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Sat, March 2, 2024
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Map Info

File Namectf-2pyramids][.zip
GametypeUT Capture the Flag
Date Added05-28-2000
File Version1.00
File Size326 kb
Player Count6-12
Map DescriptionNone
Review Rating --
User Rating7.5
Overall Rating --


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Map Comments

02-28-2003 06:54 AM MST
Rating: 9 
Cool map. Got destroyable things in flag room which is fun. The bots perform well and its a small level but thats good otherwise it would be ruined.

06-12-2003 07:02 PM MDT
Rating: 10 
I love playing this map on an online instagib server! it just totally kicks ***!

It is a shame I don't appreciate it for what it may really be though as I don't recall ever playing it not on istagib as I haven't played the regular default game for a very long time now, but still, if you are a CTF fan of any type of gameplay then this map is definitely for you! :)

10-31-2003 08:18 AM MST
Rating: 4 
Skyzone looks really bad. Thirst i thougt it was my computer. When I got to the entrance, A blewing ligth comes to me, damn. Textures are really ugly. Ligth are much to ligth. Only the way to go out of building is original, but that is a ripp off from Face, pity, architecture are'nt so bad at all
Good try, next time more luck

(My english are really bad, so forgive me for that)

Drunken Peamole
09-04-2004 07:03 PM MDT
Rating: 8.5 
Great map!
The game-play is good.
Nice secret within the pyramids above the door &
under water directly under the bridge.
Nice weapon placement.

I could never create such a map in MY ENTIRE LIFE
because before I go to UnrealED v2.0 I always like to have a few beers just for some inspiration. :)
But I don't drink very often.

& now for some strange alphanumeric figure designs...
Blah Blah BLAH!!!
See ya.

12-13-2004 04:15 AM MST
Rating: 8.5 
cool map. think I'll have to get the first one too

01-01-2005 10:19 PM MST
Rating: 8 
This is one of the "more fun" simple maps I've played. The graphics aren't exactly wonderful, but the gameplay is fast paced and fun. The water is an interesting feature, though it sometimes seems too large because the player may die before reaching the "safe zone." The weapons aren't exactly awsome, but if you really think about it, they couldn't be much better. One flaw in the map I noticed is it can be rather easy to be sniped (if played online). Offline, though, the map is great. The bots aren't einsteins but they get the job done.
Graphics = 1/2.5
Architecture = 2/2.5
Gameplay = 5/5

01-26-2005 02:11 AM MST
Rating: 7.5 
This map is a lot of fun. Bright clean and defined. (even though I prefer dark themed maps) Throws in some underwater action as well.

01-26-2005 02:23 PM MST
Rating: 5 
eeew no. I once played this online and had no urge to download it. Obviously some work has gone into this map, but it's hideous. One of the oogliest skyboxes I've ever seen. I'd rather play CTF-Warlords, which has a very similar layout to this map.

08-06-2005 07:56 PM MDT
Rating: 5 
Decent CTF Map.

09-28-2005 09:05 PM MDT
Rating: 8 
Map has been one of my top favs for a while. it's not a looker but the gameplay is solid.

01-31-2006 12:13 PM MST
Rating: 8.5 
awesome! even if it's not a very complex map the gameplay is awesome!

Cyrss's Female Dog
02-01-2006 12:45 AM MST
Rating: 7 
I remember playing this Map online years ago and it was demanding against Humans.

Bots are great here..bunch-up a little near the entrances but it's hard to avoid death,if you get the flag.

The only thing I don't like is the MiniGun on the pyramid..would have prefered the sniper-rifle or a RocketLauncher.

02-01-2006 01:52 PM MST
Rating: 4.5 
sorry but Pretty ugly map, especially the flagroom
i didnt liked it

04-23-2006 04:02 PM MDT
Rating: 9.5 
this is one of the best maps for instagib and snipin' funny...if you don't like it your bad luck
I really don't care about professional made maps or not...maybe some of you think it's not...but i only look on fun by playing...and this map is VERY MUCH FUN to play

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