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Sat, September 18, 2021
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Map Info

AuthorDanish Cake
GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added05-28-2000
File Version1.00
File Size364 kb
Player Count50371-50
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating2.5
User Rating0.5
Overall Rating1.5


ReviewerArcadiaVincennesAwe Score: 0.0/3
Date04-12-2005Build Score: 2.0/3
Review SchemaCast Score: 0.5/3
User Point: -1
Overall Score: 1.5/10

DM-Cake (UT99)

I donít know if this is an experiment gone wrong or just ignorance but we have an unnecessary map. Since the author did not request this himself, I will not delve into this map as intimately as I would otherwise. IMO, this is a map that does not need a review. To the person who requested this: I hold you personally responsible for wasting my time.

AWE: 0

Textures are badly chosen, monochromatic, and misaligned. There is a custom texture and itís the same horrid purple one thatís shown in the map preview.
The lighting is somewhat bright in the center and fades toward the edges. There are no obvious light sources nor point to the lighting.
The architecture is non-existent other than it exits by the very definition of architecture.
This map is bland, ugly, badly lit, and serves no aesthetic purpose.

BUILD: 2.0

The build was fine, comparatively. The BSP is sufficient, no more, no less. The decorations are placed just fine. The warp zones work fine. There are no ambient sounds.

CAST: .5

The gameplay consists of jumping off a center area onto a surrounding area. Then you jump off the surrounding ledge down to a new lower central area. Then do it again. At the bottom youíre given a choice to jump into two colors. Jump into one and youíre dropped in the central area about mid-way up the map. Jump into the other and youíre dropped out onto the highest center area. Since the map consists of floating central areas and surrounding round ledges, there is no intriquing weapon layout that could possibly be arranged. Flow? Falling, falling, falling. Itís a constant downward flow. Like off a waterfall. Only thereís no soft landing. Oh, and the bots work.

DM-Cake is a many layered map that has no gameplay nor aesthetic value. Itís a map you make for your friends to spend a few hours in because none of them can map and you know how the editor works. Itís the kind of map you upload to NaliCity only to see how many people actually download it and you expect negative comments. Unless youíre the author looking for actual feedback, this map is a waste of your bandwidth, your time, and the neurons used to visually absorb the map and then direct your hand to hit the ĎEscapeí key. This is bad cake.

Map Comments

04-13-2005 05:01 PM MDT
2 out of 3 build score wtf? I'm guessing that's an error.

04-13-2005 06:22 PM MDT
The Build is a more a measure of the techinical side of the map. In this case, what the author put in the map worked fine. Nothing was really 'broken' or created incorrectly. According to the review schema:
"Sound, Brush-work, Zoning, simple AI, T-ports, triggers and movers are all examined. BSP errors, HOMs and other defects will weigh against this score."

Based on these guidlines there really isn't much I can fault the author for. That's why the Build score is a 2.

04-13-2005 07:32 PM MDT

Evil Snack
04-14-2005 10:46 PM MDT
Rating: 0.5 
Cake is bad, Mmmmmk?

Koen (Snipe) Troost
05-04-2005 03:26 PM MDT
Gues what i downloaded this map and the comp just reboted so even my comp knows when a map sucks and this map makes me trough-up

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