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Fri, June 24, 2022
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Map Info

AuthorCaylo Gypsyblood
GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added05-28-2000
File Version1.00
File Size1.9 mb
Player Count2-12
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating10
User Rating3
Overall Rating10
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerUnknownOverall Score: 10/10
DateNC2 05-27-2000

***I had to get another opinion on this baby to be certain it is a ten.› Thanks to Yoda, we put this critique makes me look less like a freak, too!***


I could end the review here, you know?› What?!› I said download this map NOW!!!› Not convinced?› OK...fine.›

Let's start with the long list of flaws this map has:

  • It's too damn cool!
  • I need more than two eyes to play this

    Yeah, that's a rough one to get over, kids.› It'll be ok.
    I found that this map rocked arse with about 11 bots on teams.› As a DM, I would say nine or 10 bots for an 'up' pace...more if you like fast pace frag-fests, like me.
    Caylo even included his own custom music, too (.umx goes into your ut/music dir).› Nice touch, Caylo!

    I'll keep this brief, as there are no flaws to run into the ground, except those mentioned above...hehe.
    The architecture is god-like.›Bot play rocks and items are placed where you need them.› All of this and a good frame-rate.
    One last thing...this map was submitted to the Make Something Unreal contest, but the judges didn't like it because of the use of lighting. Whatever.› Lighting poblems were the last thing on my mind in this map.

    Even the intro/readme is cool with this map...more fun than bitin' heads off of live chickens!


    One thing I have to comment on is the lighting in this map. It puts all other maps to shame. The lighting is the most exquisite thing I have seen in a first person shooter. Period. Maz and I are still baffled at how Caylo did some of those lights, from the blue-green central dome, to the red highlights in one hallway.

    Second, Caylo actually went through the trouble of getting custom music for his map. It is this type of thing that makes a map a 10, when you go above and beyond. And as for the music itself, this Quetzalcoatl sure has promising talent.

    Even though this is kind of out of order (meaning the music isn't better than the geometry), the geometry and architecture is one of the best parts of DM-Scimitar. The architecture in this map is astounding. You have to download it to see for yourself, as I cant describe it for you in any human readable form. And the connectivity in this map is wonderful, it doesn't connect, it flows! The best part about all of this is that the map gets a very good framerate, while managing to look spectacular. All mappers should strive for the same thing, as I have seen some perfectly good maps ruined by thier framerate.

    I'll stop rambling about how much I love this map now. We have pretty much covered everything. As my comrade Maz said above, download it. NOW! You have to see it for yourself.

    Map Comments

    07-10-2003 11:58 PM MDT
    Rating: 0 
    This might sound harsh, but this totally does NOT deserve a 10. I mean....a 10?? What's up with that? My maps, I hate to brag, are better than this, and these are the Homeslice maps, the ones that suck!! They're better than this!!

    EDIT: We who give 0 know NOTHING about maps? That should be the other way around. See, you don't know what a good map is. Try something from guys like DavidM or Plutonic or Tonnberry or even the new guy, L.J. Paranoid, if you wanna see something GOOD!

    12-11-2002 07:21 PM MST
    Rating: 3 

    12-14-2002 12:22 PM MST
    Rating: 2 
    heh, this had to be resurrected one day.

    (changed my score a bit down btw after reconsidering and comparing it to other maps of the same rating btw o_O )

    12-12-2002 03:07 AM MST
    Rating: 1 
    And the joke lives on!

    12-12-2002 07:49 AM MST
    Rating: 0 
    alltime classic =)

    12-12-2002 12:03 PM MST
    Rating: 10 
    hopefully we'll see a UT2003 version of this map and we'll give it a 10 too!

    12-12-2002 12:21 PM MST
    Rating: 1 
    Ok, lighting is good, but only in a few places. Have you seen that hallway?? Or is too bright or its unlit but its totally a ****!!!!!

    12-13-2002 11:50 AM MST
    Rating: 0 
    Its somewhere between tonnberry's and luquados score....but I guess tonnberry is closer,so...

    12-13-2002 12:29 PM MST
    Rating: 4 
    This map has really gotten a bad rap in the past, but it is not all bad and I can't give it lower than a 4. But I'm still not sure exactly what score I'd give it in a review.

    12-15-2002 11:19 AM MST
    Rating: 0 

    12-13-2002 08:03 PM MST
    Rating: 4 
    dunno what some people love on the map, but i went crazy (sound and grfx).

    One of the classics tho, suddenly commented again :)

    04-24-2003 09:39 PM MDT
    Rating: 1 
    So this map gets a 10, and a quality map like DM-Alzamon gets a 6. Congratulations, team, your joke is really funny.

    Let's see, 9200 downloads x 2 MB = ....

    Agent X
    12-17-2002 10:08 AM MST
    Rating: 0 
    well what's there to say, there's more obsticles to bump into than opponents, unless your playing with 200 people... LOL Portals, ugly lighting that manages to make Asbestos look good, and just an overall terrible layout...

    So this was given a 10 a while back, well the jokes on us, remove the 1 in teh 10 Nali City to bring back truth in advertising. :)

    edit : oh yeah, and the music is about the worst piece of garbage ever

    12-14-2002 09:48 AM MST
    Rating: 1 
    1 cause as far as i know it doesnt have flashing green and purple fog everywhere, so thats at least something good

    12-14-2002 10:55 PM MST
    Rating: 6 
    Not bad, too many objects get in the way of flow. Music gets annoying quickly, although it is a nice change from the normal. Not worth a 10, but it is okay.

    12-16-2002 06:09 AM MST
    Rating: 1 
    "Not bad"?

    Technicolour vomit. But it doesn't crash my PC, so it gets a 1 (just)

    12-15-2002 09:27 AM MST
    Rating: 0 

    12-15-2002 08:45 PM MST
    Rating: 0 
    lol... it was bound to happen sometime

    12-18-2002 03:50 AM MST
    Rating: 6 
    What a bunch of children - this map has it's flaws, and I don't enjoy it very much (that stupid hut on stilts is wayyy too hard to get to, and the bots ignore it) and you do get hung up alot of places.
    It seems to be an exercise in creative brush work. Or, a robotussin trip. Also the techno track sux0rs. But seriously, a 0? Grow up.

    12-16-2002 02:56 AM MST
    Rating: 5 
    I have to say that I kind of like this map. Sure, it's cramped as hell in places, it has loads of unused areas, and the architecture is not something to gape upon, but hey I like the hues, I like somewhat out-of-order weapon placement, I like the fragfest and I like the atmosphere. And don't complain about lighting having no apparent sources; this is a magic temple... :P

    12-17-2002 06:14 PM MST
    Rating: 1 
    Total trash, 1/10 for comedy value

    oh wait... I thought the comment thing was for rating the review. Let me now rate the map:
    Total trash, 1/10 for comedy value

    this map shouldnt be a 10, but less than 4 is just ridiculus. ur saying its one of the worst maps in existance, when its mediocare at lowest.
    No, this map is total cr4p. Anyone who can't see that is blind. Stupid layout which is way too tight. 0 architecture. Horrible textures, and the lighting is either zone lighting, or greenings.

    12-16-2002 03:44 PM MST
    Rating: 6 
    this map shouldnt be a 10, but less than 4 is just ridiculus. ur saying its one of the worst maps in existance, when its mediocare at lowest.

    12-17-2002 09:40 AM MST
    Rating: 4 
    OMFG, that music!!! :o

    12-17-2002 08:22 PM MST
    Rating: 5 
    not as bad as u would think, some maps are way worse than this for Scimitar to be a zero. Hey it was stunning for it's time.... that's about it.

    12-28-2002 02:38 AM MST
    Rating: 6 
    Reveiw by SATYRKARMA

    Design: 8/10
    >>>This arena is very intricate. I'm not exactly sure what this place is supposed to represent or why anyone would even build a build like this, but it does make for some interesting gameplay. It seems to me as if the author intended to try everything while building it.

    Awe: 6/10
    >>>Intricate work. But nothing fancy to me.

    Difficulty: 4/10
    >>>I found it rather average. I had no problems wasting bots. Not that hard.

    Overall: 6/10
    >>>Good map but not great. The music is good but I think it clashes with the environment unless someone tells me a really good story to back this one up.

    02-11-2003 01:43 PM MST
    Rating: 4 
    When I Installed this map (probably more than a year ago), i wondered why on earth they gave this a 10, and I uninstalled it. Now I know...

    02-12-2003 05:51 AM MST
    Rating: 10 
    THIS IS ONE ROCKIN (despite the music) MAP!
    TRY IT ON TeamDM!
    NUFF SAID...

    02-12-2003 09:41 AM MST
    Rating: 7 
    Is this map supposed to be something special? It has quite some original touches alright but I'm not all like "wow-I can't breathe" and all that.

    02-12-2003 06:30 PM MST
    Rating: 2 
    Let's keep this alive, shall we?

    02-12-2003 10:47 PM MST
    Rating: 2 
    Yeah whatever

    02-13-2003 04:42 PM MST
    Rating: 3 
    When this map first was released I really enjoyed it probably becasue it was new at that time,but now I just don't like this map at all.
    Bots: Go most places and pickup most items.
    Lights: There are white lights on the walls and yet the rooms are still that hideous blue-green color. These disco maps just don't impress me anymore.
    Architexture: Good
    Layout: It just kind of goes here and there. Flow suffers because you can't easily get from one spot to another.
    Camping spots: That hut on stilts. Good place to camp if you are playing Lms against bots.
    It seems that there are only certain map layouts that work well in any first person shooter.
    Just look at all the crap that's already been released for UT2003.

    02-14-2003 05:32 AM MST
    Rating: 4 
    Quite Literally Mediocre, even on TeamDM.

    02-15-2003 05:55 PM MST
    Rating: 6 
    Well it's not worth a 10, and the music wasn't that great, it's a pretty cool level, but I was expecting more from the rating. Psychologically the rating given by reviewers made it less appealing. It's an excellent level and I'm having fun playing it, but no way on the 10-ay.

    ShadoW SnipeR
    04-21-2003 10:03 AM MDT
    Rating: 0 
    FUN: Not at all
    BORING: As hell

    Rating -10 (but i cant do that)

    04-21-2003 04:51 PM MDT
    Rating: 5 
    I think that anybody who bumps this discussion should get their wrists heartily slapped.

    Damn - *slaps wrists*

    11-21-2003 05:32 AM MST
    Rating: 2 
    This Map look SOOOOOOOO Ugly and its not fun at ALLLLL
    The Best Suckage Ive seen in a long time.....

    04-25-2003 12:36 PM MDT
    Rating: 1 
    This map is schlŁpeurk.

    Fodder McFly
    04-25-2003 02:33 PM MDT
    Rating: 1 
    The music made me throw my speakers out the window. The odd coloring made me throw up and toss my monitor out the window. I figure that this map owes me about $800. No cash accepted, checks only. ;)

    05-01-2003 02:17 PM MDT
    Rating: 6 
    man i did never new reviewers smoke joints before reviewin...

    Talking about joints: the lighting in this map is obiviously build by someone who's high. if thats goo, well... too much colors and too much of the same texture in one map(?)
    Game (instagib) was fun, music sux a litlle. you can download it but... well.. if u have nothing else to do(...)

    05-09-2003 09:53 PM MDT
    Rating: 1 
    Bad layout, ugly architecture, texturing, & lighting. All around horrible. The only good thing is that you can still kill things...

    08-18-2003 06:02 PM MDT
    Rating: 6 
    ahh yes, one of the only 10's in the history of nali city!



    05-17-2003 02:14 PM MDT
    Rating: 0 
    Not fun!
    Strange and............ why 10????????????????????????????????????????

    05-19-2003 09:38 PM MDT
    Rating: 8 
    - Fun factor
    - Colored highlights from the lights
    - Item placement
    - Challenge

    - Architecture (kinda basic sometimes)
    - At many points the map's lights seem to be unified, and not in a good way. It gives that hallway and some of the rest of the map a monotonous feel (correct usage of that word?).

    SUMMARY: Very fun map, but not quite a 10.

    Fuzzy Logic
    05-20-2003 09:40 AM MDT
    Rating: 10 
    Best map ever made ;)

    06-04-2003 04:59 PM MDT
    Rating: 10 
    Best Map Ever. Period. (You people with the 0 ratings obsiously know nothing about maps and what makes them great.)

    06-18-2003 10:06 AM MDT
    Rating: 4 
    eugh... vibrant blue and ancient mario tune... aaaaaaarg!!! This map has no theme. And it gives away a splitting head-ache if you play it for more than 5 seconds. Do not download... unless you're one of these wierdo's who like pain...

    07-09-2003 03:32 PM MDT
    Rating: 4 
    Why was my comment removed? becuz i made a sarcastic comment about how this map was rated?

    i hate censorship

    07-10-2003 09:46 PM MDT
    Rating: 0 
    Rating of this maps:

    -To Boring
    -To Sucks
    -Not fun at all
    -I am gonna kill the reviewer
    -stop put a 10.
    -bad layouts
    -0( nothing special!)


    and tks do not put a 10 if you haven't play it!same to the reviewer!

    07-10-2003 10:32 PM MDT
    Rating: 3 
    this map may look cool, but it has loads of problems. it has a HORRIBLE layout. weapon placement is bad. the official review is WAY overrated

    08-18-2003 10:56 AM MDT
    Rating: 0 
    in case any of you couldnt tell, the review is a purposely sarcastic joke.

    10-17-2003 06:20 AM MDT
    Rating: 0 
    Crash.... :/

    this review is not serious, why do you become reviewer man? If you don't rate normal. You don't look to the textures (ugly..) You don't look to the architecture(*****( worse) You don't look to the flow, ligthning
    I think I never play it again. I'm going to the hospital now, bye!

    11-01-2003 10:29 AM MST
    Rating: 0 
    Well it would deserve a 10, but only if the flow would be like DM-Seraphim, the detail like DM-Edge, and it would be so impressive as CTF-HallofGiants...But as it's none of that i'm afraid I'm gonna have to delete it...
    P.S. Unfortunately, during the map, my computer caught fire and melted, so I should thank DM-Scimitar
    4 my new comp...but I won't.

    06-21-2004 03:45 PM MDT
    Rating: 0 
    Reviewer:Unknown???....ofcourse!!! If I knew who he was I'd kick his ass, man what a loser, no afence, or something like that.

    Okay, back to the map. Lightning is C-rap the pillars passages and supportbeams are good at some places and beyond ugly in others.

    The song really fitts the level:...hardly sane.
    And all together it mutilizez UT far beyond recognition.

    11-02-2003 06:28 AM MST
    Rating: 0 
    scimitar pwns me

    02-24-2004 05:35 AM MST
    Rating: 0 

    03-13-2004 10:10 PM MST
    Rating: 3 
    If your trying to be funny im not laughing....

    03-16-2004 01:15 AM MST
    Rating: 2 
    I had to check this one out, coz of all the commotion written bout it... and,,,

    omg.. the music was drivin me nuts.. add to that the colors of this map... i am now typing this in a padded cell, waiting for a lobotomy surgery.. cheers :/

    Crap map

    03-16-2004 06:17 AM MST
    Rating: 5 
    I'm glad it's not just me then . I downloaded this about a year ago because of the high rating and was disappointed to say the least. Whilst it's not a particularly bad map it certainly aint anything special.

    03-16-2004 08:41 AM MST
    Rating: 0 
    SUcky reviewer

    03-16-2004 05:20 PM MST
    Rating: 4 
    imo, this was never worth a 10, but certainly does NOT deserve a pure ZERO - c'mon u mappers, look closer: there was a bit of imagination applied here - that's gotta count for something (+1) there's differing stuff in it, lots (+1) it had good FR on-line (+1). By the collective reckonings here (if this map really *deserves* a ZERO) most ut maps published prior to fall 2000 really deserve ZERO or negative number ratings :P As a UT-noob back then I remember some crazy on-line matches on packed servers playing in THIS map, and nobody cared too damn much about the colors or lighting - just the fragging (+1) i'll toss in an un-pure 4 because a pure ZERO is just not fair... cheers

    03-17-2004 06:57 AM MST
    Rating: 2 
    ... is this still on? Damn...

    04-15-2004 04:49 PM MDT
    Rating: 9 
    Nearly perfect, but it loses a point because the author made a stupid oversight when it came to the lighting. The lighting is great, mind you, but it would be even better if the lights used the type LT_TexturePaletteLoop with a skin loaded with as many conflicting colors as possible.

    04-17-2004 02:33 AM MDT
    Rating: 3 
    I agree with a reviewer: you have to see it for yourself. Bizarre architectural construction and lighting. All your little bots run around fine. An interesting texture or two...

    For instagib it is actually a fun space but...

    04-16-2004 05:08 AM MDT
    Rating: 3 
    Could this become one of the most commented maps ever?

    It will be if people don't quit posting comments when there is nothing relevant left to say about the map.

    Oops, sorry for posting another irrelevant comment. I didn't even download it :)

    04-17-2004 03:19 PM MDT
    Rating: 3 
    There is no Scimitar, it's an urban legend to scare the children.

    let go, and move on.

    06-21-2004 09:35 AM MDT
    Rating: 0 

    06-21-2004 05:57 PM MDT
    Rating: 4 
    Pros: Architecture is not bad :)

    Cons:Lightning is... *vomiting* and item placement is strange.

    So,my score is 4.

    06-21-2004 08:16 PM MDT
    Rating: 10 
    You know.

    06-22-2004 08:52 AM MDT
    Rating: 10 
    You know,
    this map is worlds biggest joke,
    its fugly, its sad, its depressing, and the mapper probably sliced his own wrists while hanging out of the window with a rope around his neck,
    and thats the fun of this map,
    it doesnt have any play value (unless your a drunk, high, stoned person that doesnt understand reality.
    the map itself deserves a big phat whopping '0'
    but i have known this map for ages and still people comment on this crappy map, and there are still people that fall for it, and there are still people getting angry about other people giving this map a 10.

    its a damn classic, and though the playability sucks,
    the fun i have had reading this comments, and realising that this is going on for years made me give this map a 10.

    just for the fun of it.

    06-22-2004 01:46 PM MDT
    God, that people still comment on this piece of junk.

    The Brazilian Novice
    06-22-2004 04:47 PM MDT
    Unknown reviwer uh?!

    06-23-2004 12:33 PM MDT
    Rating: 1 
    i didn't like this map at all. it was nothing special and doesn't make my play list.

    07-05-2004 01:50 AM MDT
    Rating: 1 
    wat map is this?

    11-21-2004 03:35 PM MST
    Rating: 0.5 
    A crap one!

    11-21-2004 08:04 PM MST
    Rating: 0 
    come on!

    Sergeant Todd
    11-22-2004 12:04 AM MST
    Rating: 3 
    This oldie has been overtaken by time. After playing maps from Smeerkat, Paranoid, Chthon and other excellent mappers, DM-Scimitar now shows its age. It does NOT deserve a zero, however. Sorry, Caylo.

    Evil Snack
    04-21-2005 05:36 PM MDT
    Rating: 0 
    Well....It's bad. If you wanted to know what bad times bad to the 5000th power is, You will get a map like this.

    Hmmm....Anybody know of some especially bad maps that I could make a story about? (Other than this).

    11-22-2004 02:14 PM MST
    Rating: 2.5 
    17,000 downloads,hmm
    I will say it is not all very good,however,it's not a box map,he did make a music file.
    Gameplay is not good,and I think if the map was lit better people wouldn't think it was as bad as they think.
    These sourcastic 10 scores and zero posting shows the mentality of the is about a 2.5 or 3 max.

    01-04-2005 07:04 PM MST
    Rating: 2.5 
    is this a joke ?

    04-22-2005 11:25 AM MDT
    Rating: 1 
    i reckon this is someones little joke. review it high, only let a few people in on it and make it out to be the "best map ever" and annoy everyone.
    c'mon guys, this is old crap now... move on to slating the newer map :P

    05-07-2006 03:21 PM MDT
    Rating: 0 
    DavidM or Hourences lighting? hmm...tough one.
    Ulukai or Caylo architecture? ULUKAI!

    all i can say about this rating is:


    EDIT:I gave a 0 to compensate for the review score ds, =P

    05-02-2006 08:35 PM MDT
    Rating: 2 
    Lol, I've almost forgot about it;)

    05-03-2006 04:55 PM MDT
    The dead horse has decomposed long ago.

    05-05-2006 03:36 PM MDT
    Rating: 10 
    first off all ain't worth a 10 no, i'm giving it a 10 to compensate the other's ass 0 score, bet they didn't even download it.

    the map is well, not detailed built and the texture choise is hmm horrible

    but, i like the lighting, the fun factor = HIGH
    bots "sorta" tried to shoot me, i like the tune, adds a bit of hyperactive feeling to it.

    anyway, you should all be ashamed rating this thing "0"

    my rating 5.5

    05-06-2006 09:21 AM MDT
    Rating: 0.5 
    Overall this map is quite a considerable abomination. The lighting, while quite hideous, resembles that of some junky on an acid trip. The texturing is far too bland, and the level architecture is, well, repulsive. I give this map a 0.5 simply because it worked. This truely is not worthy of any bandwidth usage or hard-disk space.

    05-06-2006 11:15 AM MDT
    Rating: 3 
    Outside of a little bit of decent architechture in places, this level is pretty bad. Gets a 3 from me mainly because it works and includes a custom music track.

    The biggest problem is that it's just so gaudy and garish with the "gay disco lighting" and bizarre texture choices.

    I know this is a joke review, but maybe it's time to find another map to rip on? ;)

    05-07-2006 05:05 AM MDT
    Rating: 5 
    with all this weird comments I just had to check this map out. And I must say it isn't at all that but. I totally agree that a 10 is way too high. But a 0 is too low at the bottom.

    05-07-2006 10:41 AM MDT
    Rating: 6.5 
    Not a 10, and certainly not a 0 by any means.

    05-08-2006 08:57 AM MDT
    Rating: 3 
    a 3 will do

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