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Thu, January 17, 2019
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Map Info

AuthorKid Ying
GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added05-28-2000
File Version1.00
File Size559 kb
Player Count4-10
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating7
User Rating6.5
Overall Rating7
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerTHE ]V[ATTerminatorOverall Score: 7/10
DateNC2 07-01-2000

Level Size: Small

Recommended Player Load: 4 players per team

This is another level in which players are tiny in comparison with the level. This level takes the form of a Toy Story themed level.

As you may have guessed from the level name and screenshots, this level consists of two bedrooms joined together by a small passage; well big if you think about it. The theme is very reminiscent of Toy Story, as players are no taller than 10cm compared to the level. Each bedroom holds a flag, which are accessible by jumping across various everyday items (including a boxed copy of Unreal Tournament!!). The textures appear bright and gimmicky at first, but this soon recedes to deliver a good gaming experience. This is also the case with a lot of the geometry, which appears very simplistic at first. Lighting is very good. The shadows of the window frames are cast onto the beds, among other good lighting effects. Architecture is very basic. A lot of shapes look too primitive. I know that a lot of authors cut down on the detail to speed up the level, but that have slowed the level down too much. Ambient sounds have been used well, although they don't really improve on the gameplay.

Bot AI works very well. The bots use all items and weapons, and also the two jump pads that lead up to the flags. They also have a couple of defencepoints set up. Whilst not being great in number, they do offer an effective defensive opportunity. Item placement is good, but I think the level's layout is too basic for the inclusion to two redeemers. Gameplay overall is good, given the bold theme of the level. As I've already mentioned, a lot of this level looks too basic, and it wouldn't hurt the gamespeed for this to be corrected. The very good AI compliments the overall gameplay. Shortcuts can be taken by jumping from the flag platforms straight to the floor. The bots also take advantage of this, and many other such shortcuts. As most of the level is open, the level will be very sniper orientated. To further this problem, there is only one entrance into each base.

In conclusion, this is a good level, but would suite the more contemporary Unreal Tournament player rather than hardcore players. This is because of the theme. Whilst in some places it works very well, the theme has been prioritised on rather than the gameplay. In spite of this, this level still delivers a very good game.

CTF Bedrooms is;

  • Open

  • Bright and colourful

  • For the more contemporary UT player

    CTF Bedrooms isn't;

  • For hardcore UT players

  • For people who hate getting continuously sniped

  • The best for gameplay

    Teaching points for author:

  • Try to go for a more elaborate layout

  • Keep in mind that players will tend to snipe more in huge open levels

    Map Comments

    vulpes Rating: 7.5 
    I think this map is great for team play, because it's hard to get flag all by yourself in this map. But first think that scares, that all is too big, if u like this map get ctf-bedrooms][ - u'll love it :)

    Lustmord Rating: 6 
    ANOTHER CTF map with 1, count 'em, 1 path to the enemy base.

    Knockout Rating: 7 
    This map has been improved. Someone should review CTF-Bedrooms][, it is much better!

    CARADOC Rating: 7 
    7 - I agree, Bedrooms ][ is better but this one is still fun. I think it is best when played with Low Gravity.

    11-26-2002 02:49 PM EST
    Rating: 7 
    impossible to win if loque is in the enemy team!!!

    01-28-2003 12:34 AM EST
    Rating: 7 
    This is a cool map! Very bright and colorful. It even makes you feel like you're in 2 huge children's bedrooms. A must for download (check out ctf-bedrooms][)

    02-28-2003 10:22 AM EST
    Rating: 4 
    overrated IMO.

    02-28-2003 11:07 PM EST
    Rating: 5 
    I like this map but it suffers from its asymetrical design. Blue is at a huge disadvantage. All you do if you are on red is xloc up to the pillow grab the flag jump off hitting the jump pad and boing you are gone half way down the hallway. This really hurts its online play value. Every time I play it online blue looses for this reason. Still execution and layout was done allright I suppose. The middle hallways was a bit bland. Grab this if you are in love with giant land theme maps like me if not I would prolly pass.

    03-13-2003 05:05 PM EST
    Rating: 5 
    Author: I played your map a while ago and I liked the colors you used to liven up your level, though I was disappointed by gameplay and the lack of obstacles. In a game with difficult bots, you are sniped very easily trying to steal the other team's flag, as the review said. You can add in junk and alternate routes to the flag to fix this problem. Also, you might want to add a third door (as a decoration) to the hallway so that it looks as if there is more to the house. It's kinda strange to have just two rooms connected with a hallway.

    Actually, my main reason for posting is to make you aware of these:

    File Name
    Author bossman
    Gametype UT Capture the Flag
    Date Added 02-24-2003
    File Version 1.00
    File Size 2.58 mb
    Player Count 8-12
    Map Description None
    Review Rating --
    User Rating --

    File Name
    Author bossman
    Gametype UT Capture the Flag
    Date Added 02-25-2003
    File Version 1.00
    File Size 314 kb
    Player Count 4-10
    Map Description None
    Review Rating --
    User Rating --

    This mapper has used your map as a base and he doesn't credit you in the readme.

    05-11-2003 10:26 AM EDT
    Rating: 10 
    good team map
    works very well with strangelove mutator if you want more fun.
    NB: there is a surprise near the water when you kill all birds :)

    08-18-2003 08:15 AM EDT
    Rating: 7 
    More things in the part between bedrooms (with jumpmatch and low gravity is it good, but whitout it run is too borning), and something add to bases. Very good will be get flags to some interior. 3 points down? One for bases two for inter part and one point down for bedrooms(make them larger!). But one point plus for textures!

    08-19-2003 08:14 AM EDT
    Rating: 7 
    I'd like weird levels, But this isn't so bad

    08-19-2003 05:50 PM EDT
    Rating: 8 
    I'm a fan of large arenas like this but this is level is a little empty. Throw in some toys, shoes or some stray object to save me from those damned snipers.

    08-20-2003 08:11 AM EDT
    Rating: 2 
    Too open to have any kind of interesting gameplay, too empty to really succeed in any way concerning graphics and theme. Of course, it's rather old. The only things that add a tiny feeling of detail are the doorknobs, and even those get messy when you're close.

    08-24-2003 10:48 AM EDT
    Rating: 6 
    i like large levels in this style but i dont like the one route in and the same way out as escape is harder which can lead to some great games with the right players
    it playes well with SLV and E/O can make this a good level

    12-12-2003 09:15 PM EST
    Rating: 8 
    i have played a couple of this series there usauly designed for instagib which is very fun with this type of map and no sniper

    09-28-2005 09:44 PM EDT
    Rating: 10 
    My favorite UT map ever

    02-08-2006 02:33 AM EST
    Rating: 7.5 
    looking good... btw its good for strangelove

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