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Sun, June 26, 2022
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Map Info

GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added02-01-2001
File Version1.00
File Size443 kb
Player Count2-6
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating9
User Rating8
Overall Rating9
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerKainOverall Score: 9/10
DateNC2 02-03-2001

This is one of those class of maps that absolutely must be in your collection. Plutonic has created a monster with DM-Compulsive - a map that looks excellent, plays excellent, and runs oh-so-smooth as he has kept close to UT's original poly limit of 160.

The map uses the detailed SGTech1 texture set (from Bonus Pack 4, which FYI you must have to play this map) to its best, and coupled with some of the best lighting I have seen in a map makes the level look amazing. Compulsive is much longer in one direction than the other (perhaps it would make a good small CTF level - eh Plutonic?) and is multi-layered allowing for lots of vertical action. If you are on the ground floor you have your choices limited and are at a huge disadvantage, as there is no cover and other players can rain rockets down on you. Compulsive is also very open and shots can be made across the level, meaning there is very little chance of escaping an enemy, therefore the map is best for groups of 3 or less. Despite the detail and openness there are no spots where the frame rate even begins to drop, as the poly count is kept low. Plutonic uses the textures to create the detail in this map. There are also cool sections like pipes behind glass and power cores. A nice touch is that the collision hulls on some of the masked textures are made in such a way so that you can shoot through them - making sniping from the lift, protected by iron grids, possible.

There is some brushwork that looks weird and out-of-place, but aside from this I found no problems with any aspect of the map - light fixtures do not block you, bots use jumpboots, there are no BSP errors, and everything else is more-or-less perfect.

I was thinking that Ulukai's CTF-DeNovo would get Map Of The Week and the recognition it deserves, but here it has a challenger. Both maps are excellent - you need them as much as you need oxygen - and if you don't download them I will personally hunt you down and stick your hard drive up your @ss.

In the user comments please say if these screenshots appear too dark (yes C.H.U.D.), and if enough people say I will set a new brightness for them in reviews. They appear fine for me, and I do ajust them in PSP - I use exactly the same brightness/contrast settings for every review screenshot I take (brightness 30, contrast 15 for those interested), meaning they convey the relative darkness of the level - maybe you should turn your brightness up a bit. :p

Map Comments

Kain Rating: 9 
Ah hell most people will think 9.5 is too high but there's no harm in it I don't think - I mean we have to use the highest scores sometimes. :)

Shock6822 Rating: 7.5 
Plutonic = 1337 gameplay man, but I dont really like the new textures :( Best bots I've seen in a DM level besides DM-Orckit

Metago Rating: 8 
good, but I hate that weird brick texture. Note to amateur mappers: make it so you can shoot through masked grate textures and get an extra point from kain ;)

garrett Rating: 7.5 
the layout is pretty good, but i don't really like the textures either, it makes it feel like it is missing something, none-the-less it is a pretty good map

_UE_Hunter Rating: 8.5 
Badass layout no doubt, but there is some sloppy brushwork here and there, as well as some unaligned trim that ends up going nowhere... This is a keeper though.

Cloud Strife Rating: 8 
I liked this map except for the fact that it doesn't have any special powerups like the Redeemer, Invisibility, Shield belt, or the Damage Amplifier. Still a cool map though

Asis Rating: 9.5 
Hehe, I love the texturing! It kicks-ass, and it ain't any old boring UTtech or Skaarj textures... it's fresh and cool-looking... Love the layout, it certainly does incorporate loads of Z-axis, and the grates are cool. :D Only bad thing about this map is that some weapons are placed too close together, or too far apart.... Other than that, Plutonic rocks-ass!

C.H.U.D. Rating: 8 
I've said it before and I'll say it again. Kain, your screenshots suck! Until you can learn to take better ones, I'll take them for you. Argh, the darkness!

Akuma Rating: 8 
Nice map, kinda CTF revenge meets hyperboral in style. Not keen on the textures and some trim is messy... but it's cool :)

Dr.Pest Rating: 7.5 
Mmmmhhh, I don't think that this map is one of the best, 7.5 maximum! The architecture is llame, the lighting is too regular and the gameplay is too slow :( But good as well

Dai Rating: 5 
its ugly, laggy, boring layout + I hate wallsliding all over the place NOT Epic quality (9.5) :-

David 'DAVIDM' Münnich Rating: 7.5 
The worst lighting i'Ve seen in a while, architecture and textures are strange in places

Apart Rating: 9 
I download the bonus pack just to play this map :)

HypErioN Rating: 7.5 
/me suxx0rs I really liked this map... The lighting and textures blended so well together... Creating a great balance of Darkness/light. And the color shades used was just MMmm-mmmmm! Textures was l33t, but the alignment of them wasnt. There was a lack of trim where it was obviously needed, and that was the only thing that made this map a bit ugly IMO. Gameplay was l33t... nice Risktaking and Z-axis. Not just a bunch of ramps and rooms slapped together. First good Plutonic map... Congrats! :D

Blooddog_sweden Rating: 9 
Very good map from Plutonic! Didn't you like DM-Frantic Hyp? Frantic is one of the greatest maps ever. This is also very good.I think Plutonic is one of the UT-community's best mappers.

PsyRatty Rating: 9.5 
This map is quality. And I'm not just saying this because most of the reviews we've really had for the last few weeks are bottom-feeder maps, which Qualth is suffering through to report. Polys are low, textures look great, but the real fun comes in gameplay. Dunno why some of you are claiming this to be only an average effort. I wish we had far more maps of this calibur.

Ulukai Rating: 8 
Some nice, original stuff in here, good fun, but looked a little strange and muddled in places.

BangOut_[EH] Rating: 7.5 
Hmm, not Epic quality... the layout doesn't quite cut it.

Wombat Rating: 9 
I hate to be a bastard here, but um, I really didn't like a lot of Epic maps. I know everyone seems to worship CliffyB and all, and his Ownage page usually has some pretty 1337 maps, but I play almost entirely user-made maps, and this is definately one of the better ones I've seen. I wish people would get over this "Epic-Quality" stuff. All the maps that people seem to call that look exactly like Cliffy's maps, and they're all pretty much the same kind of gameplay. It's boring. -'ombat

Mazy Rating: 9 
Awesome map! Item placement is perfect, bots work awesome and it looks great. I just think that some textures dont fit in proper in the map, but hey, thats just me :) Wickz0r!

skankey Rating: 7.5 
Am I missing something here??? Plutonic's a great mapper, but he's done better. Layout and Textures are the biggest problem here. SGTech is good, but not used that well in this map, imo. Lighting could be better too.

BarfLung Rating: 9 
There's a bug in the lift where you get killed if you stand too tight in one of the angles, but it doesn't get in the way as I was pratting about when I found it... Aside from that, it's another excellent map from Plutonic - he rocks again! And Kain - I side with C.H.U.D. on the dark pics. Oh, and MOTW? you mean MONTH! AGAIN!

stephane.p Rating: 10 
excellent :-) Epic quality? fortunately not...

fragswill Rating: 6.5 
Dry, cold, trapped feel and ugly framerates..

Frostblood Rating: 8 
Hmmm, not a bad map but nothing too special....pretty nice textures, but is it worth the 14mb download? ( you also get a dozen bad maps and one great one, Virdian-Tourney ).

comintogetu Rating: 9 
what can i say? the gameplay in this map is awesome...but the weapon placement seems somehow wrong. overall an extremely good map, that could perhaps do with a quad damage or redeemer to spice things up. download it today, you know it makes sense! :0)

Platinum[STS] Rating: 8 
definatly didnt deserve a 9.5

Dark Star Rating: 9.5 
Truly an excellent piece of mapping! This map makes you want to play it again again and again...

=G3nocid3= Rating: 8 
Great gameplay, bad brushwork. I am a big fan of the new texture-set.

Hellishspleen Rating: 9.5 
I believe this map is one of the best small maps I have play in a long time, the connection make the game play quite fast and More ENJOYABLE that is why I gave it 9.5

Fluffy Rating: 0 
I Can't download it! Server down or something???

Diedel Rating: 10 
This map just *rox*! Great layout, superb connectivity and excellent weapon placement make for an awesome gaming experience! If it wasn't for the graphic's glitches mentioned in the review (wich I did not notice), this map would be a perfect "10" for me!

TRouBLe Rating: 10 
Excellent map, a blast to play. No techie terms from me sorry..just a normal player. And Fluff...just because you are are inept at downloading is no reason to give a map a zero.

Nemesis Rating: 9 
Hey Kain, this time I agree with you. This is a great map. Great lighting, textures are in keeping with the layout, good flow, enjoy playing it immensely. I tend to play Masterful 1-on-1 as my network connection in the country is shit, and the bot keeps me busy. Once again, another great map from Plutonic. He and Ulukai are doing some great stuff at the moment. Keep it coming, guys. Both also display a great balance between the mouth and the mind. Hey Wombat, Like you I don't have a high regard for a lot of the Epic maps, but I do have a great respect for CliffyB's mapping skills. He has been a major influence on the Unreal and UT mapping communities since day one. Try playing DM-Codex at Masterful 1-on-1. The bot pathing is very clever. It certainly won't bore you.

Sven '=UEF=CyberTrooper' Arduwie Rating: 8.5 
GREAT MAP :) nice for a 1on1 battle :)

Plasmodicspazulator Rating: 8 
A nice map but not the best user map map i've seen. Definatly didn't deserve a 9.5. Compared to an official Epic map that uses SG1Tech like Closer it just isn't as fun or polished. Still a keeper though :)

Safearus Rating: 9 
I just got this map and i think it is really awesome. The lighting is great and the Fun Factor on this map is off the scale. I have used this map as one for clan practices and all my members freaked out at how awesome the map is... keep up the good work! -Safearus (Leader of the only clan with an official welfare recipiant)

[OMC]Xylander Rating: 0 
this map is kinda gay this map is boring, bad texture and lighting I think plutonic is one of the crappiest mappers ever

Deathwing Rating: 6 
Some frame rate problems, ok layout, flow isn't the best, doesn't look too great. One of Plutonic's least fun maps IMO.

j4|2377 Rating: 8 
I started to read the posts on this maps review then realized myself blurting out loud STFU! Jesus christ thats a lot of posts... now I forgot what I was about to say...

03-10-2003 03:24 PM MST
Rating: 9 
good design, good texturing, not to big
a good map!!

03-19-2003 12:06 AM MST
Rating: 9 
awesome classic map

04-22-2003 12:26 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
One of my favs to play.

Dont know much Tech stuff, but hey, i'm here to play.

Good as hell to play IMHO!!

04-22-2003 12:06 PM MDT
Rating: 7 
decent map, overall layout is a bit crappy imo

Fodder McFly
04-22-2003 08:47 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
I really like how this map looked visually. It played very smoothly as well. My only problem was the lack of weapons. It may have been due to loading one-to-many bots, but I was running around too long without a good weapon. The enforcer doesn't do too well when flak is getting up your ***. This map was very well done, thus getting a high score. To close, I end by quoting a mysterious Nali, "Habouji!"

05-19-2003 08:15 AM MDT
Rating: 7 
Quite decent. I used to like this way more than I do now, still very good.

05-19-2003 11:13 AM MDT
Rating: 9 
This is one of the all time wannahaves.

09-13-2003 04:42 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
I'm not of dark maps, but this a like!
good work, Very massive ;)

09-13-2003 04:06 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
I have seen the light....And it looks GOOOOOOD!!!

01-25-2004 08:39 AM MST
Rating: 9 
A must have. Excellent.

09-22-2004 10:38 AM MDT
Rating: 8 
Thumbs up

05-15-2006 06:41 PM MDT
Rating: 7.5 
You want flow? How about a figure 8? Let's all meet in the middle and blow each other up. But seriously, I've liked this maps for years especially for it's simplicity.

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