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Wed, January 16, 2019
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Map Info

GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added10-20-2000
File Version1.00
File Size943 kb
Player Count12-16
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating6
User Rating7.5
Overall Rating6
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerQualthwarOverall Score: 6/10
DateNC2 10-22-2000

CTF-Accelerator is named for these accelerator tubes that jettison you over a low gravity zone. It has more paths for flag returns than most, and it plays pretty good.

You appear to be playing in space, evident by the low grav spot and the space stuff going by outside the glass. A large, centralized room is where the reduced gravity is, along with a bottomless pit, and the fly zone for the players as they get hurled through the air. As the author, Nightshift, mentions in the readme, there are multiple paths on this 12-16 player map. I wouldn't want to guard the base by myself without somebody watching my back. If you rather not use the accelerators, you can try your skills out in the hallways, or even risk the catwalks over the pit. High tech stuff fills some places, and there are even elevated spots in some rooms for you to defend from.

The textures were basic. I would have to say that even though they go with the theme, they get a little boring after awhile. More variety would have helped, but I have a feeling it would have slowed the map down some in the process. Color-coding lets you know what base you're at, just in case that nasty ol' brain damage is kicking in.

The bots use the hallways, defend, protect you when you are holding the goods, and they like to show off after coming out of the accelerator by tumbling through the air. After setting the bots on Adept, I found the game very fun to play, and very challenging. Those sharp-eyed bots will pick you off in mid air as you arc out of the accelerators. The item placement was okay weapon-wise, but there is maybe too much health thrown about around the bases.

The lighting was whiteÖnothing special; This, too, probably helped to keep the map running smoothly, which appears to be the primary goal of the author. (hard to argue with that) There are some good ambient sounds here and there, and some music for ya.

~End of Review~

For the author: If you select some of your walls that have the dark shadows in the corners, and in the properties check "Bright Corners" you can eliminate that look. It shows up pretty bad on some of your blue walls. You may need to adjust the brightness on your lighting down a bit afterwards. Although the textures look kinda cool in the accelerators, they look a little funky because of the alignment in the middle. The trim that you have around your doorways could use a "Block All" actor to keep you from sticking. If you have some major things sticking out and people run into them, that's their problem, but when you have little things sticking out around doorways, it's a good idea to help people roll past them. I noticed it when I picked up a weapon and tried to go through the doorway. The multiple paths are very nice. It gives you many ways to try your luck.

Map Comments

[insert funny name here] :P
06-20-2004 03:33 AM EDT
Rating: 6 
This is (I hate to say it) a rather average map, with few suprises and changes it lacks in detail.
I think the idea of the accelerator is great, but the rides lasts for too short, try adding some windows in the accelerators, I'm going to get verbablly crusified for that suggestion, but if the ride is made longer, then why not let your players look around in wonder whilst zooming happily through the map. I love the robot room with the two little machine people, nice touch. Overall this map is nice to play but not exactly exciting, try adding some teleporters that are hidden, or hidden sniper locations, or maybe even pull a CTF-Stargate and add a secret location which shows your signature.
6/10 from me and keep up your good ideas, work on your presentation!! :P

06-09-2005 09:44 AM EDT
Rating: 10 
its a very good map for 20 players but lower 6 players i wont go its a treu mutiplayer map for lan

08-16-2005 04:29 PM EDT
Rating: 7 
Even if this map has a simple architexture and is still fun and playable.

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