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Thu, February 29, 2024
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added06-30-2001
File Version1.00
File Size437 kb
Player Count8-24
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating --
User Rating6.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

02-15-2003 10:52 PM MST
Rating: 9 
I played this map on UT's servers but could not find out who made this map and where to download it.
A couple UT buddies of mine told me to check here and once I found this map I jumped for joy. The environment in this map is simply beautiful, no words can describe how well this map was made. Gampeplay is smooth even on a 433Mhz celeron and a dial-up modem!
The map is big enough to easily handle 8-24 bots and a well hidden redeemer. The high towers give a great view of the map and your enemies. There are neat shortcuts so don't be shy go explore them!
As you can tell I really like this map and I think you will too SO DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!!

02-28-2003 10:52 PM MST
Rating: 10 
This is probably one of my most favorite maps. The design is simple yet you can make it complicated. Multiple routes to and from the flag. All the powerups are there. THE GAMEPLAY IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! You can play this map with only 8 people and have a blast or you can play this map with 20 people and have a blast. Oh and did I mention this map looks great too. Yes this map actually looks quite realistic but does not hurt your fps! If you haven't started to download it do it now! The only problem is that there could have been more spawn points in each base rather than in the flag room. Other than that one minor problem it rulez! So go download it and then jump for joy because you have one of the best maps for UT eva!

03-01-2003 02:24 AM MST
Rating: 3 
Ive played this map several times and it sux for everything except low grav and i hate low grav. =/

09-27-2003 10:24 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
As has already been said, this is a classic map and can be played with very few or many players! The gameplay is very smooth, and the number of routes to your opponents base case some interesting and tactical gameplay. The sniper towers are a nice addition for all those "campers". However, the redeemer is almost impossible to get under fire when you're in game where low grav is not turned on.

I've created another version of this (oh btw.. do I have to ask permission before posting my map on this site?) and it put the redeemer on the ground floor of the bridge but there is also a hole in the bridge. This means that you have to be careful when getting the redeemer but still leaves it availible for collection.

In my opinion this is a classic that all players MUST HAVE. It looks amazing and hey event the bot play is superb. The fish in the water is a really cool addition but there isn't very many and the risks of getting killed in the water are extremely low.

I gave this 9/10 because I didn't like choice of textures and there should have been more fish in the water. Other than that, it's perfect.

09-28-2003 05:55 AM MDT
Rating: 10 
a great level made with simple brushes (hence the great FPS)i love this level its fun to play and its good for all types of players defenders and attackers

09-28-2003 06:20 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
The look of this map is not so good, but that's why the fps are that great. The gameplay is great fun and the bots work good too.

02-04-2004 09:27 PM MST
Rating: 4 
Boring design, bad bot support. I don't get it.

02-04-2004 10:16 PM MST
Rating: 2 
You know, the map doesn't have to look like my Aunt Gertrude to have high fps.
For the uninitiated, it's BadNeighbors with snow textures.

02-04-2004 11:59 PM MST
Rating: 7 
Fun map, kinda big - but this one gets browning pts from me becuase I have had such good memories on servers with it! :)

02-05-2004 06:31 AM MST
Rating: 3 
That's why bad maps get good ratings: ppl still confuse fun 'with ppl' with a 'fun map'. You can have a great time playing an average to poor map with your friends or online mates, but that doesn't make a map good.

Dad's rootbeer
03-02-2004 11:02 PM MST
Rating: 9 
Great map! low grave insta gib is awsome on this map. strange love is ok for this map also(not with alot of players though...)

It does not get a ten from me because i die alot on this map( i am a sore loser)

03-03-2004 03:12 PM MST
Rating: 4 
It think that if you play to oftend on this map. It get boring very fast. And very bad bot suport.

08-06-2005 05:57 PM MDT
Rating: 5 
Not bad... not bad...

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