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NaliCity Mothership




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Map Info

Authorsonic mammal
GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added06-03-2000
File Version1.00
File Size2.07 mb
Player Count6-20
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating --
User Rating8
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

11-24-2002 12:37 AM MST
Rating: 8 
Very Good...Full of Deadly traps... very different from othermaps...Messy at some places

Evil Snack
04-07-2005 10:16 PM MDT
Rating: 9 
Man, this seems like a non symetric map, but it is.
I can constantly play this and always find a different way to get the flag. Confusing at first, but once you have the basic idea, you can do it.
Also, when you fall into a lava pit look at the area name, he has some funny ones.

12-13-2004 04:28 AM MST
Rating: 7.5 
is it actually possible to get the spaceship? im annoyed

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