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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added05-28-2000
File Version1.00
File Size1.04 mb
Player Count12-16
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating4
User Rating7
Overall Rating5.0
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerAMmayhemAwe Score: 1.0/3
Date12-31-2003Build Score: 1.5/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 1.5/3
User Point: +1
Overall Score: 5.0/10

AWE: 1
There is some sense of realism on the looks on this one, half crumbled buildings that look like results from mortar fire, might be better suited for Medal of Honor. But this is Unreal Tournament, and though this map may not be the fantastic looking maps we spend hours looking for, it still has a solid look to it. The buildings are rather square, and the insides aren't much better, but the chunks taken out of them with the rubble on the ground looks quite decent. The outer terrain looks real good, containing you in the large outdoor arena.

Lighting is good for the most part. Some of the indoor places don't have light sources, although the lighting is does have color resembling the skybox, it's still too bright and doesn't match it right to convince me that it's supposed to be coming from the outside. But for the sky lighting for the outside, it looks great, it's not too bright on the ground.

Texturing is a lot of brown brick blahness, but it does add to the feel of two war torn bases. However, I do feel that the brick textures were taken too far by having them on the inside as well as the outside, makes me feel cold, (or maybe that's because of the snow in my yard...). Should have been done more like the building with the shield belt in it.

BUILD: 1.5
Ambient sounds are pretty good, mostly wind, after that there's an alarm for each base and some flickering lights. Some kind of distant sounds would've been nice. Brush-work isn't amazing, but not sloppy either, other than the terrain, it's mostly cubes. The lifts are a tad bit slow in my opinion, but their purpose isn't for anything urgent, just access to sniper positions. The skybox is good, a purplish/blue sky that looks like one seen on Na Pali.

CAST: 1.5
Gameplay is fairly average, the bots take all three routes, and makes for a somewhat difficult flag capture, but not impossible. One slight difficulty is the openness down the center of the map, which can leave you subject to enemy fire in your base all the way from theirs. As warned in the readme, there might be some slowage on low-end machines, although I didn't have much problems. Item placement is scattered, most of the weapons and ammo are in the buildings that make up each base. This kind of fouls up the flow, forcing you to run through the buildings grabbing what you want and/or need, and delaying the attack on the opponents base.

The map has decent fun factor, but it isn't the most fulfilling.

Map Comments

11-18-2002 06:20 AM MST
Rating: 8 
A really GOOD map like it alot !!! (a review would be nice)u will have fun on this map believe me =)

03-01-2003 12:16 AM MST
Rating: 9 
For a large amount of players (14 plus) this map is one of the best. It may be a little sniper friendly but there are multiple routes to the flag and everything. If you use the strangelove mod this map is even that much sweeter. Weapon placement rulez and the bots play solidly. Layout, build, and textures are great. I like the dark/dusk lighting mood too. The one thing that would really help in this map due to its size is zoning. Other than that his map is one of the best large player count maps out there.

04-28-2003 06:25 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Fun map!! In my rotation.
Strangelove mod?? What is that??

Fodder McFly
04-29-2003 02:06 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
I liked this CTF level a lot. Kinda reminded me of CTF-BadNeighbors. I would like to see a server run this map, I would be there playing it! Post a screenshot or two, then people can see how good it is before downloading it.

10-31-2003 01:52 AM MST
Rating: 9 
This is one of those maps that make Unreal Tournament the great game that it is. It sports the traditional two forts and a bridge layout, but botman pulled it off nicely.

Layout 10/10
There is one main bridge in full view of most every sniper position, making it near impossible to cross, but it has the lovely reward of the redeemer to balance things out. There are two smaller bridges placed below the lip of the chasm, out of harms way...mostly. There are guard positions at the entrance tunnel to each of the side bridges, making them a challenge for attackers, not to mention the fact that it is a narrow tunnel, thus making ripper and flak spam a serious threat to all flag carriers. The final way to cross the chasm is by means of our trust trans locater. This certainly opens a wide avenue of attack across this daunting gap in the map.

The base layout features several war-torn building, all of which can be entered, offering the defenders secure positions from which to rain down burning death. These buildings serve to divide the bases into three sections extending to the three bridges. The side routes offer more cover, limiting sniper support, but offering fewer perks, like the redeemer. The center route is wide open with buildings on all sides and a daunting monolith that most certainly holds a sniper within. The central route is nearly impossible to get through when the defense is in order, but that's what you get for making a run at the Redeemer.

The Flag building has two ground entrances and a couple windows on the second floor to translocate through. Each ground entrance is a ramp leading up to an elevator that then lifts the player to the flag room.

CTF-Chasm?s layout is designed to make attacking difficult, thus making for very long, tense games.

Sound 8/10
The ambient sound is well placed in that it adds to the atmosphere without interfering with game sounds, such as bullets flicking dirt up around you. When crossing the chasm, you can hear the water rushing far down below your feet, and there are a few alarm sounds in the building where the rocket launcher can be found.

There?s nothing wrong with the sound, but nothing makes it stand out, making it a little better than average.

Visual 9/10
CTF-Chasm is a beautiful map, in a run-down war-zone kind of way. The buildings are falling apart, the cliffs are well made, and the skybox is better than average.

All of the structures have holes knocked out of them, or have walls that seem to have become floors. Debris clutters the ground and makes for good obstacles to duck and jump around in a fight.

The lighting is dark enough to for the player to feel like it is night, but not too dark that one cannot see where the ground ends and air begins. The lighting fits the buildings? disrepair in that they flicker and dim, and red lights keep dark corners from becoming too dark.

This is a must-have map for all CTF players, weather you play instagib or normal weapons. I rank it a well deserved 9 out of 10.

10-31-2003 02:07 PM MST
Rating: 9 
stragelove mod its a nuke that u can fly on

anyway i realy like this level it, flows plenty of routes to the flags looks good well worth a 9

11-01-2003 05:32 AM MST
Rating: 6 
Architecture are really simple, To much doors looks the same. The Gameplay is well. The ligth don't looks complicated, It's only an cube who give ligth
I don't understand why this map has such good ratings, DM-LastCrusader][ has the same rating as this map. But that looks very good (and it plays well too) This map is fun 4 3 minutes, okay, there are many paths so it played well

(My english aren't good so sorry about that)

11-01-2003 06:32 PM MST
Rating: 7 

11-01-2003 06:59 PM MST
Rating: 7 
Deffinitly no achitechtural miracle, but the theme's original.
Though the ruins can be entered it's unlikely to actually do so.
If you would make it more walled-in so you need to atleast pass through the ruins they would have more meaning.
Not a lot of Z-axis combatting.
And some flagpoles are 8 sided cillinders, while you can get the same effect with the double sheets so it's less hard on your PC. overall it does look good.

11-01-2003 09:34 PM MST
Rating: 8 
Great map I must say. Tight gameplay. The bots defended the base well, assisted me in capping the flag, and made use of all the routes. The map is a little too dark IMO, but it was nothing that a little turing up the brightness couldn't do.

You'll have a blast playing this map with the StrangeLove mod.

01-01-2004 11:36 AM MST
Rating: 7 
I remember playing this a VERY long time ago but it once got lost in a reformat and I had no idea what the name was again, so thanks! Due to certain nostalgic worth Im rating it a 7, of course, from the reviewer oint of view it would now indeed deserve a 4.

01-01-2004 01:51 PM MST
Rating: 6 
Its fun to play, for a little while anyway. the detail on the buildings outsides is similar to that of my first map that never made it to Nali City, as i had a review from hourences and he gave me some criticism (no offense to Hourences as the critisicm was exactaly what i asked for , and it made me realize that what i was doing was hopeless)

01-02-2004 12:30 AM MST
Rating: 5 
I really like that map. But I have to agree whit the review on that. Good job man!.

01-02-2004 01:16 PM MST
Rating: 8 
Great !!!

01-06-2004 01:31 AM MST
Rating: 5 
i saw someone that wanted a server that has this map?
well, here you go unreal://
Have fun! :)

01-07-2004 12:06 PM MST
Rating: 7 
I Loved the decimated city stuff!

Oh, and has good gameplay also :P

01-21-2004 04:50 PM MST
Rating: 8 
its pretty good except too dark!!! loadsa good maps are just too dark = / tho its not THAT bad 4? buildings are sqaurish tho

Shinobi Ryu
01-24-2004 10:43 PM MST
Rating: 9 
Sw33tness! This map is awesome!. The reviewer's all screwy. :P

Works well with realism, too, such as INF or C4.

01-27-2004 07:19 AM MST
Rating: 5 
God, please kill everyone who rated this map 8+ kthxbye

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