pace a bit, and the map doesn't get as chaotic as domination maps usually do. As I mentioned before, this map does look just wonderful, and much like the original Unreal maps, as it uses original Unreal textures instead of UT ones. Even if you haven't got a decent cpu, you still may like to check this map out for it's looks. However, this map probably doesn't make it into public map rotations for some time. At least not before 2nd Space Beacon has became playable =)

This review was imported into the database from the original, pre-schema review. The ratings have been set such that they will supply the original rating, and do not reflect current schema values/perceptions. Feel free to post user comments to follow up.

Map Comments

DevilKnow Rating: 10 
I don't understand how some of the maps reviewed get a 9 or 9.5 and look like something a beginner would throw together. I mean come on. This is one of the best maps out there. I have a PII 233 and the fog doesn't do any harm to my playability. So why not know what you are saying before you say it? How can ctf-diamondcrapwhatever get a 9 and this score lower? Have you seen that thing? Tell me that this isn't better. All i am saying is before you review a map that deserves a 9 or more, don't snort cocain or shoot heroin into your arm, matterminatoreiakdgialkdj!

03-23-2003 03:33 AM MST
Rating: 8 
Wow two years old and only one comment?
GESH what a waste.
The map looks and feels great, with lots of light shadow and environmental sounds.
Play seems ok but it is not balanced for UT DOM.
Lighting textues and decorations are all classic Unreal, rolling sky, even a wheeling bird (i didnt even know that was still suported) it all looks great. Its dark in clasic Unreal fashion, which im sure lots of people hate, but I happen to like the original Unreals light level, UT maps tend to lack those concealing shadows.

9 for looks- technically not flawed, but not the very best (because 10 means perfect- 10 should be an exclusive ranking, 1 map per catagory should get that crown)
8 for awe- big impressive with lots of details to explore.
7 for play - overly big dark and meandering for most UT players, and especially for UT DOM, but it looks like its zoned and optimized appropriately.

diamonsword (if thats what the previous comments refer to) is not a 10, but reviewers will vary, and the reviews are geared for the servers where game play is king (not looks). It would be nice if the archive was searchable by criteria, gameplay, looks and orinality/awe, for there are a lot of maps worth looking at even if they are not HARDCORE.

06-18-2003 11:26 AM MDT
Rating: 3 
It might look good...but its not playable in a match, its way to big. Maybe good for a 7on7 or sth like that.

04-13-2005 04:04 AM MDT
Rating: 10 

Sergeant Todd
04-13-2005 04:48 PM MDT
Rating: 9.5 
As far as Domination maps go, they don't get much better.
This one has been on my HD since the day. Did I hear someone say "Epic quality?"....Just download now, regardless of what kind of rig you have......

Sergeant Todd

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