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Tue, January 22, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added11-12-2000
File Version1.00
File Size497 kb
Player Count6-12
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating7
User Rating6
Overall Rating7
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerTHE ]V[ATTerminatorOverall Score: 7/10
DateNC2 12-03-2000

Level Size: Small

Recommended Player Load: 8 Players

This level takes much the same form as CTF-Face, but instead uses a road bridge, with bases at either end.

In this level, you've got a canyon with a road bridge from one side to the other. There's a base either side with a sniper tower, and another sniping platform. I've heard of levels that try to discourage sniping, but with this level, it encourages it, by ensuring that sniping is by far the best way to defend. You can see the sniper tower in one of the screenshots, and can probably image how hard it is to cross while being sniped from opposite sides. A feature that I like on this level is the small ramp in the road (not the ramp leading down into the bases). This is because it provides protection from snipers on the other team to a certain degree. You can stand or crouch behind it, and snipe back or whatever. There's another route under the bridge, where the snipers can't see. This route has the added advantage of a Damage Amplifier. The main problem with this level is the lighting. Much of the level is way too dark. I had to put the gamma up a lot in the screenshot that shows the outdoor, so I could show the basic layout of the level. The bad lighting especially hits the lower route where seeing where you can walk and where you cannot is near to impossible. Texturing in the bases is very good, and contrasts well with the organic look of the cliffs. Ambient sounds are in there too, and do a good job.

Bot AI is near to perfect on this level. The bots use both routes, and snipe from both platforms. That's as much as I can say really on that!! Items are well placed, but I think two redeemers is a bit excessive on a level of this size. The gameplay is very good. Snipers are the main worry when attacking. It's often a good idea to leave a couple of players/bots back to keep the enemy sniper platforms clear, or lay down suppression fire at the least. Spawn killing is prevented here as players start out of the snipers' view. This is one of those levels, where is you're playing against good bots or players, it may take a while to score captures. In a way, I prefer games like this, as scoring a capture is more special and teams must work together to get anywhere.

Simply put, if you aren't snipe-o-phobic then I can say that this is a good level. Still, maybe it does go a little too far with promoting sniping perhaps......

CTF Bridge is;

  • Sniper based

  • Small

  • A lot like CTF-Face

    CTF Bridge isn't;

  • Without problems

  • The best of levels I've played

  • Lit well

    Teaching points for author:

  • Go easy with the redeemers!

  • Go for better lighting.

    Map Comments

    BangOut_[EH] Rating: 7 
    I would have liked to have seen something other than a completely flat road to spice up the gameplay but it's an above-average map all around.

    Shock6822 Rating: 6 
    BridgeXL is much much better

    Metago Rating: 6 
    What Shock said :p

    C.H.U.D. Rating: 5 
    I gave this version a 5, and XL a 7. I'd say that's about right. This is just too simple and basic.

    Ebola Rating: 4 
    CTF-Bridge XL is much more challenging. This one's too much of a no-brainer.

    Dai Rating: 7 
    bridge is to bridge XL what Face][ is to Face. A smaller,faster version.

    sprag Rating: 8.5 
    I love everything about this map--its layout, flow and gameplay. Its "Face"-like simplicity means a low learning curve abd all you need to do is run, shoot and snipe. The Redeemer is a blast. I sometimes play this sucka with 9 bots at adept with RLs only and let the frags fly. A whole lotta fun.

    Blooddog_sweden Rating: 3.5 
    Not that good pretty bad!!!! Other maps like this: Damtofar:7.5(Good map,better then this shit) BridgeXL:4.5(Better then this but not good)

    mrxak Rating: 8 
    It's a decent map, with good bots. I'd recommend that you play online with a small number of players (4-6)

    CARADOC Rating: 8 
    I liked this map. Too dark but lots of action if you play it with lots of bots or players. I usually don't care too much for sniping but I couldn't help myself but do that here :). Use the redeemer to knock out snipers before making a flag run. Would be a hole lot better map if the road wasn't so open, maybe a couple of trucks driving by so you can duck for cover behind them.

    11-15-2002 05:53 AM EST
    Rating: 5 
    I think that i am agree with Shock6822 and Ebola. CTF-BridgeXL is much challenging, better. I give 5 to ehis versiond and I think that an 8 to the XL. Greetings. ChiWallace . :)

    05-08-2003 10:32 PM EDT
    Rating: 9 
    That's kinda stupid to think that Bridge-XL is better than Bridge. XL's flag base design is lame by my opinion. Or you think that those holes in the walls are pretty much good idea? If yes, then I can understand why you like XL. :))

    Bridge was designed keeping in mind LowGrav! This is just great map for LowGrav Instagib. If you have not played Instagib on this map you did not play this map at all. Not to mention how boosting technique and team strategy are vital on this map!
    Have you ever made to hidden spots using "wall
    jumps"? Hehe... :)
    I'd give 9. 1 mark off is just because low level of the bridge could be designed better.

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