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Mon, June 27, 2022
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added08-19-2001
File Version1.00
File Size678 kb
Player Count2-6
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating7
User Rating8
Overall Rating7


ReviewerVarpuOverall Score: 7/10
DateNC2 08-23-2001

A deathmatch arena with very good looks and flow. Z-axis action to the limit of hurting Yourself.
The map is one of the best I've seen so far and the author did not need to bribe me to say this.

In case You are interested in a map that has something extra to offer, start downloading the map and go on reading.

The map reminds me of some sort of factory that has been abandoned but it still has the juice
to keep the lighting and some of the machines going. Apparently the plumbing is clogged because
there is some water on the floor. Very enjoyable environment with good flow and all. The humid
environment has given the alga a good growth. It is hanging everywhere and especially upstairs.
Water dripping, spooky sounds and cobwebs here and there.....

The only drawback in this map is the rather high poly count at times. I spotted several places
where a flock of 300 polygons are marching in accompanied with almost 600 nodes. Especially the
upper levels are harsh for low end and even for medium gadgets. The map is propably not playable
with the oldest machines around. All the 8 player starts are OK.

The bots reach You everywhere. The coverage of the pathing is complete. Most of the shortcuts are
known to the bots, just a few of them are missing. The map has no ambushpoints which leaves the bots
stranded with their inbuilt AI. They know nothing about the profitable places on the map. And there
are a few of them. Exepect to have a level fight against bots even if they won't surprise You
by ambushing or looking for those profitable places.

The map flows pretty well. You can go barefoot everywhere and it is very safe to jump down or back up.
Sj–rd has paid some attention to the hardcore gaming as well. The number or rythming of vials
is different at the ramps, squeaky boards and the lifts having different sounds making it easier to
track down Your enemy. You can choose to "invite" the enemy by walking in the water but You can jump
over it in case You want to lay low.

There is enough weapons and ammo not to run out. Perhaps this is a weeny bit too much for 1-1 matches
but as the consumption increases, the supply is about right. Thinking about weapons, the map runs
it's best with 4 players. There are four med boxes (scarce) and a group of vials here and there. Just
about right with those IMO. One of the profitable camping spots is near the armor, which is loacted
at the upper level. No shield belt or other powerups. The map is as near a TOURNEY map as it can get
with the health vials.

The architecture is cooperating with texturing and flow very tightly. The low node/poly ratio (2.0) is
a result of using semisolids and isolation extensively. The map has been divided into two zones which
was the right decision as it seemed to be hard to divide the map more without making very big portals.

Lighting is very good with flares having the right color and size, light boxes with perfect align and
so on. The light setup also shows some variety which makes the map look really good. Because I make
these reviews with software renderer, some players may have a different output onto their screen,
especially the D3D renderer seems to level the lights a lot.

This map is NOT silent. It is full of lively sound both dynamic and static. The selection of sounds
is also very good as it is playing in harmony with the spooky appearence of the map. Sj–rd didn't
take the short course to build up the spooky atmosphere by making the map dark; instead he has built
it up by the interplay of light, architecture, textures and finally the sound.

The music, Nether, is from the original UT-CD and it does not disturb the sensitive environment.

To the author:

Allright, You should have set up some ambush points for
the bots as hints for good fishing places. Also some shortcuts down the ledges are missing making
movement of the bots inefficient at times (rare). What else; Thanks for this nice map.

Map Comments

Plat Rating: 7 
Pretty nice map, dunno about an 8 though.

thx for the review, score is good :) and you mistspelled my name twice its Sjoerd not Sj¯rd or something :p didnt want ambushpoints, would slow the gameplay a bit, and hate it to go search the bots myself cause they are camping somewhere

gmotha Rating: 9 
Go 4 it, hour-d00d!

Platinum[STS] Rating: 7 
yeah, ambush points = not great idea in a hardcore map imo.

Varpu Rating: 8 
Sorry about the misspelling. The ambushpoints can be configured so that the bots will not camp on them. Just leave the sniping flag false. This means that the bots will chase You after they have detected You. To help the detection, put some triggers and distance view triggers around. Also it is a good idea to set up some triggering on long hallways, use distance view trigger + trigger. This will make it harder to surprise the bots from their backside at times.

zeep Rating: 8 
good thinkin with those triggers varpu. u actually solved an issue i was havin with bots myself. and sjoerd, those ambushpoints wouldn't slow down the pace or make you search for them bots. if anything, they'd spot you sooner and it would definately ADD to the rush of yo map bro! congrats

Chicoverde Rating: 6 
ok map nothing special IMO

Mister_Prophet Rating: 8 
Hourences threatened to kill me if I didn't post here.

Shock6822 Rating: 8.5 
Neato map but too laggy

Fluffy Rating: 8 
I didn't play it because my tabacus runs at 233Mhz... :-( But knowing Hourences, all his maps rule... And what a speed, damn, at, allmost every UT map that comes out, are from him!!!! Hourences Rule... :-) Hm... don't know how he can make such great maps at such litle time...

Sighter Rating: 9 
Great map with some greater gameplay, not only will the geometry blow you away but so will the bots, in the top 10 deathmatches

BoneDaddy Rating: 7 
-0- Phreaky lifts. Bad masonry/plumbing/carpentry doesn't make up for poor FPS and gameplay.

CowGod Rating: 7 
BoneDaddy, your a fuck*ng retard, Stop giving maps 0's for minor flaws

CyberTrooper (Cybie) Rating: 10 
Hehe , You are N1 , Houre-Doed :)

Cursed Soul Rating: 10 
uhm cant dl

SilenT SnakE Rating: 8 
Hmmmm... Great map, Great flow, Author sucks [IMG[/IMG] Pity for the snipers under us, though... I mean: shoot, headshot, die... They come from everywhere!!! HOURENCES, YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!

03-18-2003 12:35 AM MST
Rating: 10 
yum yum i like to sink my teeth into maps and this one i really can!! :)

05-31-2005 02:48 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
>Crap again, I haven't commented on this map either. Iv'e had this map for a while and IT ROCKS! d/l this map right now for some pure UT gaming goodness!

05-31-2005 05:50 PM MDT
Ambush points can be good to kinda keep fighting to variuos sections of maps,and or so the bots don't all coagulate in the same spots for fighting.

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