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Sat, March 2, 2024
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added08-26-2000
File Version1.00
File Size879 kb
Player Count5-8
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating7
User Rating8
Overall Rating7
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerQualthwarOverall Score: 7/10
DateNC2 11-17-2000

This map is seductive! My only beef are the bots, and the flow, which is due to the theme. Other than that, it's damn cool. It's a craft flying high in the stratosphere accompanied by escort fighters. Fight inside, or on the hull of the ship. There's enough cool eye candy everywhere to draw you to all parts of the craft. Your presence is the only thing that helps some sticking bots. Since the layout is linear, you won't have the DM flow that many of you like, but it's as good as the Epic maps with the same theme.

~End of Review~

For the author: I kept seeing bots hopping on the crate by the robot and they would stick up there. They also have trouble getting the jumpboots that are in between the barrels, and they tend to stay at the back of the ship and not explore unless they see something to go after. I could have swore that I saw a BSP error when I played this thing earlier today when it was light outside. I waited until it got dark to play it again, but I don't see the BSP now. The steep stairs are a little iffy, but it's nothing to take points off for. Nice job on the looks of the place.

Map Comments

QuazBotch Rating: 7 
A very, very, very well done gimmick map. One of the coolest things I've ever seen in UT. Great job on the engine room!

Metago Rating: 6 
It's not only flat, but horribly cramped as well. The outside area looks decent, but having all the powerups is a little overkill & having to shoot boxes for items is soooo sp ;) Hyperblast beats it down

Frostblood Rating: 9 
Amazing! Best looking map I have ever played, and plays v. well too. I like the item placement, the way they are resting on tables etc, and the flow is very nice considering. Keep it up!!!! =)

Sen045 Rating: 6.5 
Would be worth a ten just for the dart boards!

Shock6822 Rating: 6 
Poo flow, blah items, so so gameplay

jackskiller Rating: 8 
nice design, I caught myself many times stopping to look out the ships windows (only to have my face blown off from behind.) Good item placement, I took me a few minutes to find the shield belt and when I did, I over shot the jump and fell to my slow death. Engine room is also very good, once I got caught in the engine wash and was sent sailing towards the clouds. The bots know where most of the items are ( usualy they get the Nuke, so get use to it). overall I injoyed this map, But I feel the joy will diminish quickly as most of the excitment is based on eye candy. I_AM_JACKS_KILLER

DN3 Rating: 9 
Very cool map. I had some problems climbing up the ladders and falling off when I first started playing. Very very well done! :)

Agent X Rating: 7.5 
I agree completely with Qualthwar. Impressive visuals but lacking in flow. Reminds me a little of DM-Hyperblast.

KronniK_PAIN Rating: 10 
Obviously, (in my opinion anyway) this map's layout is made for realism; and to give you more the feel of being in, and on a real spaceship rather than concentrating strictly on smooth game flow. And it's about time IMHO. Adding to the realism is the fact that you can go everywhere outside the ship you can hold onto. And there is a high anxiety factor while running throughout the interior of the ship because you must run through open halls and cargo bays, therefore, exposing yourself to sniper attacks from the tallest of the ship's two large "fins". And lookout! The bots seemed to know the level a little too My friends and I love this this map and agree that it is staying in our map list. Download it and, Happy fragging!

Lustmord Rating: 8.5 
This one's still in my list, it just beats Hyperblast down. I mean come on, Hyperblast is about as much of a spaceship as Overlord is an accurate recreation of D day.

Noodles Rating: 8 
Beautiful map. Only prob is the bots. They get stuck on the top after they get the shield belt. On that big hump. Otherwise, this map is super cool.

02-09-2003 08:58 PM MST
Rating: 5 
Still not as good as Hyperblast, Get's boring quickly.

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