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Tue, January 22, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added05-28-2000
File Version1.00
File Size4.2 mb
Player Count8-16
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating --
User Rating9
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

11-02-2002 08:35 PM EST
Rating: 9 
This map rules, especially on instagib TallyHo in TDM. If only the lights didnt go off every 12 minuites it would be perfect

horned demon
01-15-2003 04:11 PM EST
Rating: 9 
VERY good map! i like pretty much every thing bout it,very nicly's one of those rarly seen maps that that was put togeter well in the mansion and out side

01-16-2003 07:35 AM EST
Rating: 9 
One of the best DM-.

06-26-2003 10:55 AM EDT
Rating: 9 
Oh Hell ya! This map is huge and wonderfully made. I loved the wine cellar and the tunnels. the Mansion can get laggy but is well made. I used the asassination Mod/Mut and loved hunting through the tunnels. D/L

Evil Snack
04-26-2005 07:23 PM EDT
Rating: 8 
I am not a fan of deathmatch but this map makes an exception.I really like the maze-like feel to the level and its a great level with all of it's custom textures.

The best thing is the uniqueness it is not just some main-stream map (but not all main-stream maps are bad,mind you) It is great when an author spends time on a map.

BACK TO THE MAP:I really think that the basement of lava was a cool part and i also liked the range of the level because you can go in or outside and you can go up or down.

Oh, tgm, the lights go out at "midnight" just look at the clock!

04-26-2005 03:34 PM EDT
Rating: 9 
Something wicked this way comes…

If you look for something original and atmospheric - this map is for you. It has really nice setting and mood. The custom music fits the map perfectly. It uses some 62 movers – initially I wondered why, but then it all made sense. If you play this map for just a minute or two you may not understand why the author had named it “Wicked mansion”. I don’t now how exactly I triggered it, perhaps it was one of the bots – but at some point all the lights went out and some scary supernatural thing happened with the piano. Very nice touch. Suddenly I felt like if there is something else besides the bots in the mansion.(plays the Twilight zone theme) Well, then again, you already know who you gonna call…(plays the Ghostbusters theme)

04-27-2005 06:39 AM EDT
Rating: 9 
i havent noticed yet about the light and spooky stuff yet,but it was good as i played it
very..very..strong amosphere,i like it

04-28-2005 01:00 AM EDT
Some cool mapping there.

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