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Sat, March 2, 2024
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added08-06-2001
File Version1.00
File Size508 kb
Player Count8-16
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating5
User Rating1
Overall Rating5
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerVarpuOverall Score: 5/10
DateNC2 08-09-2001

Plank wood everywhere. Nothing but that, jumbled together with itself. Smoking prohibited.

Although the map has no sounds (not even music), it has no lights, not a single bulb,
the texturing was done with only four textures and there are only cube brushes, I liked it.
The map is original and it has been done elaborately so far. The map has plenty of z-axis
action in medium gravity. Definitely worth the download especially because the file is so small.

Because of the many polygons around, the map may push the wrong pedal on low end systems.
However, being below 300 at all times, there should be no problems from medium systems on.

The bots can steal the flag but that is all that they know about CTF. They always take the
same route because there is no alternate paths around. The pathing itself is elaborate.
All shortcuts are known to the bots so when stealing the flag, be warned, they'll catch You
very easily. There is a sniper post (or should I say hut) but no sniping setup has been done
for the bots. All the items are included in the pathing network but some of them are located
in blind alleys (in the logical meaning) so the bot's won't bother.

The map flows decently. The author did the right choise when the gravity was modified this way.
Now You don't need to worry about falling down. It won't hurt You too much. The routes were
confusing at first but after e few rounds I felt completely home in this map.

The map introduces almost every weapon, including the redeemer but this does not show up as
oversupply because the map is quite large and because they are somewhat hidden. The ammo and weapon
are paired together. There are two Health Keg's around with a flock of vials as deputees. In case
You feel weak, there are the Amp, Shield belt, invisibility and Antigrav boots. They are located
at such places that finding them is purely accidental. The antigrav boots make an exception to this
as they are very conveniently placed just under the red base making fast access possible.

The geometry is simple and it follows the theme; plank. Textures are just slapped over the plaks
so that the entire construction looks very uniform. No light or sound around.

To the author:

This is a very promising map but You should do the following:

- set up lighting, setting the zone light won't do the trick. You might try to put
a sun in the sky and light up the construction from the sunny side with high radius
cylider lights.

- set up sounds. The wood plank's squeak when You step on them. Possibly some of them
might even crush under Your weight.

- set up music. We all have heard the intro music one time too often.

- make variations of the wood texture and align them properly.

- do something about the sky setup so that You don't collide with sky so easily. Make the
ground are larger for the first.

- give the bots glues on where to defend. Also set up alternate pathing to make the
offline play more fun.

- where are the nails ?

Map Comments

anyboard540 Rating: 1.5 
This map gets the fucked up award of the day.

CowGod Rating: 6 
needs a skybox.

skybox....poly slow down...ooh baby f...cked up.....u too confused to figure up from down as for the bots...ok....well i...guess I could regigg the buggers bot(lol) still creak the friggin wood and music the the level....bastards want perfection.....(aint gonna happen...too lazy) if u want crap download redneckgiants that will kill your freaked out game play.( and i still cant believe people are still downloading that one)... ps keep up the good work nali..fix the damn download keeps reseting to zero

maxwellctf Rating: 1 
The bots work well, but its hard not to look directly at the map! The textures look terrible! Wheres the nails!No music! I've made maps, I know its hard to make an idea work, but try harder. This is more like a test level or an earlier version. If you changed the textures, added a sky box, put some cool custom music and ambient sounds, it just might work. Also use a wider variety of textures and have a light source(like a sun or moon).Oh ya one last thing. Ive noticed that if you use some unique lighting it can actually make ugly texures look good. Like use blue with low saturation. `|HERO|Duo_Maxwell

[--x--]LurkerBot Rating: 1 
dear lord. -1-

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