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Thu, January 17, 2019
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Map Info

AuthorChris Toth
GametypeUT Deathmatch
Date Added08-08-2001
File Version1.00
File Size883 kb
Player Count2-4
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating7
User Rating8.5
Overall Rating7
NC2 map imported without screenshot.

ReviewerVarpuOverall Score: 7/10
DateNC2 08-30-2001

A mining facility built somewhere near the San Andreas fault. Deep enough to have some lava lakes
and a very dense feeling. A lot of Z-axis action spiced with some danger. No real opportunities
for sniping but the map offers many places to ambush Your enemy. The map is not original but the
finishing touches have been taken good care of.

The map is definitely worth Your time as it looks good, plays well and the file size is only
about 800Kb.

The map is of low poly type (60/120 avg. 200/400 max.) but it may still be laggy on low end systems as
there are many dynamic lights on scene. The abacus users are recommended to turn off dynamic
lighting to avoid frame rate drops. The six player starts are in good positions and are not facing
walls etc.. The map has many semisolid brushes which may introduce invisible collisions but I was
not able to find any.

The bots play the level quite well. Most of the shortcuts are known to them making the bots be very
effective on their moving. As the map has no ambushpoints the bots have to find the best hunting
grounds using their inbuilt AI. This makes the bots somewhat dumb especially in the lower skill
settings. The map has plenty of opportunities to set up ambushes. All the elevators are
working allright and their pathing is OK.

The map flows very well. It has no dead ends and You can jump to almost everywhere. Just be careful
with that lava and especially with the shield belt as the beam it is sitting on is very narrow
and it is a loooooooong way down there.

The map has very suitable amount of weapons, ammo and health. If You are the camping type of a player,
You will find the neighbourhood of Rocket Launcher very suitable for ambushing. Just kill the
enemy AFTER he has taken the Rocket Launcher to get more ammo. And yes, some of You may think the ammo
and weapon supply is too scarce but the map has more than enough when it is played as it should,
1-to-1 or 2-to-2.

The architecture of the map is well done, it is supporting the textures and it makes use of some
special actors to avoid nasty BSP effects. For example, every chain is surrounded with a BlockAll
actor. There are also some nice looking visuals around like the swinging box hanging from the roof.
Usage of semisolids is very liberal and I would not be surprised if someone would find an invisible
collision or two in the map. Some of these brushes would have been solid as well as the surfaces that
are in contact with other brushes are cubic and in 90 degree angle. The map has been zoned but Chris
left the ZoneInfo actors away making them all agree with the default zone settings.

The textures originate mainly from mine (obvious) and RainFX packages. The trim is there and looks
solid. Alignment has been taken very good care of. There are some rock surfaces that seem to have
their stretching making them formless and blurry. The interplay between geometry and textures is
not always present, the immersed footlight on the brick walls serving as a good example of this.

The lights are there with better than average contrast and they certainly support the geometry.
The scene has many dynamic lights. They also have the accompanying ambient sound which looks and
feels cool. However, this impacts the framerates a lot especially when playen with low end systems.
The light boxes have been aligned and scaled well; perhaps a weeny bit smaller scale would have been
needed but this is splitting the hair. All in all not the killer lighting but it supports the textures
and geometry pretty well.

The ambient sound setup is quite good. There are items on scene that produce sound and the sound can
be used for navigation to some degree. Chris left very little to wish for. However, the echo setup
would have been a killer here as the map has many hard looking surfaces.

The music is the Run from the original UT CD and it suits them atmosphere fairly.

To the author:

The rock surfaces are painful to align. As they are now, they look formless. I tried a very simple
trick on one of those; selected all surfaces for the brush (carrying the stone texture), klicked the
Relative check box on and set the scale to 0.7. After some klicks on the Apply button the walls were
looking a lot better but unfortunately they started to look repetitive. Maybe selecting two or more
textures on rock surfaces might solve the repetition problem.

The echo setup is easy, just put the zoneinfo actor in each of Your zones, enable the bReverbZone flag
and adjust the delay values according to the room size. The smaller the room the shorter the delay.
You can also mix short and long delays to set echo of long corridores etc.. Just keep the delay values
such that they are not divisable with each other as this raises some unwanted effects.

Your map has some very nice visuals like the swinging box and the water drips.

Thank You for sharing this map with us !

Map Comments

Shock6822 Rating: 8.5 
Accurate review...great map Chris

Faz 'OshadowO' Khan Rating: 8.5 
Chris is probably one of the most knowledgable mappers we have over at planetunreal editing and I'm glad to see his map got a (deservedly) good score. This is pretty cool map. Make sure you look around in ghost mode or solo. There's a lot of eye candy that you might miss due to the action.

Plat Rating: 7.5 
very nice map :)

valiant2 Rating: 9 
One of the best maps to come down the pipe in a while. Uses the Unreal engine very well without overdoing it.

Hourences Rating: 8 
yeah nice map, cool use of the particle sprayer, love that effect

MoxNix Rating: 8.5 
Nice map... Bots handle it very well too.

Zaphrod Rating: 8 
This map is very nice, I am glad to see a fair score for a change. It is a shame so many lesser maps have gotten better scores recently because it makes a great map like DM-Axon seem less than it really is.

skankey Rating: 7 
Pretty Ok. BTW, if your name isn't DavidM don't put little red lights in your map (unless they actually make sense)... it just proves you have a creativity problem.

'Machismo' Rating: 9 
Woooweeeee !!!. Chri's help on Puf editing is invaluable :). Great map, I loved the connectivity. The polys were so low my puny sys loved it. Ran as well as the Epic maps. Great job dude.

Willis Rating: 7 
not bad...I agree with Skankey, red lights suck, unless u use them differently.. I dont think they add very much to a map.. and if varience is what u want use cold and warm,

darthnili Rating: 8 
Love those cave-room-combinations (Nicely done in DM-Malevolance). The Lava-cave rocks!

Chris Toth  
Cool! :)

Tarby Rating: 10 
WoW! Damn cool map. Great atmosphere!

GodFather Rating: 8 
Nice map. The feel of it reminds me of a Quake2 map.

12-10-2002 05:34 AM EST
Rating: 8 
good map. decent graphics, flows nicely.

09-24-2004 07:28 AM EDT
Rating: 9.5 
Sound, sound as F*ck

09-24-2004 09:57 AM EDT
Rating: 8 
Allways wondered when this map may pop up,juut a cool map.

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