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Thu, January 17, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added08-05-2001
File Version1.00
File Size4.93 mb
Player Count3-6
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating6.5
User Rating8
Overall Rating7.5
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerMister_ProphetAwe Score: 2.0/3
Date02-26-2003Build Score: 2.5/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 2.0/3
User Point: +1
Overall Score: 7.5/10

Some butt monkey keeps requesting Plutonic maps to me over and over (I wonít be a dick and reveal his name, but you know who you are Claw). I think this is the 3rd Plutonic map Iíve reviewed for NC, and this one is by FAR my favorite.

Iíll say this, the map looks good. In fact, better than good, it looks as convincing as any urban map Iíve seen for UT. It doesnít push the visual envelope like a few of the other high-class city maps Iíve played, but it certainly has that urban mojo. The thing that struck me first was the custom textures, they are well made and make the map unique compared to the many other urban maps that employ standard UT brick and city textures (those all look crappy). We got building walls with broken windows, dumpsters with garbage inside them, steel structures and tarp scaffoldings, doors, and even new road textures. My only complaint about these new textures is that NONE of them have detail set, this makes them look blurry up close. That sucks too, since the map uses the custom textures 90% of the time. Plutonic doesnít bore me with clichť city map BS, like parked cars, and that freaking steel barrel with the fire in it that lots of these maps use, not to mention an overabundance of crates (this map has a few boxes, but I think they are ok). The layout is centered on a central street with a road leading down a city block, blocked off at the end. The majority of the map is played in and around buildings, up fire escapes (with fluid ladders, gasp) and with shoot-able windows. I appreciate the breakable glass, I think everyone can agree with me that indestructible glass is kind of annoying, and in this map the glass can be part of the fun. I fired a redeemer rocket into the center of the map and it was cool when I ran back inside to avoid the blast and the whole building shook as glass burst all around me while MULTI-KILL flashed on my screen. Oh yeah, layout. The bottom level of the map goes through a sewage section, but not like the sewers I usually see in maps. This was an exposed sewer, open to the rest of the map with water pipes leading under the road to the other side of the map. There is also a brick wall, which is peeled away inside a hollowed out condemned building, where you can run back up to the main street. Lighting wasnít stunning, but it works. The best thing about the lighting was the sunlight from the sky, which is only visible from the edge of the upper segment of a building face. Made the map more Ďcity canyon-likeí with the dimmer daylight washing into the lower recesses of the streets and the brighter sunlight only touching the exposed building tops. The majority of the lighting looked bland white, but so does the light outside my house so that is fine with me. And the map is never really over-lit in places. Visually, itís one of the better looking urban maps and also one of the better looking UT maps, so I gave Awe a 2.

Gameplay is rather good here, not something I was expecting after recently reviewing Plutonicís other two maps (Unearthed, which had standard gameplay, and Event Horizon which was kind of bleh). I was in constant action, the map isnít that big so there is always someone in your face. The map flows good, even with some water here and there. There is really nothing to block movement, and the use of ladders is rather speedy (I scaled a building in like a few seconds thanks to ladders) People can attack from above, below, around the corner, behind you, in front of you, or underneath you. Like I said, the map is not that big, 3-6 players is no joke here. Playability also impressed me, I never once had slowdown, and the map looks good so that was very cool. This is an ideal map for city-map nuts that run those kinds of themes off servers. The map plays above average, for any theme (not just city maps) and bots can kick your ass if youíre not careful. The Prophet likes. Oh yeah, you can ride a lift up the scaffolding and onto the upper roof of one building for the mapís only real safe sniper spot, and even then it is risky. Unlike other maps where you can spam shoot players from a far away distance, you are rather visible on that perch, and one time this bastard bot came up the lift behind me and shot me in the back with the goo gun. The GOO GUN! I fell off the roof and landed somewhere into Cryssís upward flak spray. I donít think I ever landed in one piece. Expect attack in any location, this is not one for campers.

The Prophetís Verdict: Very balanced DM and one of the top urban maps for UT. Misses a few things that would make it a better map, but as it is right now I can assure you that youíll get some run out of it. I can see here how Plutonic got to the level where he could pull of the looks of UnEarthed, but sadly I donít see such gameplay in his UT2K3 mappage so far. Only time will tell.

Map Comments

02-27-2003 12:09 AM EST
Rating: 10 
I completely disagree with your score on this map. This was one of the best urban maps created for UT, so I'm giving it a ten.
It looks fine to me and I had no problems with the layout, but I hope mappers start making original maps for UT2003 instead of just converting old UT maps. I still like and play UT, so why should I have duplicate maps in two different games.
The bots do fine on adept or higher on this map.

02-27-2003 12:28 AM EST
Rating: 10 
yeh i agree this map RULES!!! and compared to alot of other maps its the best ive downloaded yet and ive been downloading for a longggggg time

03-01-2003 04:09 AM EST
Rating: 9 
This...This is GOOD!!!
Download it NOW!!!

03-01-2003 02:03 PM EST
Rating: 9 
Very nice map, one of the better urban style maps that I have played. There did not seem to be any textures whacked out or faultly sounds, lighting, bot paths, yada, yada... I liked the smothness/quickness of the ladders and lifts, a very easy map to manuever in and a nice touch were the more unique use of containers as opposed to the way the majority of the mappers use them. I wish there were more open windows and ledges to teleport into, but I won't knock the score for that - this is a keeper map! Good job, when's the sequel?

03-07-2003 01:34 AM EST
Rating: 9 
Itís a good map; the city theme is used well. The breakable window, sewers, and the hole in the floor are used nice. Give it a try.

03-07-2003 09:07 AM EST
Rating: 9 
Great Map! Easy to navigate and plenty of spots to snipe from too. Redeemer is easy to find, and the sewer area is a plus.

Fuzzy Logic
03-07-2003 01:12 PM EST
Rating: 8 
Fine map with lots of detail. Gameplay is excellent, though the full bot count is a little frantic. Up there with the best.

03-13-2003 12:29 AM EST
Rating: 9 
VERY cool map! Love the textures! Although, i knocked the score because of its size. This is still a MUST download

03-18-2003 08:01 PM EST
Rating: 8 
Jeez.. you NC guys are picky aren't you.

I'm not quite sure but I think this was a Strike Force map converted for UT. I'm not a big fan realism style levels for UT, but Plutonic is one of the best "all rounder" level designers I know. It doesn't matter what theme, gametype or style, Plutonic always does solid work.

This map is no exception.

03-26-2003 03:21 PM EST
Rating: 9 

very nice i do say

not so sure about the sniping spots though prefer an all out play but this is a must map

two paws up its worth a 9

03-27-2003 07:19 AM EST
Rating: 8 
Nice Textures,liked the atmos.
Ran abit jerky on my system,but great Map,will d/l the others later ;)

03-28-2003 05:40 PM EST
Rating: 7 
Geez....You Guys are really make a Big Sentense...
Will I find this maps is good.But Why didn't the author made this maps For DOM???

Fodder McFly
03-30-2003 02:14 AM EST
Rating: 8 

04-18-2003 06:12 PM EDT
Rating: 7 
Very enjoyable urban map. Wouldn't mind seeing a larger version?

Sir Xavius
03-30-2006 05:05 PM EST
Rating: 6 
I agree: it needs size. But if you keep the bots down to 5 or less, you won't get overwhelmed. I like to hog the upper hallway in the center building and blow away any bot trying to climb the fireescapes up to me for their vengeance. Is it wrong if that brings me to bliss?

03-31-2006 03:36 AM EST
Rating: 7.5 
This was always good for gameplay.

05-15-2006 06:54 PM EDT
Rating: 6.5 
It's a nice change of pace from the typically themed UT maps. Fun for a few rounds every now and then. Bots are pathed well too.

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