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Wed, January 16, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added05-28-2000
File Version1.00
File Size518 kb
Player Count2-4
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating9
User Rating7.5
Overall Rating9
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerYodaOverall Score: 9/10
DateNC2 12-14-2000

Please note: This is an old review, imported into our database.

DM-Essence is a deliciously simple, yet refreshing, map intended for furious one-on-one battles. It is essentially comprised of some sort of central structure, with an outside courtyard on all sides. Words are beginning to fail me, in my paltry attempt to describe DM-Essence, thus I would recommend looking at the screenshot for a complete description of the map. Whether words fail me or not, the review must go on...

The attention to detail in this map is absolutely staggering. From broken, disheveled tile floors, to blood stains in strategic locations, to this magnificent, almost demonic structure in the "outside" portion of this map. This all ties together to create an extremely strong and amazingly well executed theme. The architecture is very solid and robust, while still catering to the above details; You get the impression that this is some sort of evil temple that has stood undisturbed for eons. There are no geometry errors (BSP Holes and the like), that I could find, and the polycount stays well below 160 for nearly the entire map.

Texturing. Let it be known that DM-Essence has revolutionized the use of the Crypt texture set. With the immeasurable aid of some clever lighting, these textures have come alive, or should I say... dead. This place really does look like some sort of crypt. In addition, there is good usage of shadows, which is always a nice change from the sterile white light maps that are becoming all too common these days. One especially has to love the green lights near the acid pools...

What really makes DM-Essence an extremely fun one-on-one experience, is that it flows with near perfection. Some may say it's hard to screw up flow in a small map, but one must play DM-Essence to understand how DM maps should flow. Total interconnectivity. Weapons and Items placement is well done, but there is a definite lack of the stronger items (shield belt etc.). This was done with total intention; the map would turn into a war of controlling the shield belt. Weapon choice is quite limited, but should cater to most tastes, and fits the map quite well. I should mention bots in passing, as this review is becoming all too length as we speak: They WILL kick your ass.

Final word on this map: If you even consider yourself to be a UT player, you should have begun downloading it as soon as you started reading the review. If you haven't, do it now! Play a friend, foe, or a bot on this map, you wont regret it. This one is staying on my HD indefinitely, and I keep coming back for more. You must excuse me for not finding many flaws in this map, and writing a glowing review of praise, but I challenge you to find something that would cause the map not to get the score I gave it.

Map Comments

Deathwing Rating: 9 
Still one of the best.

duncast Rating: 8 
A very VERY good map, but It feels overated, I mean, just about every one with a basic knowledge of the editor could slap this one together, But it still is a great map, and ruineR thought of it first *sob* :D

Akuma Rating: 5.5 
I don't get it.

Kain Rating: 7.5 
flat but nice

Dai Rating: 5 
what's to get? it's a box

Apart Rating: 9 
Loved this map

David 'DAVIDM' Münnich Rating: 3 
A cube with ugly textures are the worst layout ever.

Nightmare Rating: 10 
I have given a 10 to maps before because I was making fun of them but this is serious. Beautiful, playable, connective all through... it's awesome.

Metago Rating: 7.5 
Almost as good as thorns eh ;)

fragswill Rating: 8 
Great fun online.. lighting is a bit boring heh

skankey Rating: 8 
Great map. A little flat, but I had lots of fun.

Scourge Rating: 9 
It IS only a's fairly simple and all that... But this thing FLOWS. Proves that great gameplay can be achieved with a fairly simple map concept. Btw, gotta love that huge spiked lollipop in the middle :P

Blooddog_sweden Rating: 8.5 
Ruiner is a great mapper. I love this map!!Plays good and even if there isn't any q3-textures this map reminds me a little of the game.

BarfLung Rating: 9 
I like it - I like Q3A - ruineR is one to watch for the future, despite what Nobody/DavidM says. Go ruineR Go!

Agent X Rating: 7 
Textures are boring, and not my taste yes. Layout and architecture is pretty generic, yes. But, it's fully playable and has some strategy to it. That is why this map is popular. If you want to be a good mapper, this is a simple map to study, as it doesn't require much skill to design.

Elite6 Rating: 8.5 
Is that nobody really DavidM? That's pathetic, downgrading a map just to make sure, you are one of the best hÈ. Well tough luck, I like the map, cube or not, it flows.

[DTM]FN Rating: 9 
I think its a great map! And its very funny to play! :) But 10 Points are too much! So its nice to play Maps like these one!

Lustmord Rating: 9 
Absolute badass.

sextech Rating: 8 
This is the most downloaded map of all time at It's an awesome map, but it's not THAT good.

defcon999 Rating: 10 
Small download (ideal for custom servers!!)Stunning visuals. This is hardcore all the way :-))

12-19-2002 04:22 AM EST
Rating: 8 
a good 1v1 map... i wouldnt put it on a 10 man server though

12-20-2002 05:54 AM EST
Rating: 7 
nice little map - it has a good deadly arena-athmoshere - liked it

12-21-2002 11:37 AM EST
Rating: 9 
rulage 1on1 and even 2on2 map !
still in my rotation list :)

great job

12-21-2002 06:03 PM EST
Rating: 5 
rather boring...

08-19-2003 05:14 AM EDT
Rating: 8 
You got it! Nice one!

08-19-2003 09:39 AM EDT
Rating: 3 
Very bad for your eyes. My god...

08-19-2003 11:50 PM EDT
Rating: 5 
Not the worst layout ever, just needs more development because it's very flat. Original theme and decent visuals, but lacking in gameplay.

09-23-2003 08:35 AM EDT
Rating: 5 
Oh well...

i know i'm gonna be beat by this comment...
Here it goes: this is not a 1on1 only map. So, i played it with my dm/tourney player count: 6.
FYI, i usually DON'T like brown maps all that much (inc some of DavidM, argh). I had this map a long ago and dumped it, but i recently tried it again due to some evolution in my mentality respecting Deathmatch (i believe so...).

My main reasons are: the looks, as i stated before - this texture pack in heavy use, just like SGTech1 is awefull. Could be better, but in this map ain't.
Next is weapons. Not only choice is limited, but the guy actually included the ASMD rifle in open ground (BAD!!!). More: he placed Rocket Launchers and MiniGuns in a gratuitous way. This means powerfull weapons right from start, but with 6 players total it was too overkill for new spawners. It is my opinion that most weapons in a level (save some exceptions) should be up to slot 5 (the Pulse Gun). All others should have some kind of effort to be reached, and those should not be in great number. Expecially in a small level.

That's it. As so, you should take it as another mere opinion from a n00b mapper that i am, and giving attention to my testing conditions (the players number...).

01-26-2004 07:36 AM EST
Rating: 4 
Extremely overrated!

05-15-2006 06:22 PM EDT
Rating: 6.5 
You know simple can be a good thing and here is an example of it. Nothing outstanding about this arena at all but gosh darn it I don't mind playing in it when it comes up in rotation. It's a brown box full of fun for some...

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