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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added10-11-2000
File Version1.00
File Size2.21 mb
Player Count4-16
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating9.5
User Rating8
Overall Rating9.5
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerTwrecksOverall Score: 9.5/10
DateNC2 10-29-2000

Anyone know how to say "EAT ME!" in Skaarj?

Synapse Collaspse is by far one of the finest example of a user made map available outside of Epic

These are bold words spoken by a mere reviewer. Already on CliffyB's Ownage, DM-Synapse by RuineR takes the cake with high levels of excellence in every aspect of mapping, and more importantly, gaming.

Providing an accurate breakdown without gushing will be difficult, but I will try to adhere to facts:

FUN From tight sculpted corridors to open multi-tiered arenas this map has bits and pieces to satisfy nearly every gaming style. Two traps provide icing and the level of realism defies its alien atmosphere.The map is large and will take several plays to learn, keeping it fresh for many a frag

Playability Some machines may slow with larger player loads, but with an recommended 4-16 combatants, a level can be chosen to suit your system. A set of 6 bots felt right, as with increased demand items became dangerously scarce. Spawn points deliver occupants just outside of normal traffic allowing for tactical re-entry into gameplay. For the most part, polys and other cpu resource hogs are kept well in control for fluid movement. Sacrificing resolution for frame rates might be needed on bare bone boxes.

BOTs Mainly due to item placement and architecture than higher AI, the BOTs chew up human challengers. Once you learn your way around you may stand a chance at winning a match through intellegent planning. Bots had trouble exiting one secluded spawn point and didn't have an appetite for the Redeemer leaving it as Human bait for a tasty trap.

FLOW There is no less than eight tiers of architecture available to navigate. Main areas have numerous ways to be accessed and the abundance of z-axis oppurtunities is a dominate feature. Teleporters convienently nestled troughout the level make for fast foraging through out the entire map. Hit and run espionage coupled with a certain amount of ambushing is well supported.

Items Risk and incentive are nicely balaced to a pinnicle. The redeemer is placed over a square iris lens trap door leading to an entertaining warp death. The jaws of a partially opened floor hatch will dismember would be U-Damage owners. Shield Belt, Super health are in easyily observed loactions while other lesser pickups need deviation from traffic. Weapons get one of every type scattered about at strategic locations with minimal supporting ammo, so players are hungry but never starved.

Theme This map echos the Skaarj Wars from the original Unreal. Undoubtabaly some kind of functional outpost anchored somewhere far out in space, it now is open for the serving of gibs and frantic fire-fights. The continuity of texturing and architecture accentuate the feeling of "place". The gaseous green teleporters are housed in well realized field generators. The upper reaches reflect an operating ventilation network while the lower bowels are defined by collecting ponds filled with azure pools of condesate. Everywhere you turn, there the map has a life of its own.

Architecture The most important aspect of any map is its architecture. I would prefer it to be theme, but without good arcitecture all other properties will fail. Synapse has dimensional qualities that speak of the Skaarj race. The forms of construction follows the shapes of textures right down to the split lines of mover-doors. Everywhere is a consistancy of thematic execution based on solid rendering. Visual details extend into every recess, supporting elements and structural components reinforce the walls and cielings and the use of trim extends the level of believable arcitecture and eye-candy.

Lighting Again, continuity and thematic execution are flawless. Spiced with lense flares, illumination and shadows contrast heavily to accentuate the architecture and mimic the textures. Colored light figures heavily in the presentation and is well applied and sourced.

Textures Yummy, The Skaarj texture set figures heavily in this maps appearance. The insertion of animated and panning textures captivate the spectator in the form of green cycling pulses racing along ductwork to orange scrolling illuminated alien text. I found one minor misalignment on a catwalk's underside, this could be caused by display differences developed by my video card. Agian minor, but I was challenged to find anything technically "wrong" with this map.

Sound Plenty of ambient effects enhance the animated textures, movers, teleports and environmental aura. For desert, a custom music track helps drive home your cerebrum is due for synaptic collapse. Undoubtably the authors own response to the completion of this project.

In conclusion, this map is an awsome achievement. Not only for RuineR, but as an example of what can be done with UnrealEditor. This map is of Epic proportions when measured in measurable skill and sheer scale. DM-Synapse delivers food for the eyes and ears, if you have a performace rig, prepare yourself for a full course feast, Skaarj style.

Map Comments

SirFraggedalot Rating: 9 
Killer map. Just testing this newfangled feedback thingy. -Sir Fraggedalot

Jon 'Shrapnel' Cruz Rating: 8.5 
WOW, amazing looking map. It has to be one of the best looking map i've seen yet. However, I don't know about the fun factor :-/. Everything is nearly godlike but the gameplay does get a bit boring after a while of playing.

Tom Browett Rating: 10 
This map looks as good as the ones that come with unreal tournament and plays ok too. I wouldn't put this much effort into a map unless I was getting paid!

Some Rating: 8 
You needed 3 months for this? I'm talking about the user review system btw map is fine

BangOut_[EH] Rating: 9 
I like this map.

hackr86 Rating: 9 
*pushes bak dropped jaw yet it falls down again*

David 'DAVIDM' Münnich Rating: 6.5 
the layout and the textures suck

Willis Rating: 9.5 
I really liked this map, all-though it seemed to get boring fast, mind you most maps due unless they have something unique to themselves, and that trap pissed me off, falling all that way... -Willis ==== P.S get my new map DM-GodSpeed

Dai Rating: 6 
synapse gets a couple of points it's for trim/detail synapse loses points for it's crap/unplayable layout and boring traps.

Cranium Rating: 6.5 
Looks great but plays as well as Hall of Giants (bad)

Shock6822 Rating: 9 
Hella sexy!

Crossfire Rating: 7 
Godlike arcitechture and texturing, but I miss some open areas to get a real fight. Maybe it's too detailed, because I get somewhat sick after playing it some time. I think it's a good download if you just want to go around with no bots and just look at the beauty. Kinda like DM-Frankenstein....

Kain Rating: 8.5 
This levels kinda grown on me - at first I didn't like it because of it's alien layout and strange lighting, but now I've come to appreciate it for it's individuality.

Mike3894 Rating: 8 

Asis Rating: 6 
At first galnce, I was amazed, at first play, I was devestated. Despite being one of the best lookers around, it sucks ass with the gameplay. It's one of those maps where you just follow the corridors and run in circles till you find a weapon, the flow is based around the weapons and layout, not the neccesity of action. There's also a terrible amount of parts on the map to get stuck on when you're strafing and dodging. Sorry Twrecks, architecture is NOT the most important thing in a map. Jeez.

Twrecks Rating: 9.5 
Architecture. Players can use the supports and beams to their advantage. Once you get to know the layout (big learning curve) navigation becomes simple and the hopeless feeling of running blindly about will go away.

Oblivion Rating: 9 
All in all, a very good layout - I blew a bot off the platform above the Redeemer and was showered with his body parts! The only thing that keeps it from being rated even higher are a few hang up areas by the Redeemer - I want to be able to jump through the trestles without getting hung up on them all the time. Otherwise, it's a blast.

Agent X Rating: 2 
Puke. As much as I like the minigun and the redeemer, gameplay based on those two weapons doesn't impress me.

Apart Rating: 9.5 
The map rules !

Blooddog_sweden Rating: 9.5 
Well done!!!!!! Godlike Architecture and texturing. Skaarjtextures are popular again with Synapse and CTF-Aliens in the front.

Hellishspleen Rating: 9.5 
Sweet(Homer not Cartman sweet) sweet map the Skaarj idea just make a prize map in my map cycle A must download

AeroBLASTER Rating: 8 
Good map but too confusing :

Deathwing Rating: 9 
Awesome to the extreme! (that sounds stupid)

Lustmord Rating: 9.5 
All hail the Skaarj theme. Did I ever mention that Dai & Nobody are fucking idiots? Well I just did. ;-)

06-15-2003 11:38 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
One of the (if not the) best deathmatch map I have ever played. This map should have come with UT! Keep up the good work.

EDIT FOR BOT40: Don't be so harsh. I can't see a single thing this map could inprove on (well maybe one thing but no one will ever notice it because I'm so nitpicky). It's truly NOT overrated.

06-17-2003 06:32 AM MDT
Rating: 5 
Yawn, yet ANOTHER overrated, average map. Textures are the most horrible ever, and the layout is pathetic. The architecture would look kinda decent if it used proper textures but it looks so ugly as it is.

Yet again, Shao rates another map with the perfect 10/10 when there are a million things this map could improve on

Er, how about a normal rating? You know there are loads of other number IN BETWEEN 0 and 10.

lol, yet more people joining in with the "I like the map a little bit so it must be worth 10/10" philosophy O_o

06-16-2003 10:55 AM MDT
Rating: 10 
so What do you want? Put a 0 on it?!

come on BOT40! This maps is cool and Fun.

06-16-2003 07:57 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
Hey, this map rocks!!! I don't care what everybody else thinks, This map is a keeper for sure! Nice job!

06-17-2003 12:08 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
A must-download map, to be sure.

03-16-2004 03:25 PM MST
Rating: 8 
Excellent map. As TWrecks stated, it takes some time to get used to using the architecture to one's advantage, so don't be too put off if your first impression isn't a great one. This seems to be one of those maps that you either love or hate, and I love it. Many people I play with hate it, but many of those are the kind of people who think CTF-andACTION is high art. :rolleyes:

10-17-2004 03:35 PM MDT
One of few first maps I downloaded from Nali long ago... It's just great. I don't have to rate it - it has been rated by legion of people as right as it deserves. I know that screenshot isn't so nice, but don't hesitate any longer and download it right now:)

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