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Map Info

GametypeUT Domination
Date Added09-09-2000
File Version1.00
File Size1.13 mb
Player Count8-12
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating9
User Rating7
Overall Rating9
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerTwrecksOverall Score: 9/10
DateNC2 10-15-2000

For those who sin there is Repentance!

For those who love gothic maps, like me, and domination, like me again, and a realistic maps, I'm shaking all over , and maps with bathrooms and sniper rifles, okay I'm going to explode, and secret rooms with Redeemers KABOOM! ooohh, that felt good!

This map delivers what I believe to be the best game of Domination to date. I don't get this excited over a map too often so I'm going to describe it well enough to make believers out of even some harsher critics. To begin with play Dom-Golmud, that's right, a DOM map that recieved a 9, then play Repentance. There are certain simularities, 3 CPs, a verticle layout and the gothic theme. After this they take different routes. Dom-Repentance takes the Shanes Church texture set to new levels of excellence carved into the architecture of what has been sculpted by a surgeon among artist. Okay enough burbling and fawning over the author, let me cover the Control Points before my literary licence is revoked.

The CPs from top to bottom:

Kings Dominion Crowning the masterpiece is this hard fough over CP. Alot of action takes place here so bring friends, and the Rocket Launcher in the gallery wouldn't hurt. There's a Shield belt just out of reach under a grate to tempt even the stronger willed players for a swim.

Duality's Door Situated at the crossroads of the map smack dab infront of the only "door" in this map is this unassuming CP. Bots tend to defend this rather well, and the sloping corridors add to the z-axis excitement. A Sniper Rifle tucked in a fountain will help secure this CP while your team mates make a rush for it.

Queen's Bottom Love the name... Deep in the map is this seemingly easy CP. An Armor and Invisibility are the companion items of choice and the defending bots hang out in the shadows. What is superior about this CP is the teleport shaft, a large stone lid over hangs the opening in the floor suspended by a chain.

The breakdown and cry for more...

FUN The atmosphere alone is worth the play, the challenge is to play instead of becoming a spectator. I took so many pictures of this map while looking for a screenshot that I decided not to do the CPs and just show you how detailed the lesser areas are, just imagine what the rest of the map looks like.

PLAYABILITY You don't have to worry about slow downs even with the recommended max player load of 12. Good zoning and low polys keep the frames fresh as the gibs generated by a Flak Cannon. For the visuals I was surprised the poly count never exceeded 140 and even on my lowly system regularly got 40+ FPS. If you think a map needs mega polys to look good, you need to play this map and believe the Epic limits aren't limits at all and a standard that requires a level of expertise not often found.

BOTs Hee hee, they do everything, go everywhere, translocate, ambush, defend, get the secrets, get all the items and dominate the CPs unmercifully. It took me a few tries, but finally by reducing the BOTs to Adept did get a win in a 200 point game with second place a scarce 194 points and closing. 8 bots and yourself for a 3 team scirmish felt bless'ed.

FLOW Like an Angel through the clouds... The symetrical geometry means typically two side routes and a central path through the map. The well placed teleport at Queen's Bottom sends the player back top for another fall from grace, err... verticle descent. The player starts are also well thought out providing spawning away from the CPs and the ability to choose a target CP and get there while picking up goodies.

ITEMs For once I didn't mind finding weapon and ammo combos together in a corridor, especially when those corridors felt like that was there intent to deliver pickups if you didn't mind not taking the direct route. The only power ups I didn't notice were the Super Health (which is lame power-up 'cause you don't know someone has it till your minigun to minigun and you're dead and they aren't) and the Jump Boots (why? you have a translocator, use it). The Redeemer as previously mentioned is in a secret nook, there's just enought room to use it to clear a crowded CP.

Theme A name like "Repentance" has certain religious conotations. Here the Shane's Church texture set gets worshipped in ways other mappers can only imagine. From what I can remember from Sunday school, "repentance" means something like acknowledging your sins and accepting salvation for your soul. I admit it, I'm an Unrealaholic, now let me play in peace.

Architecture Take Shane Caudle's DM-Gothic and wrap it around 3 CPs, and add, yes ADD, more details like a snowy outdoor night, glimmering pools, good ol'Nali Lanterns and well realized lifts you'll get close to what this map has to offer. Bonus, all for under 140 polys, in fact, try an average of 60 and still as good to look at as DM-Falkenstein.

Lighting Only when wet getting the Shield Belt and Armor did I wonder about sourcing until I decided the water had phospourescent popreties and let it lay at that. Only thing lacking would be lense flares and light cones, but you won't miss these cheap tricks because of the obvious sourcing not requiring additional effects. (Though a few lense flares wouldn't hurt any)

Textures Perhaps the only stumbling point on this map would be textures. And because they are so apparent with my Video Card (V3-2K) do I bother to mention them... The Torch Flames have a black outline and so do the flames in the Fireplace. Last, the fountain where the Sniper Rifle is isn't terribly covincing, minor points and not detracting from gameplay or overall feeling this map grants.

Sound Lots of ambients and a well selected music track grace the ears. examples: blowing snow at the windows, the crackling torch flames and more will massage your lobes.

In conclusion, a devine creation any author would be proud of, only in this case its Dave "Duality" Lecraw that deserves cudos for a map that lifts players from the Queen's Bottom to the Kings Dominion and the only time you'll be searching for Duality's Door is to frag some more and accept the Repentace this map gives you, hallaluyah!

Map Comments

fragswill Rating: 5 
In the only places he hasn't relied on masked textures, it's square. The lighting is a bit too dark, and the room-hallway-layout is somewhat cheap.. mediocre map at it's best It's DOM-Golmud, not DOM-Golmund btw :P

Twrecks Rating: 9.5 
Sorry, fixed the typo. Golmud's L7, Repentence is a better box.

Kain Rating: 7 
wow did you make Golmund frags?

sEiGe_OnAgEr Rating: 8 
ack, my main problem is its so far beetween dom points. Not enough action because of the size , and my cpu cant handle that many bots. But once you find your way around its pretty good.

Ebola Rating: 7.5 
Good map. Could have been better without all of the dead end rooms. The added bonuses are better for a DM map, I think. Still one of the better user made DOM levels though.

hp22 Rating: 7 
Nice map, but that's it

Deathwing Rating: 9 
Possibly the best custom DOM map!

01-17-2003 03:32 PM MST
Rating: 9 
ajalá!!!...le doy un 9.Por cierto,Fer,bajas este mapa

02-08-2003 07:48 PM MST
Rating: 8 
Good DOM maps are hard to find and here is one that everybody should try.

03-29-2008 10:09 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Best domination map imo. Level looks very solid. Control points are spread out. Not very spammy either (except maybe at the middle cp). If you play domination, get this map.

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