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Tue, January 22, 2019
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Map Info

AuthorChris Toth
GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added03-13-2001
File Version1.00
File Size2.83 mb
Player Count6-14
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating6.5
User Rating7
Overall Rating6.5
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewernekoOverall Score: 6.5/10
DateNC2 03-27-2001

Quite an ambitious map we have here. Let's see if it stands the test...

A first look at the map sure won't disappoint, this abyss is just beautiful. Atmosphere just oozes out from everywhere; the bridges in particular have this dilapidated feeling, with loose, uneven planks and cobwebs everywhere. Ambient sounds are used skillfully, with a working bell tower, wind effects, the whole nine yards. It's pretty rare that you see a better looking map.

Ironically, the aesthetics which are the map's greatest strengths are unfortunately also its greatest weakness, in a good number of areas. The fog which lines the bottom of the abyss is absolute murder on an already marginal framerate, although turning off volumetric lighting cuts this problem right out. While you're at it, kill the coronas too; they're overbright, and when looking at the other side of a bridge it's like staring at a car with its high beams on. The long narrow bridges which make up the bulk of the no-man's land present a couple problem of their own. First, the Rocket Launcher (and there are a lot of rockets) may as well be a Redeemer here: load up even two rockets and an opponent will have no room to dodge, leaving him to either be exploded or leap into the chasm. The supporting chains look like they provide guards against falling off but you'll see soon enough that they don't. I also would have liked to seen some more forward-deployed spawn points, as it is now once the flag leaves your immediate base there's no chance on getting it back unless the sniper in the bell tower gets a lucky shot off. And that's assuming the sniper hasn't gone insane from the Chinese water torture of hearing that bell peal every second or so. The center of the map has a pair of doors which swing outward, a nice effect but they aren't triggered as easily as they should be; it's absolutely infuriating to be fleeing with the flag, just about to make a clean break, only to get clobbered because the @%$!# door wouldn't open...

Okay, it's not really as bad as the last paragraph would have you believe; it's still kindof fun. You'll still need a better excuse than this to miss your dental appointment, though.

Map Comments

BangOut_[EH] Rating: 6 
Even the screenies show the evil lens flares

Aegeri Rating: 6 
Its nice to look at but the gameplay isn't as good.

PsyRatty Rating: 7 
Neko, ANYTHING serves as an excuse for me to miss a dental appointment. Heck, I'd tell the dentist I'm washing my hair, even tho I don't even have a John Romero mane. If beauty was the end-all of mapping, this map would have a 10. Running on my P3 766, this map is gorgeous, even with the too-bright coronas. On my P2 300, is map ain't jack. By the time the framerate catches up, I'm a fountain of blood and gibs. Thus the ever-present spectre of upgrades. Nuff said about that, I think the bell tower is genius. Make the snipers suffer for their advantage. Ding, dong, ka-blammo. Buy yerself a P3 or AMD's latest speedster (P4s suck). Play this map for the eye candy.

Chris Toth  
Contact is 9.5 Fair?

11-24-2002 12:35 AM EST
Rating: 8 
I liked the scenery...more than gameplay...too narrow

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