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Map Info

AuthorUnknown - None Given
GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added05-28-2000
File Version1.00
File Size7.4 mb
Player CountUnknown
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating3
User Rating6.5
Overall Rating3
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerLuquadoOverall Score: 3/10
DateNC2 09-08-2000

This map tries way too hard to be a convincing city block. With cars, custom textures (rather decent ones), a sewer, stores you can enter, a gas station, and more, it's got all the trappings of a good map.

Unfortunately, it's also got 320+ polys in TWO SPOTS, an overall cramped blockiness, so-so flow, buildings that look like boxes with textures slapped on 'em, and lighting that makes me wonder which city had the nuclear holocaust a couple miles away to bathe THIS one in this odd orange glow.

For the mapper: Knock your polys down, don't try to jam-pack your maps full of stuff, study the flow of the "greats" of DM maps. You've got an eye for theme, now develop mapping concepts.

Map Comments

Joe 'DexterII' Derby Rating: 5 
I like the lay out and the textures (hehe). Only problem is the Poly count. Thus slowing performance even on NASA.

Turboman Rating: 4.5 
i must say that it doesnt run that bad. (and no i dont have a few gig pc) i have a celeron 720 with 128 mb ram and a viper 550, and with the viper on i have an extreme slow performance (cuz its an old one have it 2 with other levels or better say games) but with software mode it runs good, its playable (little slowdowns in the main street) but it runs well, now about the map, i like it that u can go in every building but the layout was 2 big and well... ill keep it on my harddisc btw: this was a remake of an unreal map

GATEWAY Rating: 5.5 
Though the polys are a bit high in places I thought that this is one of the better Urban themed maps. Just the thought of being able to duck into stores,sewers,offices,a movie theater,and a disco were all nice touches. There are unfortuately some bugs w/ the map. But at least check this map out. I'm running a voodoo5,450pIII,and 256mbRam I had no performance prob. to mention (offline). Online I would set up a game for no more than 6 players just to keep the lag down. Check out DM-Dogtown for a slightly bigger, lower light Map. DM-Dogtown has the same feel but with better poly count for smoother performance on older systems.

Death Knight Rating: 8.5 
This is the greatest map I have ever seen, can somebody tell me who the author is? I want to talk to him if he can help me with finishing that masterpiece map 8().

06-28-2003 07:13 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
OMG!This map kick ***!I like when its possible to open doors and venture throught a wide place!I want more of these maps!!!Download it if you don't care about graphics like I do!

07-16-2003 02:06 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
Dear Preson That Made This Map,
I would pay good $$$ for a mappack of 5 or 6 maps just like this one. The only thing i wanna know is why dont mods work in this map??


ChiTown Boy
07-17-2003 03:21 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
AWESOME!!!!, just an awesome map. I'd give it an "11" on the awesome meter.
This is the best yet for a city map. Especially with the use of the store fronts and the detail inside, plus they give you an escape out of them. And the detail of the cars and the businesses at street level are amazing.

Way to go dude!! This is a definate keeper.
So D/L it NOW!!!!

{Linkin Park}Master
07-24-2003 02:15 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
well well well it's about time this one is fun to look at everything like the truck whoo hoo free ride and well it's nice to have nali fruit in the cafe lol but the only problem is that dreaded bottomless holes grrrr they are in the movie theater and in a bathroom

09-02-2003 08:28 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
I think this map is great!! Feels very realistic when playing...Highly recommended!!

12-18-2003 05:32 PM MST
Rating: 3 
ok, maybe a lot of effort was made to recreate a real city, but again the reacreation of a real place makes a poor gameplay. lots of narrow hallways in the buildings (belive me when i say that this map features the smallest corridors ever! ) and thats bad for gameplay. the connectivity is almost inexistent due to that and i always found myself lost inside of some building. also (and if i remember well) some buildings were one way only :s (or maybe u just weren't able to find it)

a "good" recreations yeah, but a high cost

11-13-2004 06:35 PM MST
Rating: 2.5 
Borrring, far too cramped, and highly overrated.

04-08-2005 12:37 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
This map actually is pretty damn good, with a modern rig you should be able to run it without any slowdown at all. The only problem i did notice was the bot nodes aren't very well done. They work but because thier shoddy it really detracts from the level because you find yourself fighting in the same areas and you don't really get to explore the entire level.

Everything else works okay though, i'd say give her a try and see if you like.

04-09-2005 02:16 AM MDT
Rating: 4 
i feel a bit guilty about giving this a 4 cause i always loved this map :) but - everyones right about the gameplay, especially if you're used to tourney style maps - this *sucks* a lot - it good for a look though, especially in the editor since you see a brilliant mapper at the beginning -- story of this map: this was originally an UNREAL map made by AngelHeart (yeah, the dm-2019 guy :) it was in a mappack called "Serpentine" which had custom weaps iirc - if interested google "oldunreal" ...
Since it's AH, this explains the tiny doors and rooms and whatnot - it's him sizing everything "correctly" ala pawnsize, which of looks a bit strange at first, and is restrictive for proper UT movements - so in UT you really need 15 foot high doorways and 30 foot wide hallways to move around easily, LOL! THIS map is obviously a remake for UT, dunno who, but i don't think it was AH (it's just a simple port, actually) this WAS an inspiring level for many mappers and led directly to Judas SIN's dogtown, which was a classic online UT map much better suited to rooftop and turf war fragfests than downtown...

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