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Mon, April 15, 2024
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added12-12-2000
File Version1.00
File Size487 kb
Player CountUnknown
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating --
User Rating3
Overall Rating --
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

No review currently available for this map.
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Map Comments

11-19-2003 09:15 PM MST
Rating: 10 
This is an EXELLENT map, I'd download all Craaaazy1's maps! I TOTALY recomend this map to anyone who wants to have fun! This map is a DOWNLOAD NOW map! Seriously! TRY IT!

The reason I like this map is, 1: It's his first REAL try, (I've talked to him before) 2: It has a nice theme, 3: I respect the fact he tried his best, 4: He's better than some other n00bies, 5: He made the bot paths really well, 6: it's not too big not too small.

Note: He told me it doesn't have a screenshot because he forgot how to edit it in.

11-20-2003 08:41 AM MST
Rating: 2 
Why do i bother...

This is a less-than-average map. Basically, you get a church-themed level (but only SLIGTLY resembling it... vaguely). A few rooms with sounds and things in them. I really can't describe it better. It's square-ish all over and clearly shows a beggining mapper, despite the author claims in the README that this is one of his best map (ehrm... then again, i was released in 2000 i think... check README if you're REALLY interested).

By that note in the README and the n00bie comment up here, i don't even want to try DM-Heights][v2, by the same author (and same n00bie comment).

Did i say it has no preview image in-game?

UPDATE: Hey, Catguy... if he forgot how to place an in-game preview image, he should do like all us do: READ TUTORIALS. He should know better by now that maps with no images don't get that much of approval. It is almost an instant delete-map thing. I, of course, decide to give it a try (after all, i downloaded the thing), but it's NEVER a good thing to leave uploaded maps without images. NEVER.

11-02-2003 03:09 PM MST
Rating: 2 
A chapel cursed with uglyness.

Mostly basic shapes, though a mapper could still make a good map with only the standard shapes, this mapper obviously can't, all the rooms are cubes. No supportbeams unless the cillinders in the main room count. Overall he did try to make something nice. But the result is a sucky map so every one who gives this shit a 10 score is a LOSER

So CaTBuRglaR22, why in the name of hell are you giving this loonatick high scores?

11-03-2003 11:35 AM MST
Rating: 1 
wtf, it begins with no screen shot(s)grmbll..... Blegh, this rooms are really vomitstimulating, CatBurglar if you give it a 10, why you give no reasons? Cuz it your friend? Cuz you are the one who said that no sux? Cuz you give it no ten, he will punch down of someting, Sheesh, Arghl, i Don't like those people, XeptizZ has rigth, to treat you like that I give it a 1 cuz there are a playerstart inside good work craaaaaz1, Keep it at work!

11-03-2003 08:31 PM MST
Rating: 2 
i don't know.... but i am not agree with the guy who rate 10 , this is not worth to DL people.

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