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Tue, December 5, 2023
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Map Info

AuthorCaptain Mellow
GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added05-28-2000
File Version1.00
File Size203 kb
Player Count2-3
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating0
User Rating0
Overall Rating0
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerQualthwarOverall Score: 0/10
DateNC2 10-30-2000

The gameplay on this map is certainly different. DM-TrophyRoom holds about 2or 3 players, has no lag, and is busy in more ways than one.

You play in a small area that offers you some z-axis. You can dodge the bullet by ducking behind the many pillars, or surprise your enemy by jumping out of the shadows. The map is rather annoying to me: Besides there being too many pillars in a tight space, you also became bothered by the fact that you can fall off the catwalks next to the dark wall. The map just feels too cluttered to me.

There's a skybox, and the "eol" textures were used to give the place a regal feel. These textures help to give a busy look to the already cluttered geometry. The different look is nice in a way since I see few maps with these textures applied.

The bots seem to do very well. They don't have much of a challenge, but they don't seem to stumble. The item placement was pretty good. With the fast action you want to have something close by to shoot with, and this map by James Schmalz, tweaked by Captain Mellow offers plenty of firepower.

The lighting came from the sky, and a few light fixtures. The fixtures aren't really throwing the right lighting on the floor, so this could be improved a little. The darkness does add some dimension to the playing field. There are no ambient sounds that I could detect, but there's some music.

Map Comments

Luquado Rating: 1.5 
Qualhwar, you *do* know the origins of this map, correct? :D

Sen045 Rating: 2 
100% Cheese with awful lightning

Cranium Rating: 0.5 
/me is going to submit dm-tutorial

Kain Rating: 1 
hehe Qualthy hasn't finished the game yet, lol he hasnt even completed one gametype :D

BangOut_[EH] Rating: 0 
No offense Q, but I thought people never having played Unreal 1 was offensive, but this is new territory :D

crazy_roger Rating: 0 
The original maps made by Epic rocks, but this author just put some playerstarts and some pathnodes (i'm not sure ! I did'nt dl it :) ) I think this map is not adapted for the deathmatch !

Lustmord Rating: 0 
This map demonstrates the author's incredible skill at being a thieving bastard. Boo!

Hellishspleen Rating: 0 
Wahoo this map rocks so I gave it a rating of 10. I like the part when your player model is on the stand with his or hers arms raised Excellent...... Oh no wait a moment I downloaded I map I already had? Poor skill even if you made a map that was just one box that would not be stealing.

Turboman Rating: 1 
this map is better with a flyby

03-16-2005 10:06 PM MST
That's a really positive review for a zero, Qualth...

Fodder McFly
04-02-2003 11:54 PM MST
Rating: 1 
Boo-urns! Boo-urns! (only fans of The Simpsons will get this one.)


04-03-2003 09:53 AM MST
Rating: 0 
either somebody just farted, or this is an equally odiferous rip (pun intended)

04-04-2003 09:55 AM MST
Rating: 0 
One of best maps in recent seconds four Unreal Warefare engine!!!!1111111

05-17-2003 03:04 PM MDT
Rating: 0 
oh My god!

05-17-2003 06:39 PM MDT
Rating: 0 
i didnt play it, i just wanted to add another 0

05-18-2003 06:41 AM MDT
Rating: 0 


06-12-2003 10:27 AM MDT
Rating: 0 
Would have been an OK map if they had skaled it up a wee bit and added another room or two maybe. But as it is, even on a 1on1, neither played will be able to move cos thay'd both be squashed against a wall. the map is too titchy. total titchy tosh.

08-26-2003 03:03 PM MDT
Rating: 0 
Authors like these deserve a serious kick in the ***

Dark Pulse
08-26-2003 08:04 PM MDT
Rating: 0 
Don't let the pretty picture decieve you, kids. This map is teh suck.

08-26-2003 09:28 PM MDT
Rating: 0 
I predict people will give this map a low rating.

08-27-2003 03:22 PM MDT
Rating: 0 
Said superkag after a dozen '0' ratings..

08-27-2003 04:59 PM MDT
Rating: 0 
ive played this in Rocket arena... it was a joke... why the hell would ANYONE want to play something soo shi---y?!

07-29-2004 11:25 PM MDT
Rating: 0 
this is not a good way to make a good level fast...

07-30-2004 03:57 AM MDT
Rating: 0 
Ladys And Gentlemen, i believe we just found the worst of all times, please give a big aplause to that big, round, fat, 0

07-30-2004 06:52 AM MDT
Rating: 0 
The most worrying thing about this map is the fact that Qualth did not see where it came from :O

07-30-2004 08:09 AM MDT
Rating: 0 
eh! how the hell did a reviewer not even know where
this map came from? somethings in this world simply
dont add up:s

The Brazilian Novice
07-30-2004 09:52 AM MDT
Rating: 0 
I know this map!!!!! There is a server here running it!!! There is only one starting point right in front of the staircase and that's all! No gameplay because everybody spawnfrag everbody.

UT is doomed... two different authors making the same conversion.

07-30-2004 05:38 PM MDT
Rating: 0 
I know some frends in their early mapping days, they indeed did stuff like this, but what devides them from retardednees as from this author is the fact they were smart enough to understand this stuff should NEVER EVER be released.
My frends did a better job anyway, because it was quite fun tryin' to kill bots while slowly floating through the level and making cool turns and stuff.

07-31-2004 01:51 AM MDT
Rating: 0.5 
I did change this to dm once just so i could "be in there for once" .map too small.

02-07-2005 09:47 PM MST
Rating: 0 
yeah yeah yeah

02-08-2005 04:03 AM MST
Rating: 0 
"Hey! Stop blasting my trophies! What the?! Get outta here!" -Former Unreal Tournament 1999 Champion (not me!)

03-17-2005 10:30 AM MST
Rating: 0 
Anyone who does'nt know where this map comes from should'nt be a reviewer, LMAO, next time lets try a nice review of the totally original DM-City-Intro map.
(maybe there is a reason the Trophyroom and City-Intro were only fly-bys)Tho I must admit I converted it to DM myself years ago, as it turned out tho even for 1v1 its way to small and simplistic to be fun for more than 2 minutes, City-Intro is the exact oppisite except for the 2 minute part. I wonder if I renamed DM-Codex to something else if I could get a reviewer to review it not knowing it was'nt an original map by me. LMAO.

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