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Sun, October 25, 2020
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added10-01-2000
File Version1.00
File Size2.98 mb
Player Count2-6
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating8
User Rating8
Overall Rating8
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerFuzzBusterOverall Score: 8/10
DateNC2 08-17-2001

Bye-bye DM-Zeto, hello DM-Hyperboreal...Some of the most pure goodness I've seen in a while. Faceless' is no longer mapping for the Unreal community, unfortunately, as I've come to really enjoy the sweetness of his maps, and this one is no exception. Other than a bot-glitch, I have only very few and very minor complaints. In short, Server-Admins, if you don't start hosting this pup online, I'm gonna have to hurt you. :-)

Start the download now, and then come back to read the rest.

...Back already? That was quick. As you can see from the screenshots, what we have here is IMNERHO[1] Epic-quality mappage. Looks like Face was in this one for the Jazz. Weapon placement is sublime indeed, as are the powerups. Architecture and flow are quite well done, with a few surprises here and there, and some hidden goodies for the observant few. Texturing and theming walking hand in hand down Frag-Me lane. Is it fun? See for yourself. While there's not a definite clear position of dominance for you hardcore fans, and the map is large enough for 6-8 players-worth of mutual spammage, there's still plenty of goodness and gibs to spare. From his ReadMe file, "This map is geared for 1v1 or 2v2 teams DM. But can comfortably hold up to 6 in a FFA while maintaining strategic play, anything above and it becomes less calculating and more punishing."

Bots do very well here, with the sole exception of one spawn point, where they simply remain until spotting someone. Bummer. An ouchie on an otherwise superb map. They also don't go for some of the powerups, which is unfortunate, but then again someone experiencing this map for the first few times might not even realize that they're there, until spotting them sometime later on. They are quite well placed, you see.:-) Higher-powered weapons have been somewhat isolated from the action and require your going out on a bit of a limb to acquire, but well rewarding the person willing to roam a bit in order to achieve dominance.

Sound and music are also well done here. The map contains a customUMX file courtesy of Ken "Syncan" Post, founder of OMG games. There's ambient sound from the storm outside, and various bits of tech noise from the surroundings, and also a very few aural clues as to where your opponent is, but not a lot of those. Keep your ears open.

Architecture & Flow, Theme, Lighting, & Texturing, here is where this map shines. (minor, minor glitchies in texturing, but you'll have to look for them.) As you can see from the screens, the theming is very consistent; it's something of a base out in a frozen wasteland, similar in concept to Zeto. Howerver, Hyperboreal has a few things that Zeto does not. Three-tiered Z-axis action in some places, as well as just the right amount of occlusion (not too much), mean you will have to watch for someone dropping down on you from above, with a fully loaded cannon, but only if you're scrimming in the central areas. Note, too, that it's been geared towards the newer high-poly ownage allowances, but should still run more than adequately on slower machines. The lighting just enhances the bejesus out of this; the place feels cold, like Zeto doesn't, really.

There's a few extra goodies for the observant among you, so keep your eyes peeled. (No, I'm not gonna tell you!) Just download, play and host this extremely fun and playable map, so I can come frag you. Eminently suitable for fraggers of all shapes and sizes. Definitely a "Keeper". Can you dig? Did I mention I wanted to see this one on servers?

[1] "IMNERHO" - In My Never Even Remotely Humble Opinion:-)

Map Comments

DickyJ Rating: 8.5 

Someguy Rating: 7 
Pretty solid even for today but the gameplay sucks coz of all the fps garbage. also the bots get stuck on a ledge up top, running in place. around the flak cannon.

Deathwing Rating: 8 
Awesome map! Deserved Ownage.

Plat Rating: 8.5 
Awesome environment.

Fluffy Rating: 8 
Looks Nice

Mister_Prophet Rating: 9.5 
Faceless owns!

valiant2 Rating: 9 
This map is just now getting reviewed? It's almost a year old I think. Nevertheless, it still is a solid piece of mapping. Jeremy was one of the top mappers in the community.

Chris Toth Rating: 8.5 
Old but very cool map!

Akuma Rating: 9 
you took a while to getting around to this one, huh? It's a mixed blessing I guess because 8 months on most PC's should be able to handle the poly counts with relative ease. This map has something the soul-destroying mass of richrig'd, generic, bland atrium maps can only dream about - Atmosphere. Cool stuff.

khwang Rating: 9 
Almost as good as DM-Seraphim. Looking forward to Thief 3!

Halo14 Rating: 9 
Faceless was ( and still is) handsdown the best mapper in the UT community. Too bad he moved on, we really need this level of professionalism in maps nowadays. I hope he returns when Unreal 2 ships.

[VS]Memphis Rating: 4 
wow an 7.5 on the bots and they get stuck here and there... hmmmm NICE for u Well I like the way this map look but not the way it play.. I dont know much about polys but this one lagged.. and I don't have the wosrt computer in the world... and hey its an old map and I don't have an old computer :)

darthnili Rating: 9 
whats this mumbo-gumbo-talk about "epic-qualities". This map is better than their most (many of them suck BTW). The little window-movers are so fXXking coooooooooooooool

Chicoverde Rating: 8 
yeah! old but cool stuff

The Mule Rating: 9 
WOW!!!!! Gameplay is second only to Deck16!

GodFather Rating: 0 
This is an average map with a typical layout. I'll pass on this one, when I play it I have a been there done that feeling.

PhoenixD685 Rating: 9 
Wow. The best map I've played in a while. This is a killer map. I really like the snow too :) I'm looking forward to seeing Faceless' stuff in other games! :)

skankey Rating: 9 
I can't believe Faceless was able to make this texture set look good. Layout aint too shabby either.

Sighter Rating: 10 
brrrrr I'm cold just reading the review. But seriously this map comes top in gameplay/looks and the music just adds more to the 'atmosphere'. Only deck16 can beat it on gameplay (as said above). One of the top maps out there along with all of faceless's others.

Varpu Rating: 8 
Nice atmosphere, decent sounds but NOT superb. Nice custom music. Very good flow and looks. Bot performance is well below average. Many errors like the jumpspots leading to the SB. No shortcuts down from ledges which leads bots being very inefficient in their moving. The lag may be a result of the poor zoning (no zoning). I liked this map because I could easily beat godlike bots and mainly because it flows like a train toilet and liiks really good.

slippysock Rating: 8 
Stop them bloody bots getting stuck on the ledges and in that cubby hole ! AAAAAGGGGGGHH ! Twould be a great map otherwise !

MoxNix Rating: 8 
A nice solid map all around. Looks good, plays well and framerate is acceptable too. Nothing I can find really stands out as being especially good or bad, yet it all fits together so smoothly I get the feeling I should be able to. Very well done!

Cursed Soul Rating: 7.5 
Good fps, good playable, nice architecture and it has atmosphere... but not that much.. the pics on the right make the map look bigger than it actually is. but still one awwwwsome map

Mr._Jackhammer Rating: 9 
I love this map, it's beautiful to look at and the atmosphere is incredible. The music fits it very well, I love that beat... This map is awesome to play and behold. I played it quite awhile before you guys reviewed it, and I must say I'm very happy to see it got such a good rating!

Dark Star Rating: 8.5 
Sweet map! Get this baby now!

Willis Rating: 8.5 
map kicks ass, no doubt, and my 450mhz, voodoo 3500TV and 256megs of ram could handle it.

layziepop Rating: 9 
I was gonna download this map, but then I got high. I was gonna try to play this map, but then I got high. I'm still donwloading this map, and I know why! Cuz I got high, cuz I got high, cuz I got high! (actually, cuz my modem is high)

RabidWolf Rating: 6 
as nice as it might look and feel, it has bad gameplay and thus holds little fun for me. most playerstarts and weapon pickups are miles away from one another. I don't know how often I got fragged with nothing but the enforcer in my hands. flow had its weaknesses, too.

11-02-2002 06:22 AM EST
Rating: 8 
very nice map, the SGtech1 version would even get a higher score from me...doesn't seem to be around here though :) anyway, plays really nice, sometimes seems a tad too open, but still plays great.

05-25-2003 08:11 PM EDT
Rating: 8 
The thing that holds this map back is the bots. They get stuck in areas, (spawn point at the box in the wall, they just stand there), and they tend to stay on the bottom floor.

11-20-2004 06:46 PM EST
Rating: 9 
Great atmosphere, fun map to play. A must download.

04-18-2005 07:35 PM EDT
Rating: 9 
damn this is probably the best atmosphere ive seen ever!!!...just see the outdoor near the ship... absolutely perfect...(almost)

04-18-2005 10:47 PM EDT
Rating: 7.5 
woohoo a new map! I have to try this map :)

04-19-2005 12:50 AM EDT
Rating: 7.5 
Man two maps in a row,we had on the server,this map is pretty good,but I remember trying to find the quad ,whilst getting mowed down.

05-15-2006 07:10 PM EDT
Rating: 8 
Is it cold in here or is it just me? Other than bot pathing problems this map "Ownz". I also like the spring-time remake of this map with alot of the errors fixed. He named it dm-hyperSG1-TE.(I would put a link for it but cannot find where I grabbed it form a couple years back. Sorry)

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